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Today we’re counting down the Top 10 Asics Sneakers for 2024! These asics range from Gel Kayano 14s to Gel Lyte IIIs and more! Check out the full top 10 asics list to see what made the cut!

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A6 might be the brand of 20244 if you're A sneaker head or you're into fashion or Maybe you love Street Wear you've Probably noticed the rapid rise in Popularity of the sneaker brand as6 over The last couple decades as6 has really Only been viewed as a running sneaker Brand and never the kind of brand that You'd throw on with a dope fit but man Like over the last like year and a half To two years ASX has really stepped up Their game and I think in 2024 they Might take over so in today's video I'm Counting down the top 10 as6 to rock in 2024 and I'm not going to lie some of These as6 are fire and some of them I've Started wearing on a daily basis so I Guess with all that being said let's Just get right into it number 10 the A6 AC de breze 3D sandal this is one of the Wildest sandals I've ever seen and That's mainly because it's 3D printed And because it's 3D printed it's able to Feature this really crazy lattice look Specifically designed to wear for Recovery after runs the acti breeze 3D Is also an incredibly comfortable slide Not only does the slide look incredible But it also feels incredible underfoot And there are two main reasons for that The first is the actual material they Use this 3D printed TPU material is Super soft super squishy under your Fingers and the second is the actual

Geometry or patterning that went into The design of this shoe like I mentioned Before it's got this lattice look it's Almost like a honeycomb pattern and Because the shoe is printed in this way It allows for a lot of compression Because there's a lot of empty space in This shoe which also means it's Incredibly breathable and air can Actually go up underneath your foot Which I'll be honest feels amazing it's Great to get a breeze on your foot in a Way that you wouldn't usually get from a Pair of slides now obviously I would try To avoid dog poop or any sort of uh Sidewalk trash or debris that could kind Of find its way up to the bottom of your Foot but uh other than that it's a Pretty well-rounded shoe that feels Amazing underfoot plus when you're Wearing this shoe you feel like you're From the future this is a fully 3D Printed shoe and there's not a lot of Those available on the market right now And to get one from a Big Brand like as6 Is pretty rad now there is one major Downside to this shoe other than just The the dog poop thing and that's that This shoe is uh very difficult to get so When this shoe initially released it Launched for $80 which I think is a Pretty incredible price for a pair of 3D Printed slides and because of the Novelty of what this shoe is and the

Fact that it was so reasonably priced It's sold out immediately and now it Resells for between $150 to $300 which Is a lot for a pair of slides and I Don't know if as6 is going to restock This shoe anytime soon it seems like They only release this shoe in very Limited numbers and also in very limited Sizes you could actually only buy this Shoe in like five different sizes extra Small small medium large and extra large And each one of those sizes Encompass Like three different shoe sizes so for Example I was only able to get an extra- Large version of this shoe which I think Goes from size like 9 and 1 half to size 12 or maybe size 10 to size 12 and Because this shoe was supposed to fit so Many different foot sizes it really does Do a great job of really fitting anyone I would say that this shoe fits closer To a size 12 than a size 10 I'm actually A size n so it doesn't really fit me That well in general but I think even if I was a size 10 this would still feel a Little bit big on my foot but I guess When it comes to new technology you've Got to make compromises sometimes and While yes this shoe is filled with Compromises it's a pretty incredible Piece of design and if you had the Chance to try the A6 acti Breeze 3D for Yourself I definitely recommend it oh I Should mention that there is also a

Non-3d printed version of this shoe that A6 makes that's also pretty comfortable On foot so if you're just looking for a Good pair of slides from as6 you could Grab that one instead and not only are Those shoes worth checking out but so is The sponsor of today's video soulle Premise so if you're watching this video And you've decided to grab some of the Sneakers on the list I definitely Recommend carrying those sneakers in a Brand new Soul premise bag Soul premise Bags are specifically designed to carry Your sneakers and their TSA approved so If you're traveling and you go on an Airplane you can bring your bags with You rather than having to check them Underneath the plane and when it comes To your expensive sneakers you don't Want those just bouncing around Underneath an airplane you want them Right next to your feet or above your Head where you can keep an eye on them Plus so premise bags come in a ton of Different styles and color even NBA Players wear them so no matter what You're looking for whether it's a duffel Bag a roller bag or even a backpack like This Soul premise has you covered and Not only that if you decide to grab a Soul premise bag which I definitely Recommend if you use code Seth at Checkout you can save 40% off your Entire order so if you're like me and

