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Today we’re counting down the Top 10 Upcoming Air Jordan Sneaker Releases of 2024! Grab them through the YouTube Shopping tab!

1. Air Jordan 3 Black Cement 11/23
2. Air Jordan 4 Fear 11/9
3. Air Jordan 4 Military Blue 5/4
4. Air Jordan 1 Black Toe Reimagined 10/18
5. Air Jordan 11 Columbia 12/14
6. A Ma Maniere Air Jordan 3 Burgundy Crush / Black 7/18
7. A Ma Maniere Air Jordan 4 Phantom 9/19
8. Air Jordan 11 Low Space Jam Summer
9. Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low Canary 5/16
10. Air Jordan 4 Oxidized Green 5/25

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These are the 10 best Jordan brand Releases left to drop in 2024 and let's Start things off with the honorable Mentions the first honorable mention is The Travis Scott Jumpman Jack in sale This shoe was originally supposed to Release in early March but for whatever Reason Jordan brand decided to delay the Release until April 30th the Jumpman Jacks Are Travis Scott's first original Silhouette with Jordan brand although They're a new silhouette they do feature A lot of details that can be found in Previous Nike and Jordan releases I mean You just look at the upper of the shoe And it looks a lot like a pair of Nike Dunks other details like the midsole of The shoe which seems to be inspired by The Nike Air yzi 2 and consequently the Nike Air Tech Challenge 2 and of course You also have some carryover details From previous Travis Scott Collaborations like the backwards Nike Swoosh which seems to be his signature Detail on his collabs now I honestly Can't tell you what the reception will Be like for these shoes right now They're reselling for $2500 to $3,000 But that's only because there was this Insanely limited release during the Super Bowl and sure I bet these shoes Will sell out when they officially Release on April 30th at least in the Sale colorway but I'm not sure about the

Upcoming colorways after that the hype Just doesn't seem as crazy for these Shoes as I originally expected well yes These are a Travis Scott collaboration With Jordan brand they're not a collab Like the Travis Scott Air Jordan 1es or The Travis Scott Air Jordan 4s that take A hyped artist and have him collab on a Pair of shoes that are already hyped These shoes are a brand new silhouette With no history and the only thing Really driving the hype Behind these Shoes is Travis Scott himself so I guess We'll just have to wait and see what Happens when these shoes officially Release on April 30th but I'm really Interested to see what the hype is going To be like I'm sure for this first Colorway the sale colorway it'll be Relatively High because it looks a lot Like the reverse mooch Travis Scott ones And and it's the first of this kind of Silhouette I just don't know about those Follow-up colorways I'm sure they'll Sell but I don't know if they're going To resale for that much not that resale Really matters but it does sort of Determine the hype levels for the shoe And so I just don't know what the hype Is going to be like but I'm interested To find out then rounding off the Honorable mentions we've got the trophy Room Air Jordan one lows now the reason These shoes are on the honorable mention

List and not really high up on the list Is because honestly they're releasing Right now as we speak so they're not Really an upcoming release anymore sure There might be another release of these Shoes later in March on the sneakers app But they're already releasing through Trophy Room literally today on Wednesday The 13th so uh the release has kind of Already happened that being said the Sneakers are absolutely amazing they're Inspired by that classic Fleer Michael Jordan rookie card and they feature this Beautiful sort of reverse black toe Color blocking the red accents on the Shoe come in as satin with the trophy Room logo embroidered into them the heel Of the shoe comes in like this black Corduroy with the Michael Jordan Signature logo embroidered into it You've got an embroidered Nike Swoosh on The side of the shoe and then there's Also an away colorway and a home Colorway the away colorway releasing to The general public and the home colorway Only really releasing to friends family And exclusively at the Trophy Room Store I'm not going to lie this is my favorite Trophy Room collab release since the Trophy room fives of course though the Hype is pretty high for these and I'm Going to have to pay resale for these Cuz as of right now I haven't heard Anything about my raffle entry I'm

