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With the cost of living going up it Seems like things nowadays are just so Expensive but despite all of that you Can still find some excellent shoes for $100 or less and in this video we're Going over 10 different options so let's Kick it off the first one is by far one Of my absolute favorites on this list And it is the Vans new school and the Best part is it is literally the most Affordable shoe on this list at $75 and the best part is is that this Shoe reflects how a lot of the trends Are going for 2024 it is a '90s inspired Skate shoe with the puffier tongue Thicker laces and rugged outs soole and For that reason it looks excellent with Some Bag gear jeans bag gear Denim and With the addition of the thicker collar And tongue it makes for one of the most Comfortable shoes on this list as well Each year they're coming up with some Great colorways of the shoe like this Black and brown version and at the end Of the day if you don't love this shoe You can get the regular old schools for $5 cheaper at $70 next up we have Another all-time Classic this is the Rebok club C for only $80 by the way rebok is owned by Adidas In case you didn't know that there's so Many good things to say about this shoe I have a few pairs of them and they go Great with outfits which is my favorite

Aspect of them I typically wear them With more dressier elevator looks in the Summertime just because it has this nice Slim monochromatic silhouette but they Do have a ton of colorful options and Also some collabs with Street were Brands like dime which gives like a more Modern skater aesthetic to the shoe and For only $80 I promise you the quality Is really good on these but overall I Will always vote for the reball club Z For only 80 bucks like what a steal now This next shoe was probably a shoe that You have not heard of before and no I'm Not talking about this $90 Converse Chuck 70 however it is is a Converse Shoe now I can pour your head off all Day about how this is one of the most Iconic sneakers of all time how it is The first signature basketball shoe of All time but instead I'm going to Introduce you to the Chuck 7D Deluxe This is an amazing shoe in my opinion With just some simple updates to an Already classic Model if you read the Description it is a reimagined version Of this classic shoe right here and for Only $100 I think it looks excellent it Almost looks like an anime shoe or Something there's just something about This the geometric shape to it that I Think just looks really clean so if You're looking for something different Something that not a lot of people are

Going to have then the converse truck 70 Deluxe is definitely for you what's up Nerd you doing your little sneaker Videos again yeah I am best shoes under $100 it's kind of a big deal did you Tell them about the time you wore fake Jordan Els actually I've never worn Fakes thanks to channel sponsor poison They're one of the best sneaker and Fashion marketplaces out right now and You can actually save using my code on Their platform for shoes and clothes to Be honest I don't even know how they're Making money on that deal however poison Specializes in authenticating sneakers From all of the largest Brands like Nike Yeezy and Jordan with over 300 million Authenticated products and poison has Some of the lowest prices for sneakers But to prove that the shoes are real I'm Going to be doing a live authentication Process which will determine if the Shoes are real or not in only 3 minutes Or less all you got to do is create an Account with your email choose the brand Of sneakers submit a few images and You'll have your shoes authenticated in A few minutes so if you're looking for Free legit checks on all your sneakers Be sure to check out poison using the Link in my bio for easy authentication And use the code to to save on your next Sneaker purchase all right I'm going to Say it Adidas is by far the best General

Release affordable shoe brand in the Entire world think about it there's the $100 Adidas Samba which is the Footwear New sneaker of the year there's the Adidas Superstar which is an allhe sign Classic also $100 there's the Adidas Gazelle which is probably going to give You a few more colorful options and Mostly comes in suede which I love suede Or for just a few dollars extra you can Go with the Adidas campus 2000 which is Going to give you a little bit more of a '90s rendition of these classic models So you can't go wrong with either of Those so let's throw those into the Third spot but for the fourth spot are Some new Adidas products first up let's Talk about the Adidas sl72 which is one Of two sneaker models from Adidas that I Think that they going to push harder Than any other shoe so the Adidas sl72 Has history okay it was a running shoe From the 1972 Olympics and it also has Culture this shoe was famously worn by Bob Marley and has actually been since Been given its own Bob Marley version of The shoe now when you factor in the Modern sneaker aesthetic that makes Shoes so popular these days it has all The above they even have some great Collaborations coming up with sporty and Rich and we all know how important Collaborations are when it comes to Shoes so overall I think that their one