You just decided to splurge on a bunch Of different pairs of A6 definitely Check out Soul premise by clicking the Link at the top of the description below And of course huge thank you to Soul Premise for supporting the channel Number nine the A6 ex 89 this shoe was Originally created by world's renowned Sneaker designer Toshi Kazu keano and it Was actually his first project with as6 Back in the late 1980s and I'm sure if You know as6 you probably recognize the Name kanano and that's because after he Created this shoe he went on to design One of as6 most popular running lines as You could probably guess from just Looking at this shoe this shoe was Designed to be a late 80s basketball Sneaker I love late 80s basketball Sneakers I love the New Balance 550s I Love the Air Jordan one low I love the Air Force One low and the Nike Dunk all Of those shoes in my opinion are part of The golden age of sneaker design and the Ex9 was as6 entry into that category the Upper of the shoe comes almost entirely In leather and was originally released In color blocking and in colors that Matched NBA team jerseys what's nice About the modern ex8 though is that While the shoe does look a lot like the Original it's actually been updated with FF blast cushioning technology so it's Actually comfortable Under Foot because

I'm sure you know if you've worn a pair Of Air Jordan one Low's for a long time Or even New Balance 550s after a while Those shoes can really hurt the bottom Of your feet this pair while still not As comfortable as a lot of the other Shoes that we'll talk about in today's Video feels really good underfoot for a Long time and coming coming in at a Retail price of 120 bucks this shoe does Fit pretty squarely in between the Air Jordan 1 and the New Balance 550 when it Comes to sizing on the ex9 I would say That this shoe fits generally true to Size so if you're looking for that sort Of low top leather 80s basketball style That seems to be really prevalent right Now the A6 ex 89 is a really solid Option coming in to number eight the A6 GEL Nimbus 25 so the A6 Gel Nimbus 25 Actually made my top 10 most comfortable Sneaker list of 2023 and I've got to say If you're looking for just straight up Plush underfoot Comfort this is the most Comfortable shoe on the list the sneaker Features an incredibly thick and plush FF blast plus Eco cushion Under Foot and In between your foot and that cushion You've got some pure gel which adds to a Little bit of heal comfort and when you Pair all of that to this incredibly well Padded upper you literally feel like You're walking on clouds and that's Probably why they called it the GEL

Nimbus I would say that this shoe is Generally a recovery running sneaker but It can be worn for just regular running Or even just for lifestyle wear and for A modern running sneaker it actually Doesn't look that bad it comes in a lot Of different colorways and apparently in The next couple months they're actually Going to release the gel nimas 26 which In my opinion looks even better plus Most likely it also features some Performance improvements but at the time Of recording this video in November 2023 We don't know too much about the specs Of this shoe yet so we'll have to wait And see sizing wise I would say that the Gel nibus 25 does fit generally true to Size it might fit a little bit narrow For some people so if that's the case Maybe go up half a size but overall I'd Say true to size and should be just fine Usually the gel nimus 25 retails for $160 but presumably because they're Releasing the gel nimus 26 very soon They've reduced all of the prices of the Gel nibis 25 to just 119 bucks and of Course if you want to grab this pair or Any of the other pairs we've talked About in today's video I've made sure to Link all of them right there in the YouTube shopping tab number seven the A6 Gel light 5 released back in 1993 the Design of the as6 gel light 5 was Actually inspired by the discarded