Assuming I did not hit but uh it's a Dope release and I'm definitely trying To grab a pair for myself but now diving Into the actual list starting things off At number 10 we've got the Air Jordan 4 Oxidized green so this shoe was just Revealed through the sneakers app live That happened last week and it's a brand New colorway of the Air Jordan 4 it also Seems like a more premium take on the Shoe a take that we've seen before but Not in this color way the upper of the Shoe comes in this really premium Looking tumbled leather you've got a Leather Accent on the wing portion of The shoe instead of TPU plastic the Midso of the shoe comes in an oxidized Yellow or I guess cream color which I Really like and of course you've got Those dark green hits throughout the Shoe which absolutely make the look oh One other premium detail that I forgot To mention was the heel tab of the shoe It comes in leather instead of a TPU Which again something that we've seen Before but not in this color way the Color way is dope man it's super clean Super wearable perfect for summer which Makes sense because it releases Officially on May 25th for 210 bucks I Honestly think this is going to be a Pretty popular release I know it's going To sell out or at least I think it's Going to sell out and I wouldn't be

Surprised if it resells for like $50 to $100 over retail I'm not 100% sure but That wouldn't surprise me number nine The Travis Scott Air Jordan one low Canary so I've actually got a review of This sneaker coming up in the next Couple days to make sure to subscribe to The channel if you haven't yet to see That as soon as that drops but the Travis Scott Air Jordan one low Canary Is definitely one of the most polarizing Travis Scott releases ever the shoe Comes in this incredibly bright color Way it's got canary yellow it's got White it's got blue and a gum out soole Now first glance you might be thinking What was Travis scottt thinking this Looks nothing like any of his other Sneakers but when you dig a little bit Deeper you'll realize the colorway of This shoe was actually inspired by Travis Scott's High School El andai and Having had this shoe in hand I've got to Admit that I actually really dig this Sneaker it looks really good on foot It's definitely not for everybody but I Think it's one of those colorways that Would be perfect to have in your Collection to bust out during the summer Or whenever you need like a wild pair of Sneakers and weirdly enough my personal Favorite part of the shoe is actually The gum outsole I like the yellow I like The blue but the gum makes it look more

Like a skate shoe than like some some Childish kid shoe it's just kind of a Dope look it's out there it's different I'm into it if you decide you want to Grab a pair of the canary Travis Scots For yourself they should release Officially on May 17th for a retail Price of 150 bucks but keep in mind even Though people are not seeming to like This shoe that much now they probably Won't keep that same energy and this Shoe will absolutely sell out and Unfortunately probably resell for maybe Not as much as like the olive or the Reverse Olive Travis Scott ones but Still for more than I would like to pay Personally number eight the Air Jordan 11 Low Space Jam so it's been a minute Since we last got a pair of Air Jordan 11 Space Jams we've had a lot of Sneakers releasing that look like the Space Jams like the Gratitude 11s from Last year but not any official Space Jams for a while but this summer things Are changing we're finally getting Another Space Jam 11 however this time Around debuting for the first time ever As the Space Jam 11 Lowe's obviously Even though this shoe is a low top Version of the sneaker it still looks a Lot like the original Space Jam 11s You've got a ballistic nylon upper in Black you've got black patent leather Wrapping around the bottom of the upper

Of the shoe you've got a white midsole And you can't forget the icy blue Outsole I haven't always been a huge fan Of low top Air Jordan 11s there have Been some parir that I've really liked And pairs that I've owned like the Brad 11 Low's but this pair is actually a Pair that I would consider grabbing Because it's an OG colorway it's a pair That's perfect for summer CU obviously It's a low top 11 and uh I don't know I Feel like 11s are coming back a little Bit for some reason over the last couple Years they just haven't been as popular As they once were and I think that might Change in 2024 because the ones aren't As popular as they once were the fours Are now the most popular shoe out there And I feel like there's a void that People really want to fill with 11s I Could be wrong about that but that's Sort of what I'm thinking either way This shoe is dropping sometime this Summer unfortunately we do not have a Release date yet for a retail price of $190 which yes is high but regular 11s Go for like 220 to 250 so it makes sense For a lowtop version number seven the Amam maner Air Jordan 4 Phantoms so for Some reason the original amam maner 4S Are not as popular as I always expected Them to be especially now when the Air Jordan 4 is like that shoot but it seems Like amam maner is continuing their

Collaboration with Jordan brand with a New colorway of the Air Jordan 4s this Time in Phantom which apparently is like A white or cream colored upper so we've Actually already seen this shoe in real Life on the foot of James Whitner at Paris fashion week well I haven't seen It in real life but there are photos of Him rocking this shoe and the good news Is it looks just like the renderings Which is not something that happens that Often the sneaker looks amazing and I'm Definitely here for it the upper of the Shoe comes in an off-white leather Accented by suede around the toe you've Got this really clean split midsole Between cream and sort of a dark purple Color the same sort of color that they Used on the amam man year 4 is the Original release of the shoe and then of Course the outsole of the shoe comes in The same cream and purple color as you Get on the midsole and honestly I think I might like this shoe better than the Original don't get me wrong the original Absolutely fire this shoe was incredible I just picked up my own personal pair But this new version of the shoe might Take the cake I can't believe it there Are so many good Jordan releases this Year I had to make this video I could Have made a top 20 list but that would Have been crazy and you know what maybe I should put the shoe higher on the list

