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Today I’m counting down the Top 10 Best Everyday Sneakers in 2024! These everyday shoes are perfect for wearing to work, exercising or just around the house. Each one of these best everyday sneakers are comfortable and look great!

1 Asics Gel Kayana 14 $150
2 Adidas Samba $100
3 Nike Air Force 1 $115
4 Vans Old Skool $70
5 New Balance 990V6 $200
6 Nike Dunk Low $115
7 New Balance 9060 $150
8 Nike Invincible 3 $180
9 Adidas Campus 00s $110
10 Hoka Bondai 8 $165


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These are the 10 best everyday sneakers Of 2024 that you can grab right now the Reason I created this list is to help You find the best sneaker for everyday Wear that's not only comfortable and Looks good but you can walk into your Local sneaker store and find on the Shelf right now not only that I've made Sure to leave links to all of the shoes That I mentioned in today's video on Your screen through the YouTube shopping Tab and really no matter what kind of Sneaker that you're looking for whether It's a basketball shoe that you can wear Off the court or a running sneaker that You can wear casually this list has you Covered but of course this list is Completely and entirely subjective even The order of the list doesn't really Matter if you like a pair of shoes and It isn't on the list doesn't mean it's a Bad pair of sneakers I just didn't Include it on the list but first I want To give a huge thank you to the sponsor Of today's video whatnot and this Thursday on whatnot a lot is going down First of all I'm giving away a pair of The Powerpuff Nike SB dunk Lowe's on my Live stream and not only that whatnot is Also selling some of the craziest Grail Sneakers out there for just $20.24 it's part of their resolutions or Resolutions campaign it's kind of cool $202 24 2024 W make sense some of the

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Check out my live stream which is Happening at 12:30 p.m. eastern time This Thursday where you can win a crazy Pair of sneakers for free grab some Sneakers of my own personal collection Or just come and hang out and of course Huge thank you to whatnot for being a Longtime supporter of the channel number 10 the Hoka Bondi 8 this $165 recovery Running sneaker is one of the best Recovery running sneakers SL lifestyle Running sneakers out there over the last Few years Hoka has exploded in Popularity both for runners but also People who just want great everyday Wares I think one of the things that Really draws people to hokas is they're Very simple and minimalistic design Language while the shoe does have some Nice ripples in the midsole it's a Pretty clean looking sneaker that you Can wear with pretty much anything but The reason the Bondi 8 in particular is Considered one of the best hoca sneakers Out there is not just because it looks Good but also because it's incredibly Soft and comfortable underfoot the foam That they use in this thick midsole is Crazy comfortable underfoot it's super Soft it's super responsive it's super Bouncy I love it plus the engineered Mesh that's used on the upper of the Shoe makes the upper very soft very Breathable it's not the lightest shoe in

The world but it's incredibly Comfortable after a long days wear and Even though the bond8 was specifically Designed to be a recovery running Sneaker it's just a great sneaker to Wear all the day every day because you Get that crazy soft Comfort under fooot If that's what you're looking for some People love shoes with like no Cushioning and I totally get that but if You're looking for like Max cushioning This is a great way to go I mean shoot Look how thick that midsole is it's Almost ridiculous but it's crazy comfy Plus because the shoe is specifically Designed to be a running sneaker it's The kind of shoe that you can wear on a Run in the morning and then wear with You to the office overall the Hooka Bond I8 is very versatile super comfortable Underfoot and not too bad looking and Again if you want to grabb a pair of These or any of the other shoes that we Talk about in today's video make sure to Click the link on your screen number the Adidas campus dble zeros in 2023 and now Moving into 2024 chunky skateboarding Inspired sneakers are back in force and The Adidas campus D zeros are a perfect Example of that not only are the campus D zeros a greatl looking puffy Skateboarding inspired sneaker they're Also one of the most popular sneakers in This style available in fact even