Sketches from a bunch of as6 designers And while that's probably not exactly What happened I'm sure there was a lot Of work that went into designing the Shoe and kind of combining all these Different ideas it did come out to look Really really good and since it's Released the jeli 5 has been the base Silhouette for a lot of really great Collaborations like this one the social Status collaboration which I just found Out was limited to only, 1500 pairs as You can see from this little tag right Here in the heel initially created as a Running sneaker the gelite 5 has become A lifestyle icon and while it's not as Popular as say the gelite 3 it's still One of those shoes that most Sneakerheads out there and as6 fans know Exactly what it is according to as6 In The Same Spirit of taking thrown out Designs from different designers at as6 And creating a beautiful sneaker they're Actually using thrown out materials or Leftover materials from other sneakers To create the modern gel light 5 and That's why the shoe features so many Different materials on the paneling on The upper and I think that same design Ethos is actually carried over into the Colorways that are released on this shoe They're all very eclectic they're all Very bright and loud on this particular Color way they've kind of toned down the

Colors a little bit they're more pastels You've got blues you've got greens Grays Pinks All Around it's just a very Eclectic and interesting looking sneaker Sizing wise I'd say that this shoe does Fit pretty much true to size however if You do have wider feet because of the Construction of this shoe and the fact That the ankle opening is this like one Piece sock like booty Construction you Might want to go up half a size just to Make it more comfortable when you're Actually getting the shoe on as for Pricing the jeli 5 comes in at around $150 but you can find a lot of pairs on Sale for a lot cheaper number six the As6 Nova blast so I've actually only Ever worn the as6 Nova Blast 2 and Nova Blast 3 but recently as6 just released The Nova blast 4 and while the overall Design of the shoe has changed from Generation to generation the Nova blast 4 material-wise and Technology wise Seems to be very similar to the three in My opinion the Nova blast sneakers are Kind of like a toned down and slightly Less cushion vers version of the Nimbus Sneakers the Nova blast 4S still feature The same FF blast plus Eco cushioning That the nimbuses feature except a Little bit less of it they don't feature The gel and the heel it also feels like There's a little bit less of that FF Blast plus Eco cushioning I hate that

Name it's just so long I keep screwing It up when I'm doing this video there's Less cushioning in the midsole than on The Nimbus version of the shoe but Regardless it's still a Max cushion Runner and it feels amazing underfoot And design-wise I definitely prefer the Nova blast series to the Nimbus series Because the midsole is always sculpted In this really nice way that the Nimbus Does doesn't really have and it makes The shoe just look a little bit more Appealing also I feel like the colorways And the color blocking even on the Nova Blast series is just better than on the Nimis series so if you're looking for an Incredibly comfortable shoe that's also Slightly better looking than the Nimbus Is I would go with the Nova blast and When it comes surprising this shoe comes In at a pretty reasonable $140 and it Fits generally true to size number five The as6 GT 2160 originally released back In 2011 the GT 2160 embodies that 2000's Running sneaker vibe that is so popular Right now the design of the silhouette Was inspired by the gt2000 and features A primarily white mesh upper accented by The A6 branding on the side and some Synthetic leather paneling across the Upper and over the last year this shoe Has become increasingly more popular Featuring colorways like this one that Have sold out very quickly which is kind

Of crazy to say for a gr pair of as6 but As6 is really on the come up I'm not Lying about that the GT 2160 comes in at A retail price of $120 but like I Already said a lot of the colorways of This shoe are sold out sizing wise this Shoe fits true to size and if you're Looking for a slightly more firmer ride Than any of the shoes that we've talked About or even any of the shoes that We've got coming up on the list this is Probably the way to go because the Majority of this midsole is made up of Eva Pham that being said the heel area Of the 2160 does feature some small gel Inserts so there's a little bit more Cushioning in the heel than anywhere Else in the shoe but it's still a little Bit firmer than really any other shoe on The list due to this sneakers $120 Retail price this shoe does fit on the More budget end of things when it comes To A6 lineup and because of that the Upper of the shoe isn't as high quality As some of the other as6 sneakers that We're going to talk about or have talked About but even with all of that this Shoe still does feel more premium than Most other $120 sneakers on the market In the same category from other brands Personally I just love this white and Green Shamrock colorway I think it's Really really clean number four the A6 Gel light 3 this is probably the most