I don't know this shoe is fire though if You're looking to grab a pair of the Upcoming amamaniere 4 Phantoms which I'll be honest I'm definitely looking Forward to they release officially or They should release on September 19th For a retail price of 250 bucks man I Can't wait amam maner just continues to Kill it and actually speaking of that Number number six the amam maner Air Jordan 3 in burgundy crush and the amam Maner Air Jordan 3 in Black 2024 might Be the year of amam maner they are Releasing so many dope collaborations at Least from what we can tell from these Renderings the original amam maner Air Jordan 3 in my opinion is the best Collab they've ever released and Possibly one of the best Air Jordan 3 Collaborations of all time this shoe in My opinion could be the perfect collab Air Jordan 3 it's not as good as a Blacksmith 3 is I'm not going to lie There but the material quality the Colorway of this shoe the story behind The sneaker everything about this shoe Is amazing so it makes sense that in 2024 amam maner and Jordan brand have Teamed up once again to release another Air Jordan 3 collaboration however this Time not in one colorway but in two like The original amam maner Air Jordan 3s Both of these colorways will be women's Exclusives however they will probably

Come in extended sizing so men like Myself can grab a pair and still be able To rock them although I'm a size n so I Could Rock women's sizing regardless yo I'm not going to lie there's a lot of People out there who hate on size n That's a sample size that's a standard Size I get so many comments saying yo I'm 14 and my feet are size n yes you're Probably going to end up being bigger Than me go fore your jeans are taller I Don't know but that as side hey it's Easier for me to grab sneakers don't Hate on me you know what size 14s you Guys have a tough at there I'm not even Mad about it the two colorways that are Releasing are the burgundy crush Colorway and the black colorway According to renders by Sneaker files And Z Sneakerhead Z the burgundy Crush Colorway comes with the white upper Accented by Maroon hits on the heel and On the toe of the shoe honestly pretty Similar to what we had on the original Amam manere 3s however with some colors Switched around a little bit which I'm Not going to lie I'm kind of stoked About because this colorway is awesome So I wouldn't be mad at having a Colorway that's similar but different Different and then we've got the black Colorway which apparently comes with a Black leather upper and dark gray hits On the heel on the toe and on the

Midsole of course both of these Colorways feature that sort of cream Colored midsole at least on the bottom Part of the midsole which I do think Ties all of the amam maner sneakers Together but based on the rendering both Of these colorways are really clean I'm Not going to lie I don't like them as Much as the original amam maner Air Jordan 3s and that's not just because of The hype talking that's also because I Think this colorway was just the perfect Air Jordan 3 colorway but uh they're Definitely clean and definitely shoes That I want to try and pick up according To Sneaker Bar Detroit these shoes Released on July 18th obviously in Women's sizing for a retail price of $250 now that release date isn't Confirmed it's very possible that these Two shoes don't release on the same day And instead release on different days or Maybe one is an aman.com exclusive and The other one releases on the sneakers App but I will say that I have very high Hopes for this cab and hopefully we Don't get let down when we actually see The shoe in person but I'm not going to Lie all the shoes that we talked about In today's list are awesome and all the Sneakers that we have coming up later on The list in my opinion are even better But you can't have a great fit without a Great pair of socks to go with your dope

Sneakers and the good news is for you if If you're looking for a dope pair of Socks I actually own a sock company Called Apothecary we've got this fire Landscape drop happening this Friday at 11:00 a.m. eastern time on Apothecary Decom this Collection comes in four Different sock colorways and a long Sleeve tea which looks amazing and if You want to grab any of this stuff again Check it out atg.com linked in the top Of the description below this Friday and In my head I'm already picking out which Socks go great with which sneakers on The list and which socks go great with The sneakers that I already have super Easy to match these socks to sneakers Because the colors are absolutely fire Number five the Air Jordan 11 Columbia The Columbia 11's first debut viewed Back in 1996 on Michael Jordan's feed During the All-Star Game and since then It's been one of the most popular Air Jordan 11 colorways of all time now the Last time that we had an actual Columbia 11 Retro was back in 2014 I was actually On Nike's website right when they Dropped but unfortunately the Bots ate It up that was back when buying sneakers Was even harder than it is now well I Guess that's not always true I don't Know I always had trouble with it but There is something so clean about an All-white Air Jordan 11 with an icy blue