Filming for this video I was having Trouble finding pairs of these in my Size in stores I know I said every shoe In this video is available in stores and I did eventually find it but it was sold Out at the Adidas store which is crazy You'd think Adidas would have like tons Of pairs of these but I found it at Foot Locker and I mean even just walking Around the mall when I was trying to buy These I saw like four different people Rocking this sneaker it's a super Popular shoe and I totally understand Why the campus zeros are sort of a a Puffy version of the original Adidas Campus one of my favorite Adidas models Of all time and it's super comfortable On foot because of the crazy pillowy Nature of the upper but the one thing That really stands out to me about this Shoe is the price point this shoe is Only priced at $110 and for that price You get a great looking sneaker with Surprisingly premium feeling materials In this black color way the entire upper Of the shoe comes in suede with white Leather Adidas 3 stripes and these super Thick laces if you guys watch my channel You know I have hundreds of pairs of Sneakers and I don't need any more and Some of the shoes I just buy for a video And then return them or something like That after the video but in this case I Might have to keep this shoe because I

Really like it that much I know it's not Hyped up or anything but this shoe is Fire man I really really love this shoe And if this black and white color Blocking isn't working for you there's Tons of different colors available Online maybe not all in store but you Can find pretty much any color that You're looking for this shoe is super Wearable really good looking in my Opinion and pretty comfortable on foot I Mean obviously not as comfortable as Like the Bondi eights which have a Ridiculous amount of foam Under Foot This is just a rubber cup sole but the Upper of the shoe really makes you feel Like you're surrounded by a pillow Number eight the Nike Invincible 3 Originally called the Nike zoomx Invincible fly net 3 I wonder why they Changed the name this shoe comes in at a Pretty high retail price of $180 but for That price you're getting in my opinion The most comfortable shoe ever made and Yes I'm purely basing that off of plush Underfoot comfort so if that's not Really your Vibe then maybe this isn't The shoe for you but seriously when you Step in this shoe it feels feel crazy Underfoot like the softest thing I've Ever felt and not only that it's also Pretty bouncy underfoot too so you're Getting sprung to The Next Step but also It feels like you're standing in like

This Cloud it's a whole wild experience And you have to try it like the hokai 8 That we talked about at the beginning of The video the Nike Invincible 3 is a Recovery running sneaker and it's one of Those shoes that you can run in in the Morning wear to the gym in the afternoon And then we to the office whenever You're not running or at the gym but the Reason I put this shoe higher on the List in the Hooka bond8 is because I Feel like it's just a better looking Sneaker overall yes Comfort wise I do Think the shoe does have the edge over The Bondi eight but it's not incredibly Noticeable the difference so you can Really be fine with either one but in my Opinion if you're looking for purely That soft pillowy underfoot Comfort this Is the way to go when you pair it with The fled upper it's also very breathable And very soft on the top of your foot so Really just a great all-around shoe it's Decent looking and it's the kind of shoe That you can rock all day and still feel Good at the end of the day not like you Walked around for 9 hours the one thing I will say about this shoe though and It's not really that big of a deal and Some people might not even care about This but because the foam used in the Midsole is so soft it creases very very Quickly and makes the shoe look older Almost immediately again doesn't really

Matter that much but if you don't like Creasing in your midsoles this is Probably not the shoe to go with number Seven the New Balance 960 according to New Balance the 960s are sort of a Modern Twist on the 990 line but also Adding in a little bit of 2000s running Sneaker in there because right now that 2000's running sneaker aesthetic is all That anybody wants and I really think New Balance did a great job of Incorporating that retro Style with this Newer modern take on Footwear and it Makes the shoe super unique looking now The 96c was specifically designed as a Lifestyle sneaker you can run it if you Want there are better running sneaker Options out there even from New Balance So if you're looking for a running shoe Maybe this isn't for you but if you're Looking for an everyday lifestyle Sneaker pretty comfortable on foot in my Opinion though the main reason that you Would buy this $150 sneaker is for the Aesthetic this shoe is wild looking and A lot of people really like that about It plus if you're a sneaker head who Loves collaborations this shoe comes in A bunch of different collaborations like The Joe Fresh Goods collaboration that I'm showing on screen it's a very cool Looking sneaker especially when it comes In collab colorways like I mentioned the Shoe is pretty comfortable underfoot

