Adidas AE $120

Adidas Samba $100

Adidas Campus 00s $110

Adidas Forum Low $100

Adidas Superstar $100

Adidas Harden Vol 8 $160

Adidas Adizero Adios 3 $250

Adidas Stan Smith $100

Adidas Ultraboost 1.0 $190

Adidas SL72 $100

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These are the top 10 Adidas sneakers That you can find in store right now in 2024 I tried to include a shoe for Everybody on this list so whether you're Looking for a new style or a new pair of Basketball sneakers this list should Have you covered number 10 the Adidas Sl72 RS first debuting back in 1972 Which makes sense with the name 72 the Adidas sl72 was the first Adidas sneaker To feature the now classic treay foil Logo and in 2024 Adidas has decided to Bring back this classic silhouette in New form as the Adidas sl72 RS Essentially trying to recreate the ad ad Sl72 as closely as possible to the Original this retro looking adidas Silhouette features suede accents on the Toe on the heel and on the eye stay of The shoe and then the rest of the upper Comes in what seems like a nylon Material accented by these bright yellow Leather hits the sl72 is relatively Comfortable Under Foot obviously it's an Older style so it's not going to feature The newest Technologies like boost so It's not going to be as comfortable as Some of the other shoes on the list but It doesn't feel bad and that's because Of the pretty thick Eva midsole the foam Used in the Eva midsole is relatively Soft underfoot it's pretty much par for The course it feels like like a lot of Other Adidas sneakers that look like

This however it's a bit softer than your Standard rubber cup sole that being said The outsole of the shoe does come in Rubber and the overall look definitely Features a legacy but classic and clean Look plus when it comes to price this Shoe isn't going to break the bank Because it retails for just 100 bucks For sizing I found that this shoe did Fit me true to size and that's what I Recommend to you guys if you're planning To grab a pair of these for yourself However if you do have wider feet it Might not hurt to go up half a size Because I found that even though I have Regular width feet it did feel a little Bit tighter around the midfoot than Other shoes do number nine the Adidas Ultra boost so I'm not going to lie I Did kind of cheat by putting the ultra Boost on the list there are so many Different versions of the ultra boost Whether you're looking for a great Running shoe whether you're looking for Max cushion or whether you're looking For just a good-looking everyday sneaker And in my opinion there are versions of That shoe that cover all those bases Like the ultra boost 1.0 the shoe not Only looks amazing but it feels great on Foot and it's a great everyday running Shoe as well back in 2015 when the ultra Boost first released it was one of the First sneakers on the market to feature

Boost cushioning which at the time was One of the softest and craziest Underfoot FS you could possibly buy I Personally think that was because of a Couple different reasons first of all The shoe was the most comfortable shoe That I had ever worn at that point it Looked amazing and it got a cosign from Kanye West in fact back in 2016 anything Really with Boost in it like the nmds or The Fels all completely sold out but the Ultra boost was definitely the best and That's not only because of the Boost Cushioning but also because of had a Knit upper that felt like you were Wearing a sock plus it looked amazing And in the Years following the release Adidas continued to try and iterate on Their best running sneaker ever as they Called it and eventually it became a Shoe that I think people just didn't Like the look of anymore now it's not to Say it's a badl looking sneaker I think The current Ultra boost model the ultra Boost light is incredibly comfortable And it's a great everyday running Sneaker especially for Recovery runs but There was something about the ultra Boost 1.0 that just looked incredible And because of that a couple years back Adidas decided to reintroduce the ultra Boost 1.0 which up until that point had Been the most popular Ultra boost of all Time and now you're able to buy the