Out soole it just looks amazing and Apparently in 2024 we're getting the Columbia 11s as the holiday releas 11s Which is amazing now if you hadn't Noticed every year Jordan brand releases A classic pair of Air Jordan 11s around The holidays as their holiday release Air Jordan 11 it's been that way for Decades and it seems like Jordan brand Is continuing the tradition into 2024 Even though the Air Jordan 11 is not as Popular as it once was it's still a shoe That I think a lot of people are going To be interested in I mean I can tell You during the 2000s and the 2010s the Air Jordan 11 was like the shoe that I Always wanted to grab it had so much Trouble grabbing the red elevs when they Released I think it was back in 2012 I Could not grab them that shoe was my Grail for the year I get that there was Like Nike Air Yeezy 2s releasing that Year as well but man I just I love that Shoe since then I've grabbed a pair of The BR elevens with the 2019 release I Think is when they last dropped but uh It's one of those Classic Air Jordan 11 Colorways that I had to have and it's The same way with the Columbia 11s Although I've never actually owned a Pair of the Columbia 11s at least not The standard version of the shoe as you Probably already know the shoe features A ballistic nylon upper accented by this

Beautiful white patent leather around The bottom half of the upper and of Course you've got that blue Semi-translucent outsole that adds that Pop of color to the shoe along with the Jumpman it's just one of those super Clean Super wearable colorways according To Nice Kicks this shoe is dropping on December 14th for an undisclosed retail Price but I would assume it's between 220 and 250 just knowing Jordan brand But I guess we'll just have to wait and See until we get closer to the release Number four the Air Jordan 1 black toe Reimagined for the last year or so we've Been hearing rumors about a reimagined Black toe Air Jordan 1 and up until Recently we thought those rumors were Just flat out not true but while a lot Of people got the release information About this shoe wrong apparently there Is a reimagined Air Jordan one black toe And it's coming this year and I Personally couldn't be more happy Because I love the Air Jordan 1 black Toe it's one of my favorite colorways of All time it's one of the OG Air Jordan 1 Colorways the problem is apparently this New reimagined version of the shoe will Not feature the wings logo on the Lateral side instead this new 2024 Reimagined black toe will feature the Rare air branding on the lateral side Which some people don't like now I'll be

Honest it's not my favorite branding on The Air Jordan 1 I definitely prefer the Wings logo to the rare air branding but It's not bad and it's still going to be A good-looking sneaker plus there's also History with that rare air branding so It's not something that just came out of Nowhere it's not like this brand new Thing for the Air Jordan 1 reimagined It's something that's been around for Years so while yes I do understand the Disappointment of people because they Like the wings logo I still personally Am really excited about this shoe the Last time we had a release of a black Toe Air Jordan 1 was all the way back in 2016 with this pair which I actually got In the sneakers app one of my only Sneakers app wins which is crazy and Since then other than the lowtop version That we got last year this is the Closest thing we've ever had to the Original black toe Air Jordan 1es now The reception to this shoe is going to Be really interesting for me because First of all the Air Jordan 1 is nowhere Near as popular as it was 2 years ago The hype Air Jordan sneaker right now Seems to be the Air Jordan 4 that's the Shoe that no matter what colorway it Releases in it tends to sell out the Air Jordan 1 sits in really good colorways So I do think that it is possible that These reimagined black toes May sit as

We saw with the reimagined Royals Sitting last year which to be fair they Were very different than the original Royals cuz they were suede but I do Think it's a possibility that these Shoes don't end up selling out or even Selling as quickly as previous Air Jordan 1 releases now I'm still planning To grab a pair when they drop apparently On October October 18th for a retail Price of 180 bucks plus they also come In full family sizing so if you want to Deck out your family in a full Air Jordan one fit you can do it in October I mean you can't do it now but you could Do it in October for retail price you Could even do it at the outlet honestly If you're going for like the Royal Reagins cuz they got a bunch of those Pairs number three the Air Jordan 4 Military Blue so for whatever reason Jordan brand has decided to rename this Classic OG Air Jordan 4 to the Industrial blue which is led a lot of People to believe that this is not the True military blue but I'm here to tell You it is although apparently the shade Of blue might be slightly different than The original military blue 4S which I Can't confirm cuz I don't have an Original pair of military blue fours the Shoe does look just like the original Now I actually already dropped an earli Review of the sneaker courtesy of secret