Because of the absorb mid soil Cushioning and of course they use very High quality materials in the upper of The shoe New Balance in general in my Opinion is one of the best when it comes To using nicer materials on their shoes Especially when compared to Nike Nike Uses like these sort of new age Materials not only that when they use Leather and suede it's not the best but New balance is usually on point with Their materials even when they're using Not the nicest suede in the world tends To be nicer than most of the suede use On every other sneaker brand the 960s Might not be the cheapest shoe on the List but they're definitely one of the Most unique so if that's what you're Looking for this is a great shoe to go With number six the Nike Dunk low this Is probably one of the most if not the Most popular sneaker on the list while It's not at the top of the list if you Walk outside you'll probably spot five Different people right in front of you Just rocking pairs of Nike Dunk Lowe's And there's a lot of good reasons for That first of all they're priced pretty Well at $115 unfortunately that price Was bumped up from just $100 just like 6 Months ago the second reason is this Shoe is super clean Super wearable and It comes in pretty much every color Under the Sun and right now you can

Actually design your own pair of Nike Dunk Low's on Nike's website but the Third and final reason and probably the Main reason why most people are rocking These shoes is because up until like Last year the Nike Dunk Lowe's were Probably the most hyped up shoe on this List in fact it was almost impossible to Find pairs in store until like 6 months Ago and that's not because the shoe just Came out in fact this shoe released Alongside the Air Jordan 1 back in 1985 It's just that the Nike Dunk lows just Like Air Jordan sneakers kind of go in Waves of being super hyped up and then Super available and then Super hyped up Again and we just came off a wave of Being impossible to find pairs of these In store and everybody wanting pairs Essentially what happens is Nike Releases like some crazy collaborations On this shoe make them incredibly Difficult to get and then they flood the Market with pairs so when the shoes are Really hard to get everyone wants them And then when there's millions of pairs On the market it's super easy to find Them and no one really cares anymore and That's sort of where we're at that being Said it doesn't mean that this is a bad Sneaker I think the Nike Dunk low is one Of the most versatile and best looking Sneakers on today's list it's just not As hyped up as it used to be the good

News for you though if you're looking to Grab a pair of these is that there's Tons of colors available in store right Now of this classic 80s basketball Sneaker it feels very good on foot and You can grab them for really cheap price Of 115 bucks plus even if you're not a Sneaker head you can look like one if You're rocking a pair of Nike Dunk loow Number five the New Balance 990 V6 yes This shoe is the most expensive sneaker On the list at $200 but honestly I think Every single one of those dollars is Worth it for this silhouette I may be a Self-professed new balance fan boy but This shoe is genuinely awesome and is Probably my most worn pair of sneakers For the year yes I know the year just Started but genuinely I wear this shoe Every single day the New Balance 990 V6 Is the latest running sneaker from new Balance's historic and iconic 990 line This shoe released at the end of 2022 Into 2023 and in my opinion is one of The best if not the best allaround Lifestyle running sneaker available not Only does this shoe look great it's very Modern looking but it still encapsulates Some of that 2000's running sneaker Vibe It's also very comfortable underfoot It's not as cushy as something like the Bondi 8 or the Invincible 3 but for most People that's not exactly what they're Looking for they're looking for solid