Recognizable pair of A6 ever made this Shoe originally released back in 1991 And since then has become the base of Countless sneaker collaborations one of The most popular being Ronnie Fig's kith Sam and to colorway which to this day Has a resale price that is out of this World in fact most recently the jelli 3 Was used as a basic silhouette for the Kith Marvel collaboration which in my Opinion is one of the coolest sneaker Collaboration roll outs of all time You'd buy a box you knew that you were Getting a jeli 3 you knew that it was Going to be a kith Marvel jel 3 but you Didn't know which colorway that you were Getting which character the shoe was Based on and also what the card was that Was included in the package because yes You did get graded cards in the package Which is pretty amazing and I mean even The pair that I'm holding right now is a Dope collaboration this is the atmos Sneaker freaker collaboration and the Logo on this shoe actually glows in the Dark which I thought was awesome I could Probably go on for like a Solid 5 Minutes name all the jeli 3 Collaborations that have taken place on This shoe and all the iconic colorways But I'm not going to waste you guys' Time with that you guys know that the Jeli 3 is one of the most popular as6 Sneakers of all time and for good reason

One of my personal favorite details in The jell light 3 is the split tongue That runs right down the center of the Shoe it's such a unique detail you Rarely see it on sneakers and it just Makes the jeli 3 that much more iconic Pricing wise this shoe comes in at a Very reasonable $130 and as6 is always Dropping fire colorways on this shoe so Even if you're not grabbing a Collaboration version of the jelly 3 It's still worth seeing what pairs they Have available on their website because There's so much good stuff and the good News is when it comes to sizing the jel 3 fits true to size and it's actually Pretty comfortable underfoot so it's a Great everyday wear actually I'd love to Know what your favorite jel ey3 colorway Is let me know in the comment section Down below number three the A6 gel 1130 By far the least expensive shoe on Today's list the as6 gel 1130 comes in At a starting retail price of just 95 Bucks that's actually genuinely an Amazing price for this shoe you get a Shoe that's very popular and in the Moment right now and you get it for Under 100 bucks that's awesome the jel 1130 first released back in 2008 and Made a comeback in 2021 with some pretty Incredible collaboration and is heavily Inspired by the classic gel Kayano 14 And I've got to say some of the

Materials used in those collaborations Make this shoe look incredible even Better than it already looks which is Kind of hard to do you can buy some Pairs now that are kind of like that how Studio collaboration on as6 website However they retail for $120 not $95 However this shoe does differ from the Shoe that inspired it by not only the Price point which unfortunately in turn Means cheap materials used on the upper Of the shoe but also by the newer Materials used in the midsole which Actually make this a slightly more Comfortable shoe than the Kano 14s the Upper of the shoe comes in that classic 2000's running sneaker inspired mesh Overlaid by these silver synthetic Panels and of course you've got the A6 Logo smack dab in the middle of the Midfoot and then the midsole of the Sneaker comes in some variation of EVA Foam which feels really nice underfoot And then towards the heel you've got These small gel inserts which do add Some cushioning to the heal of course Because this is a cheaper sneaker There's not going to be as much gel in The shoe because that obviously adds Cost but in my opinion when it comes to Budget sneakers this is one of the best On the market it looks great it's super Comfortable underfoot and it comes in at An insane price point number two the A6

