Today I’m giving you guys my top 10 Adidas sneakers for 2023! Adidas doesn’t get enough credit for the value of some of their silhouettes for being affordable and quality options. Theres a bunch of great choices to make from Adidas line up but here’s the 10 best ones out!

Let me know what you think down in the comments!

Let me know what you think down in the comments!

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Adidas has some bangers for 2023 I’m Talking a full range of comfortable Affordable and high-tech sneakers so Today I’m counting down the very best This is the top 10 Adidas sneakers for 2023 starting at number 10 the Adidas ADI foam Superstar might be a little bit Of a controversial start to this list Like as bizarre and crazy as this Sneaker might seem it’s actually pretty Solid now I’m not gonna say that this Pair of shoes is for everyone clearly It’s quite a polarizing silhouette the Niche that this pair of shoes fits in Which is the clog or slip-on type of Market where you find like Crocs the Yeezy foam Runner Etc I think it fits in Relatively well actually pretty Comfortable and the foam that they used On this pair is decently soft it also Comes in at a pretty affordable price Tag for what it is you get a foam pair Of shoes with an insole to make it extra Comfortable overall if you’ve been Looking around the foam sneaker market And you’ve been trying to make a Decision I think the Addie foam Superstar is definitely worth a Consideration coming in at number nine Is the Adidas OS Nova I actually Substituted this pair of shoes in for The odds we go the Oswego has been one Of Adidas’s most popular Silhouettes but The odds Nova is kind of a more

Futuristic more current version of that Shoe Carries On from the Oswego in a Very similar vein looking super Futuristic and it’s also super Comfortable and affordable let me tell You something when I got this pair of Shoes in hand it felt like a pair of Shoes that should cost a lot more than It actually does this shoe is jam-packed Full of value it’s got a lot of really Solid materials and cushioning and it’s Actually a really solid daily pair of Shoes there’s a bunch of different Colorways to choose from and I think It’s just an all-over versatile pair of Shoes if you’re looking for a sneaker Within this category I think this is a Amazing option coming at number eight is The Adidas nmd S1 and this pair of shoes Released it had a massive task on its Hand and that was to kind of be the next Version of the incredibly popular Adidas Nmd I think they nailed this pair of Shoes perfectly to be the next Generation of the nmd it’s got a full Boost midsole which makes it incredibly Comfortable I think the design looks Super super clean on foot even though This pair of shoes had an overwhelming Amount of of hype when it initially Launched and has since kind of declined In that hype factor I still think the Design and comfort and practicality of This sneaker just speaks for itself the

Best part about the nmd S1 in 2023 is That you can oftentimes find a lot of The really solid colorways on sale in my Opinion that is a big W because this is One of the best Adidas sneakers that you Can buy coming at a number seven on the List is a pair of shoes that I had a lot Of doubts about but when I actually Tried it out I was pleasantly surprised And that is the Adidas 4D forward 2. Honestly the first generation or the Second generation could be at this Number seven spot there’s not too much In it in order to differentiate the two What’s most important about this pair of Shoes is the midsole and that’s where You get Adidas’s 3D printed technology And this is an over engineered running Sneaker with a whole bunch of tack my Main issue with a lot of the Adidas 4D Sneakers they are 3D printed range was The fact that they weighed a lot and Because Adidas was targeting Runners it Wasn’t too practical as a running Sneaker but the Adidas 40 forward solved That by becoming way lighter than all of The previous generations it also became A lot more cushioned underfoot so it Actually felt good on foot and extremely Comfortable any kind of drawbacks that I Found about this pair of shoes was the Price tag being quite pricey this pair Of shoes in my opinion is so much better Than the older or first generation

Versions that it actually makes sense Using this as a running shoe or just a Daily casual shoe all right coming into Number six on the list is the Adidas ZX 22 boost some of these names are an Absolute mouthful I first got introduced To this pair of shoes when I made a Video on a Yeezy sneaker comparison I Compared the zx22 to the Yeezy 700 V1 And like a lot of Adidas sneakers they Have a lot of similarity thing they do Not have in common though is the price Tag the zx22 is one of Adidas’s more Affordable models considering it has a Full Boost midsole that makes this pair Of shoes incredible value this is a pair Of Adidas sneakers that I think appeals To so many people because it’s such a Good looking pair of shoes it’s Incredibly comfortable and it’s also Affordable it comes in a plethora of Different colorways one of my favorites Is the triple black option but there’s Also a bunch of Earth Tones and even Some of the louder ones coming on number Five is the Adidas Mr Bailey osmorphis This has honestly been one of my Favorite collaboration sneakers from Adidas here in 2023. the design of this Pair of sneakers is obviously incredibly Futuristic and it kind of looks like Nothing else on the market but actually The base sneaker that this design Works Off of is the Adidas Oz Nova it has the

