Hey guys I have finished the Berlin Marathon and I got my PB so I'm very Happy it was a very nice day quite busy As you can imagine quite difficult to Get a nice Pace at the start but it was Very successful congratulations if you Did the virtual races today and good Luck in winning a spot in one of the Best marathons I've ever done catch you Later Just finished my virtual 10K I ran a Nice steady 10K with a mate in around 39 Minutes logged it in the ades running App and I can enter the raffle and I'll Be with a chance of winning two bibs for The Berlin Marathon 2024. if you haven't Done your run today yet there is still Time you can get out and do it log of 5K 10K or half marathon any ads running app And you will have a chance of winning That great prize get out there and do it Also I need to pass on uh kieran's Apologies he was not able to go and run Today and he's got a horrible stomach Bug so he's in bed so wish him all the Best for getting better and massive World onto Tom who ran APB in Berlin