Gel NYC this is the newest silhouette on Today's list in fact this shoe first Released in 2023 and what's interesting About this shoe is that the actual Silhouette was designed in collaboration With the founder of awake NY essentially What makes up the sneaker is an upper Heavily inspired by the GEL Nimbus 3 and Midsole tooling taken from the gel Cumulus 16 and apparently the reason for The mashup is to combine a new and old Design and Pat tribute to New York City Hence the name gel NYC what I find kind Of crazy about this shoe is that even Though the shoe's price point is $130 Which is kind of middle of the road when It comes to A6 the materials used on This shoe are super premium this Particular colorway of the shoe is the Recently released Bodega collaboration Which I absolutely love I love Everything that Bodega does and the Materials used on this shoe are Incredible you've got brown suedes You've got this really interesting gray Mesh and then also the semi-translucent Asex logo on the side and when you look Down towards the midsole of the shoe You'll notice all these little gel Inserts which make this shoe incredibly Comfortable underfoot in my opinion this Shoe is the perfect combination of Incredible comfort and really great Style it's super premium feeling it

Looks amazing and it's stupid Comfortable underfoot and it actually Fits true to size which is a huge plus Because a lot of Brands don't make shoes If fit true to size sounds crazy to say But I'm looking at you Adidas and even Though the gel NYC just recently Released it's already one of a6's most Popular sneaker Silhouettes which is Crazy to think about absolutely worth Checking out if you're just getting into A6 it's probably one of the best Sneakers that they've ever made at least In my opinion number one one the as6 gel Koo 14 this is probably the most popular Pair of as6 right now in fact almost Every single colorway and size of this Shoe is completely sold out and what's Crazy is that this shoe first released Back in 2008 as purely a performance Running sneaker and then in 2020 the Shoe was brought back and became a Lifestyle classic not only is this shoe Incredibly comfortable on foot but it Embodies that 2000's running sneaker Vibe that everyone loves right now and I Think it looks amazing midsole is made Up of a combination of EVA foam and gel Which you can definitely see towards the Heel and even in the for foot of the Sneak and this actually has the most gel Used in any of the sneakers that I've Talked about on today's list now Obviously this shoe is not going to be

As comfortable underfoot as something Like the Nimbus 26s or the Nova blast Because those shoes are modern running Sneakers that feature this insane foam This shoe is still about as comfortable As you can get for a sneaker in this Style plus the materials used on this Shoe are on point and feel very premium Which you would hope to be the case when You're spending $150 retail on this shoe Probably $200 if you're paying resale For standard colorways of the shoe like I did for this one which honestly sounds Like a bargain when when you look at the J collaboration or the kith Collaboration which are reselling for Hundreds to thousands of dollars which Is unbelievable but I will say it's Collaborations like that that I think Have made as6 so popular right now You've had shoes like this that have Been out since 2008 but now that they've Got a j collaboration people are all About it hpce in particular including Myself and I hate to say it I probably Wouldn't have even looked into as6 if it Wasn't for those collaborations what I'm Trying to say is I'm hyp Beast I hate to Admit it but it's true in terms of Sizing the jel Kayo 14s do fit slightly Narrow but you can get away wearing These true to size I have standard or I Guess medium width feet and they fit me Totally fine but if you have wider feet

I would recommend going up at least half A size but the reason the gelo 14s are Number one on the list is not just Because they're comfortable and not just Because they have these crazy Collaborations but because in my opinion This is the best looking pair of Sneakers that A6 makes it's incredible And again when these Aesthetics are made Up of high quality materials like this Really nice cream colored mesh and these Synthetic silver overlays the shoe just Pops it looks amazing and it should last You a long time and personally the gel Cayo 14s are my favorite sneaker that A6 Makes and by far my favorite sneaker on Today's list and that's obviously why They're number one and of course if you Want to grab any of the sneakers on Today's list make sure to check out the YouTube shopping tab which I've linked Right there I've also left links in the Description below and honestly it Wouldn't hurt to also grab a pair of Apothecary socks to go along with your Brand new as6 sneakers Apothecary is my Sock brand we create your sneakers Favorite socks they're incredible and They come in a ton of different styles And colors you can check them out Through the link in the description Below but at this point in the video I Would love to know your thoughts on this List whether you feel like I left

Anything off and what your favorite pair Of as6 is so make sure to let me know Your thoughts in that comments section Down below thank you so much for Watching and I will see you all in the Next one