Colorway shy becoming the next it Sho Maybe something with white and gray or Like a all gray suede with a gum ELO Something like that and once again it's Only $100 next up would be the Adidas BW Army I definitely think that this is the Next like fashion guy sneaker of the Year now throughout history it's Actually a very influential shoe known As a German Army trainer which has Inspired Marella and all of the other Replicas out there they also have some Great collaborations that like we saw With heart copy this sneaker release was Honestly pretty terrible it was like a Complete shock drop nobody even knew Here's the thing with the BW Army is That now if you want to buy them they're Actually very challenging to get which Could be good or bad it could create Scarcity and high demand for the product Give it this kind of Mystique or people Will bail on it alt together but either Way for $105 you can't go wrong with this one Okay time to talk about some Heavy Hitters let's talk about A6 AKA my Favorite sneaker Rand of the year I Honestly have nothing bad to say about A6 and 24 they are definitely the Underdog of the sneaker industry and Everybody loves an underdog but yeah Their gel 1130 model takes off so many Boxes for a perfect 2024 shoe number one

It has that retro Runner aesthetic that Sort of Y2K vibe to it that has become So popular these days and another thing Is that they are one of the most Comfortable shoes on this list in my Entire sneaker wardrobe closet my most Comfortable shoe is the A6 gel Cayo 14 And this one is just right there with it Like some of the other models they have Incredible collab like the hall Studios Versions which are fetching for a high Price point these days and they just Come in super wearable color so if You're looking to test the waters with A6 this year definitely start with the 1130 but I still receive comments from People all the time slamming A6 which I Just don't understand so let's go with New Balance then specifically let's talk About the New Balance 530 which is Actually very similar to the A6 shoe That I just showed you but in arguably Better colorways and it's definitely a Lot easier to get because I think people Have caught in win with the 1130 but Yeah New Balance as you guys know has Been killing it over the past few years And the 530 30 in my opinion is their Hands down best affordable sneaker model On the market right now and New Balances Of course don't for their premium Quality premium price sneakers so to Find something that's this affordable You honestly cannot miss once again

Covert is excellent on these and just The icing on the cake is they have a Great top down view if you guys know New Balance some of the top down views are a Little wonky this one perfect okay let's Talk about Nike now I'm going to be Completely honest with you guys to find A great affordable Nike sneaker that Retails for $100 is honestly a challenge But I found a few that I know you guys Will love first up is the Nike killshot 2 which retails for $90 and when you Factor in how sneakers are trending in 2024 like I mentioned before just super Simple easy to wear neutral tone color Sneakers the Kill Shot 2 is definitely There it has Grays whites pops of colors If you want as well as a gum outsole now The Nike Kill Shot 2 believe it or not Has been around for a while now but it Is typically known more for that sort of Casual Men's Wear Vibe these were sold At like Jay Cruz for example and with The old money aesthetic being as popular As it is this could make a great Addition to your wardrobe for only $90 Okay now probably the most popular shoe On this list has to be the Nike p6000 These have exploded in popularity for Being super comfortable easy to wear Colors and have that trendy retro 2000s Runner Vibe now there is a caveat some Of them are $130 and some of them are $110 but the $110 version still have

Some excellent colorways and you're Still getting that same comfort and Wearability and they have some ones that Have a little bit of color on them so if You wanted to wear wear those in the gym Or if that just matches your personality In general then you can easily go with Those similar to the p6000 is the Nike V2k Runner which only comes in women's Sizes right now but if you go a size and A half up then you should be good for Example I usually wear an 8.5 and I wear A 10 in women's shoes but honestly with These types of colors you can barely Even tell now my buddy JD kicks did a Review of these and he had a lot of good Things to say about them especially for The price point so if you're looking for Your next favorite Nike Runner this Could definitely be the one for you Either these or the P 6000s you can't go Wrong now let me know in the comments What your favorite $100 shoe is and I'll Catch you guys in the next one