Newest version of the ultra boost and The original Ultra boost 1.0 and I'll be Honest when I think of the ultra boost I Always think of the ultra boost 1.0 so That's the shoe that I'm going to use For this list the ultra boost 1.0 Specifically but you really can't go Wrong with any of them they're all Incredibly comfortable and they're all Great running shoes unfortunately though Because these shoes do feature Adidas's Most premium Technologies they come at a Premium price point for the ultra boost 1.0 that's $190 for a 10-year-old shoe Which to be fair I guess with Jordan Brand they're releasing shoes that are Like 35 years old for $225 but still When it comes to sizing and Fit I would Say that some of the newer Adidas Ultra Boost models do fit true to size but Some of the older versions like the 1.0 Can fit a little bit narrow so in some Cases you might have to go up half a Size number eight the Adidas Stan Smith This shoe is one of the Brand's most Classic Styles first released 50 plus Years ago for the tennis player Stan Smith this shoe has quickly become a Sneaker icon the Stan Smith features an Incredibly simple leather upper accented By the three stripes perforated into the Midfoot the bottom half of the shoe is Made up of a rubber cup soole that Usually comes in white to match the

Upper of the shoe but the detail that I'm sure you're most familiar with is The green hit on the heel of the shoe Just that heel portion of the Stan Smith Is one of the most iconic looks in Sneakers of all time while the Stan Smith was origin orally designed for the Tennis courts it's become a Mainstay in Lifestyle sneakers and no it's not the Most comfortable shoe in the world but Keep in mind it was released 50 years Ago and it only cost 100 bucks and as Far as fit is concerned this shoe does Fit pretty much true to size in most Cases but it can fit narrow if you have Wider feet number seven the Adidas add Zero adios Pro 3 I don't know what it is With Nike and Adidas but for whatever Reason when it comes to their like Highest Tech Marathon running sneakers They've got to give them like names that Are seven words long it took me like 10 Takes to get the name of this shoe right It was ridiculous all that aside this Shoe is pretty incredible this is Adidas's top-of-the-line running sneaker This shoe is one of the most advanced Running and Marathon running sneakers Out there the add zero adios 3 was Specifically designed to improve every Part of the running sneaker first of all The shoe is incredibly lightweight and That probably has a lot to do with this Insanely thin and very minimal textile

Mesh upper I mean you can literally see Through it I mean you can see through The entire shoe and the only padding That you have is just around the ankle Area and even then it's minimal and then They've improved on the bottom half of The shoe by adding this insanely thick But somehow still incredibly Light Light Strike Pro foam like I said this foam Midsole is ridiculously light but it's Also incredibly well cushioned and feels Like you're walking on a cloud it's Crazy but of course you can't run a Marathon in a shoe that just feels like You're running on very soft pillows You've actually got to have some sort of Snappiness to it and that's added with These energy rods that run through the Entire midsole of the shoe these energy Rods actually make this midsole not very Flexible whatsoever and provide this Insane snap when you're moving into the Next step so it really does help Propel You forward so with this shoe you really Are getting The Best of Both Worlds You're getting a very lightweight and Incredibly soft cushion but you're also Getting this very Snappy and bouncy ride Then getting to the bottom of the shoe You get to this very flat out soole That's purely made for racing this is Not the kind of shoe you should wear to The grocery store you should only really Wear this when you're trying to race or

Run marathons or whatever it is that you Do that you competitively run in maybe That does include chasing down grocery Car to the grocery store realistically This might be the most advanced and Futuristic shoe on the list even though It might not look it and that's because It features Adidas's most Top-of-the-line Technologies which you Can probably tell from the $250 price Point and Adidas has specifically made This shoe to be their Peak Performance Running sneaker and if you decide to Grab a pair of these for yourself I Would recommend going true to size Because the lock down on this shoe is Decent and it should lock you in pretty Well number six the Harden Volume 8 so The Harden Volume 8 just recently Released and as you can probably tell From the name of this shoe this is James Harden's latest signature basketball Shoe now as a Sixers fan I'm not going To lie I do feel some type of way Towards Harden right now but I'm going To be objective and objectively this is A great basketball shoe the volume eight Improves on the volume 7even and pretty Much every way first off let's talk About the thing that you probably Noticed first when you looked at the Shoe the sort of rubbery foamy oval that Around the entire side of the shoe this Essentially provides a lot of lock down