Underfoot Comfort well not solid soft Underfoot Comfort but not too soft and The 990 V6 provides that in Spades the Shoe is very comfortable underfoot but Still very supportive the upper of the Shoe is also very well padded but also Pretty breathable and of course the Materials used on the paneling of the Upper are very high quality which to be Fair is something that you would expect From a $200 pair of sneakers but all Around probably the most premium feeling Shoe on the list and while some Runners Out there might not think of the 990 v6s When they think of their favorite Running sneaker the 990 V6 is a great All-around Choice it's comfortable it's Supportive it fits well well in some Cases it fits well I think for me it Fits true to size but for other people They feel like it fits a little bit big So maybe go down half a size regardless It's just just a great all-around Sneaker that I definitely think you Should try out if you haven't yet and Hopefully in the next couple months Certain colorways will go on sale so you Don't have to pay the full $200 retail Price for this shoe not only is the 990 V6 a great all-around lifestyle and Running sneaker but it's also a little Bit hyped up in fact you've had pretty Crazy collaborations from people like Action Bronson who have created

Colorways of this shoe that have Immediately sold out so sure even though This shoe looks like a dad shoe it's Kind of hyped up unfortunately I missed Out on all the action Bronson pairs so I Don't have a pair to show you guys but They are fire and I am going to pay Resale for one pair eventually actually Maybe I'll grab a pair through the YouTube shopping tab on my screen number Four the Vans old school the old school Is one of the most classic sneakers on The list and it's not just because it's Called the old school this pair is one Of Van's most popular models of all time And you've probably own a couple pairs Of these in your lifetime the shoe comes With a primarily canvas upper accented By suede hits on the toe and on the heel And of course you've got that leather Side stripe that really adds that Van's Touch to the sneaker but of course as we Can see on shoes like the eras and the Authentics you don't need that side Stripe to make it look like a pair of Vans but this is really the iconic pair Of vans in my opinion not only not only That at just $70 the Vans old school is Also the most affordable pair of Sneakers on this list in fact in some Cases you can grab two pairs of these For the same price as just one pair of The other shoes on the list now sure There are some trade-offs when you buy a

$70 pair of sneakers versus like a $200 Pair of New Balance 99 v6s and those of Course are comfort and quality of Materials but I will say that this shoe Is an iconic sneaker that looks good With pretty much everything and it also Feels pretty decent on foot it's not the Most comfortable shoe in the world but It gets the job done and in my opinion This is just a great beater shoe you can Rock this all the time not worry about Getting beat up because it's only 70 Bucks and as I'm sure you know you can Find a pair of Vans old schools in Pretty much every color that's ever been Made of anything I mean it's canvas and Dyed suede they can pretty much do that In any color so in my opinion not only Is the Vans old school just the best Budget option on the list it's also one Of the best looking shoes on the list Number three the Nike Air Force One Low The Nike Air Force One Low has been Around for decades and is one of the Most Classic basketball sneakers of all Time and it's crazy but even to this day In 2024 the Nike Air Force One Low is Still one of the most popular sneakers Available on sale specifically in the Triple white colorway there's a lot of Good colorways available but the triple White is the iconic colorway of the af1 Lowe's but I love about this shoe is not Only does it look very simple very clean

And very wearable but it's also Surprisingly comfortable on foot for a Shoe that dropped in the 80s plus like a Lot of shoes on this list the sneaker Has had countless incredible Collaborations some of which are Incredibly hyped like the off-white Air Force Ones you just have the terce squad Air Force Ones there are so many good Colorways of this shoe that have spanned Over the last couple decades it's very Possible that shoe might have one of the Best sneaker histories of any shoe on The list now there is one kind of bad Thing about the Air Force One Low at Least something that happened recently And that's the fact that Nike just Raised the price of this shoe from $90 To $115 which I guess in this sort of Inflationary time makes sense but it Really is a pretty huge price jump Especially for just a year or two that Being said the triple white Air Force One lows in my opinion are still worth $115 and if you're looking to grab a Pair of these they honestly aren't the Easiest shoes to find because they've Gained a lot of hype over the last Couple years more so than they've had in A long time but if you're look looking For that classic iconic basketball Sneaker head sort of look the Air Force One Low is the best way to go number two The Adidas Samba originally created as