Exact same midsole so you get that Incredible comfort that you find on that Pair of sneakers you’re just getting a Much more conceptual futuristic design With this pair of shoes the main Drawback to this pair of shoes was the Fact that it was so limited and honestly Pretty hard to get your hands on it only Had a small release on the Adidas Confirmed app so it’s definitely not a Widely available pair of shoes honestly They’re not reselling for a huge amount So if this is a pair of shoes that you Like the look of I can tell you I’ve Been wearing it ever since I got it in And I cannot tell you how much I’ve been Enjoying wearing it around coming in at Number four on the list is probably one Of the most affordable sneakers that I Think you get incredible value for and That is the Adidas stln not entirely Sure what that acronym is for like I Said the main benefit of this pair of Shoes is the fact that you can get it For such a low price and the fact that The pair of shoes itself is actually Really solid and honestly I don’t like Sneakers that are just cheap and then You get them in hand and they feel cheap As well I like shoes that are low in Price but also great in value I think That’s what this pair of shoes brings to The table I think it looks super good And it’s also incredibly comfortable on

Foot so retail price is already low on This pair of shoes but you can also find It on sale for like 30 or 40 percent off Which just makes it a ridiculously Affordable honestly I think this is one Of the best sneakers that you can get For under a hundred dollars so Definitely one of the best Adidas Sneakers that you can buy in 2023. all Right before we jump into that top three Guys you know I gotta hit you with some Honorable mentions starting with the Adidas orchestral Adidas orchestral is Kind of Adidas’s version of the Retro Running shoe that we’ve seen being so Incredibly popular this year and last Year I will say that Adidas also Released a 2.0 version of this pair of Shoes but I much preferred the original So if you were comparing both of them I’d probably opt for the origin another Pair of sneakers is an absolute classic And has been like the top end of a lot Of my previous Adidas top tens and that Is the Forum low now look I’m not saying That the Forum low is suddenly a Terrible pair of sneakers no it’s still One of the best Adidas shoes that you Can buy I just think with the amount of Other options that Adidas has put out Over the recent times The Forum low is Just kind of knocked off by a bunch of The other sneakers that we have on Today’s list and the last honorable

Mention is probably the most hyped on Today’s list and that is the Adidas Samba Adidas Samba is definitely one of The hottest shoes right now and Everybody wants to get their hands on Their sneaker just based on a pair of Shoes compared to the rest based on Comfort materials price point and Quality I don’t really think it makes The top 10 so just because it sells out Now doesn’t mean it’s going to be on my Top 10. all right let’s get into this Top three coming in in the third spot is The Adidas ADI 2000. this is a pair of Shoes that I originally tested out Because it was super affordable however When I was wearing it around and I saw It on foot I thought this pair of shoes Is so incredibly good looking it’s Affordable and it’s super comfortable it Is definitely one of the best Adidas Models that you can buy right now it’s Called the ADI 2000 because the design Of it takes a lot of inspiration from Sneakers of the 2000s era I believe it Mixes that Y2K ERA with DNA of Basketball and skateboarding and it’s Just kind of a mashup sneaker I think What they came up with is an incredibly Good looking and honestly Great Value Pair of shoes coming in at number two is A freaking classic by now and that is The Adidas Ultra boost now I left it Pretty open-ended and I didn’t want to

Name a specific version because there is So many versions that honestly something Is for everyone what version you buy of The ultra boost really depends on what You’re gonna use it for whether it is Seriously running or whether it’s just Wearing it around casually to the gym or Just for lifestyle I think the three Best versions of the ultra boost that You can get right now is the original a Lot of the 1.0 version something like The ultra boost 21 or 22 is my personal Go-to because they are incredibly Comfortable I wear them around a lot More the brand new Adidas Ultra boost Light is great for runners it is on the More pricey side because you’re not Really going to be able to find this Pair on sale like I said something for Everyone just the Adidas Ultra boost in General has some phenomenal options it’s One of the most comfortable sneakers That you can buy out there on the market And at number one on my list is the Adidas campus that’s right I feel like We’ve just touched the surface of the Adidas campus silhouette here in 2023 And I think we’re gonna see a lot more Of it moving forward now if you ask me What my personal favorite is it’s the Bad Bunny collaboration I think they did That pair of shoes phenomenally well Honestly if you had a little bit of Extra money and you wanted to spend

About 200 on a pair of sneakers I think This is one of the best pairs of shoes That you can buy right now but if you Wanted to save some of that money and Opt for the just regular Adidas campus I Also think that that’s an incredibly Good looking pair of shoes on foot it’s A nice chunky skater style silhouette Kind of like an SB dunk with the fat Padding around the ankle and the tongue And some of those gr colorways look Really really good on foot so classic Silhouettes which has that retro design I think the materials on some of those Gr versions are great I have it guys That is the 10 best Adidas sneakers that You can buy here in 2023. listen Maybe Your checks over Stripes well that my Top 10 Nike sneakers for this year is Right over there [Music] Thank you