And support on the sides of your foot That the other version of the Harden Volume 7 didn't have and I realize not Everyone might agree with me on this but I actually really like the way that it Looks it looks super futuristic super Clean it's dope man I dig it aside from That the upper is covered in this Textile material which actually wraps All the way around your foot and creates This sort of Booty like construction There's no separate tongue but that also Does kind of feel like a sock on top of Your foot which I like the toe of the Sneaker is covered by this leather panel For added durability and running Throughout the entire midso of the shoe You've got this jet boost there's Actually a cutout on the heel of the Outsole of the shoe so you can see the Jet boost and kind of feel it it's a new Version of standard boost cushioning and It feels amazing underfoot speaking of The outsole you get some great indoor Traction now the traction pattern I'll Be honest might wear down relatively Quickly on outdoor courts but if you're Purely playing indoors it should last You a while I mean overall for the $160 That you spend on this pair of shoes you Are getting a very well-rounded Basketball shoe that not only looks good At least in my opinion but also performs Incredibly well on court and the good

News is when it comes to this pair of Shoes it does fit pretty much true to Size so if you're grabbing a pair of These to ball in I would say go true to Size and you should be good to go and on A side note I actually really like these Three black lines that sort of wrap up Onto the heel and create the Adidas Three stripes logo it's sort of a hidden Detail and there's no other Adidas Branding on the outside of the shoe so I Kind of dig it it's a nice touch number Five the Adidas Superstar there really Isn't that much that I could say about This shoe that you don't already know The Adidas Superstar is the iconic Adidas sneaker originally designed as a Basketball sneaker the Adidas Superstar Or a shell toe as a lot of people know It has become a fashion icon both in the Hip-hop world and in the skateboarding World the shoe comes in a leather upper Accented by the three stripes on the Midfoot and of course that iconic rubber Toe detail and somehow even being one of The oldest sneakers that Adidas still Makes it's still one of the bestselling Sneakers that Adidas has plus if you Don't like the classic black and white Look you can also grab this shoe in Pretty much any other color cuz they've Made like a billion of them and for Those of you that do plan to pick up a Pair of these if you don't already have

A pair they cost 100 bucks and they fit True to size Comfort wise though they're Not the best but they get the job done But actually speaking of that if you're Trying to make your shoes more Comfortable than they already are or Make them comfortable when they're not Comfortable I definitely recommend Checking out my sock brand Apothecary at Apothecary we create your sneakers Favorite socks not only are they super Comfortable but they're also breathable And they go great with all the sneakers In your collection so whether you're Looking for a pair of socks to rock on The court with your new Harden volume Eights or grab a pair to match with your Superstars Apothecary has you covered And if you guys want to grab some Apothecary stuff like this pretty much Broke hat or a new pair of socks I made Sure to link all of it through the YouTube shopping tab on your screen and In the description below number four the Adidas Forum low originally released Back in the 80s as a basketball sneaker The Adidas forum is one of their best Legacy models in my opinion now while I Personally love the Adidas Forum High And the Adidas Forum mid for this video I specifically picked the Adidas Forum Low because it comes in the most Colorways and it's easiest to rock don't Get it twisted though you can't go wrong

With a pair of Adidas form highs and I Know we just talked about the Superstar And how that was originally a basketball Sneaker but there's something about the 80s basketball sneakers that just stands Out to me like the air forces the Air Jordan 1es and of course the Forum Lowe's that's just like my favorite era Of sneakers of course because the shoe Was released in the ' 80s it doesn't Feature any of the newer Tech so it's Not the most comfortable shoe underfoot It's a rubber cup sole attached to a Leather upper and it feels exactly like That but the styling of the shoe is Really what makes it stand out it's a Great everyday lifestyle shoe you Probably could still play basketball in It if you wanted to wouldn't recommend It though it's just a dope look and a Style that's very easy to rock and for Just a 100 bucks you can't really go Wrong with it and when it comes to the Size of this shoe I would recommend Going true to size number three the Adidas campus double zeros so like with The forums that I just talked about I'm A pretty big fan of really any of the Adidas campus shoes one of my favorite Adidas collaborations of the last couple Years is the Bad Bunny campus that Dropped last year but when it comes to a Pair of campuses that you can actually Walk into the store and find on the