An indoor soccer shoe the samba has Taken on a life of its own as one of the Most popular lifestyle sneakers Available on the market like a lot of The shoes on this list this sneaker has Been out for decades but for some reason In 2023 moving it into 2024 the shoe has Become incredibly popular I really don't Understand why this shoe is so hype Right now but for some reason people Just can't get enough of it the iconic Styling of the Adidas Samba makes it Super easy to throw pretty much any Color or material on this silhouette and Still have it look incredible on feet I Will say unfortunately that this is one Of the most narrow looking shoes on the List not only does it fit narrow but it Also looks like it's narrow and most Likely if you have wider feet you will Probably have to go up half a size in This shoe or if you have narrow feet or Regular feet you probably could get away With going true to size like I do in This sneaker but it's kind of got that Sort of laid-back Euro Vibe which I Think a lot of people are going for Right now a lot of women really love This sneaker and men too but it's one of Those shoes that uh I think definitely Has a very specific audience and the People who love this shoe really really Love love this sneaker but in my opinion One of the best things about this

Sneaker is the price point it comes in At just $100 which is cheaper than just About every other shoe on the list Except for the Vans and if you're Looking for an inexpensive great Everyday wear that looks awesome with Everything and you don't mind the narrow Look this is a great way to go I can't Really speak towards the style Trends Outside the United States because I live In the United States but I will say for The US this shoe is incredibly popular And because of its indoor soccer roots Or indoor football routes I'm sure this Shoe is wildly popular everywhere else In the world I can't guarantee it but I'm pretty sure it's Cas number one the As6 gelano 14s in 2023 as6 took the World by storm it's a brand that's been Around for decades but for some reason In 2023 as6 was the brand that everyone Was talking about and I think that has a Lot to do with this particular Silhouette the Jael Cayo 14s while yes As6 has a ton of incredible Silhouettes That are definitely worth checking out Like the gel nyc's the gel Cho 14s are One of the most iconic as6 sneakers of All time and also one of the most Popular originally released as a running Specific sneaker in the mid-2000s Because of the resurgence of 2000 style Running sneakers this shoe has become Insanely popular this year in fact it's

Honestly kind of difficult to find a Colorway of these that you really like In your size you kind of have to go Online and do some searching again Though I have made it easy for you so if You are looking for a pair of these I Made sure to leave links through the YouTube shopping tab on your screen so My job is to literally look at and talk About sneakers all day every day and I See a lot of the same sneakers over and Over and over again and while the jel Cayo 14s are a shoe that was first Released 20 years ago it's a shoe that I Think does the best job of capturing That 2000's running sneaker vibe that is The hottest thing on the market right Now and of course because the shoe was Originally designed as a running sneaker It's also very comfortable on foot You've got these gel pods which make it Super soft it's obviously not as soft as Something like the Invincible 3s but Still very comfortable underfoot the Padding on the upper is really great and Then of course it's also very breathable Because of the mesh paneling on the Upper plus it's priced pretty well at $150 unfortunately in some colorways Like this one you will have to pay Resale for this shoe but even then I Still think the sneaker is worth it if You've been looking for that perfect Pair of 2000s inspired running sneakers

With that met metallic paneling on the Upper that mesh and the thin details This is the best example of that and With this shoe you're getting a great Sneaker at a solid price and again if This shoe is not for you there's a ton Of other great sneakers on the list plus There's also a ton of great sneakers Just from as6 themselves speaking of That I actually did just drop a top 10 Best A6 sneakers of 2023 if you guys Want to check that out there will be a Link at the top of the screen but that Pretty much wraps things up for today Thank you all so much for watching make Sure to leave your comments on this list In the comment section down below so Other people can know what you thought Of it and also if you feel like any Shoes were left off of the list of Course don't forget to hit that Subscribe button down below and I will See you all in the next one