Shelf you can't really beat the campus D Zeros the campus D zeros embody all the Details that make the campus 80s so Great but they decided to make the shoe Very bulky and puffy almost like a skate Shoe the upper of the shoe is incredibly Well padded as you can probably see by How puffy it is it also is covered in Suede which makes it feel very premium For the price point of just 110 bucks Rounding off the look you've got an Off-white midsole and a gum out soole And overall it's one of the simpler but Also one of the cleaner and more Wearable shoes on today's list what I Love about this shoe is how they took a Classic look and modernized it and it's Become one of the most popular pairs of Adidas shoes on the market in fact for The first couple weeks that I was trying To find this shoe they were consistently Sold out in stores I think now they've Kind of fix that problem so you can Pretty much walk into any Foot Locker And find them but they're incredibly Popular sneakers and if you're grabbing A pair of these I would say that you Should be okay going true to size but Because the upper is so puffy you might Have to go up half a size if you have Wider feet or you don't like such a Tight fit number two the the Adidas Samba originally designed to be an Indoor soccer shoe the Adidas Samba has

Become one of the most popular lifestyle Sneakers of all time in fact last year In 2023 and moving into 2024 the samba Is going through a Renaissance once Again of becoming one of the most Prolific sneakers that you see out in The world like a lot of Jordan sneakers The popularity of the samba kind of goes In wav sometimes it's incredibly popular Sometimes it's not popular at all and Right now it seems like it's more Popular than it's ever been not only is The saamba reasonably priced at just $100 but it also features that classic Look that a lot of people are in I know That it's possible that since its Inception the Superstar and probably the Stan Smith have been more popular than The SAS but if this momentum continues I Think the somba has potential to be the Bestselling Adidas sneaker of all time The colorway that most people seem to be Drawn to is the classic OG colorway Which features a white leather upper Accented by black Adidas three stripes In the midfoot in addition to that You've got gray suede hits on the toe And on the heel a gum outsole and of Course blue branding on the tongue now While I will say that this shoe does Generally fit true to size for people With regular and narrow feet it looks Very very narrow in fact it looks more Narrow than it actually is like a lot of

The Legacy shoes on today's list it's Not the most comfortable shoe in the World but it gets the job done and it Looks good and for most people buying This shoe that's what they're really Looking for a shoe that looks good Number one the Adidas ae1 so this is Actually one of the newest shoes on Today's list in fact this is Anthony Edwards first signature basketball Sneaker with Adidas so you might be Wondering to yourself why is a Performance basketball sneaker at the Top of a list filled with classic Adidas Shoes and the reason for that is because This is probably the most popular Adidas Sneaker right now the Anthony Edward Ones might actually be the most hyped up Pair of new Adidas sneakers to release Since the last pair of Yeezys that Dropped now I get that there might be Some of you watching this video who have Tripop phobia and probably hate the way That the sneaker looks but if you can Get past the the kind of weird texture On the side of the sneaker It's So Dope Sure it might not have the most premium Tech that you find in something like the Harden Volume 8 which technically might Be a better overall basketball shoe but Not by much but for $12 which is the Retail price of this shoe which is Honestly a pretty budget price for a Great pair of basketball sneakers you

Were getting crazy value for the money Plus Comfort wise this shoe is awesome It's super soft underfoot because of the Boost midsole that's encapsulated by This TPU overlay you've also got some Pretty nice padding on the upper and Because of this TPU overlay you're also Locked into the shoe really well but it Doesn't overheat like you'd expect it to Because there's too much plastic on the Side of the shoe because of all these Little holes there's still a lot of Ventilation on the side of the shoe plus The traction pattern on the outsole is Herring bone Works incredibly well very Sticky pair of shoes I absolutely love It in my opinion Anthony Edwards and Adidas absolutely knock this shoe out of The park this shoe has a very good Chance of being on my top 10 sneakers of 2024 list at the end of the year that's How much I like this shoe and I Definitely recommend picking it up if You haven't yet but hey that pretty much Wraps up the list for today let me know If you guys think I left anything off The list and which one of these shoes on The list was your favorite make sure to Leave those comments in the comment Section down below subscribe if you Haven't yet and I'll see you all