Sauce so if you guys want to check that Out there will be a link at the top of The screen but I've got to say for me This shoe is in my top 10 list of the Year already which sure is premature but This shoe is an OG Air Jordan 4 colorway It's super wearable and I just love White and blue man so over the last few Months the release information for this Shoe has been muddled to say the least Apparently people thought it was going To release in May and then it got pushed Up to April and now it's back down to May 4th so I think the release date for This shoe is going to be May 4th for a Retail price of 215 bucks we've already Heard about the sneaker through the Sneakers live thing that they did on the Sneakers app I don't know exactly what It's called but they already announced It there so it is pretty much already Confirmed and for me I'm confirming that This shoe is a double up I've got to Have it man I love it first of all the Shoe was supposed to be cut like the 1989 Air Jordan 4s which I can't really Compare because I don't have a 1989 pair Of Air Jordan 4s there was a rumor that The shoe was supposed to be like the SB Fors from last year but I can tell you From my own personal experience they're Not so while they do feel a little bit Different than some of the older fours In my collection they're pretty similar

To The Fours that we've been getting Recently and man you really can't go Wrong with the white leather upper the Blue hits on The netting of the shoe on The heel tab on the midsole it's all Fire and most likely the release of this Shoe is going to be pretty similar to The bread for reimagines it's going to Be incredibly popular there should be a Lot of pairs available but it's not Going to be that easy to get because so Many people want it so make sure to keep An eye out on my Instagram Twitter and Tik Tok real Seth fower if you want to Have up-to-date information about this Shoe but I've got to say planed to have A couple of these number two the Air Jordan 4 fear so last year we got the Fear 3 is one of my favorite Air Jordan 3 releases but for some reason the hyp Just wasn't there on that shoe even Though the initial release of this shoe Was insanely hyped and sold out Immediately as some of you may know the Fear 3s released last year for the 10th Anniversary of the original fear pack Drop and this year in 2024 we are Getting the other sneaker from The Collection or from the pack the Air Jordan four fears and I think it's fair To say that this shoe's release is going To be way more popular than the fear 3s One because the Air Jordan 4 is the most Popular silhouette from Jordan brand

Right now but two because the colorway Of this shoe is so clean and so wearable I mean if you were a fan of Jordan brand Back in the early 20010 you know this Pack you love this pack and for me it is An absolute must cot now with the fear 3s I was lucky enough to find a pair at The outlet because like I said they were Kind of sitters but with the fear fours I just do not think that's going to be Possible I don't think that's going to Be the case in my head I think these Shoes are going to fly off shelves the Shoe features a black tonal Nuuk upper It starts in black phase to like a dark Gray and then to a lighter gray and then Getting to the mid sole of the shoe you Have a black sole with white splatter Print and of course you've got the sort Of cream white or I guess light gray Accents on the lace eyelets of the shoe And also on the out soole I can't Overstate how hot fours are right now so Any color way of a four is probably Going to do relatively well I mean sure The crafts didn't do incredibly well you Could find them at the outlets but still They're almost guaranteed to sell out And being such a popular colorway this Shoe is going to be hype according to Sneaker news the new fear fours are set To release on November 9th 2024 for a Retail price of 215 bucks and expect me To drop a review on these cuz these

Shoes they're awesome finally coming in At number one the Air Jordan 3 black Cement earlier this year it was widely Reported that the upcoming Air Jordan 3 Black cement would be a reimagined Version of the shoe however it wouldn't Be a reimagining like the white cement 3 Reimagines that we got last year instead It would be closer to a reimagining like The Air Jordan 1 Royal reimagines the Thought was that the reimagined Blacksmith 3s would release with a suede Upper instead of a leather upper and While a shoe like that has never Officially released to the public there Have been samples of that shoe in fact I Think one of the earliest samples of the Air Jordan 3 black cement was a suede Sample so there is some history tied to It so it wouldn't be completely out of The blue if they decided to release that Shoe however people were not having it People did not like this idea whatsoever I wasn't a huge fan of it but I still Would have bought the shoe cuz the Blacks 3 is like my second favorite Sneaker of all time the first being the Bre Air Jordan 1es hopefully you guys Know that by now if you've watched my Channel for a while but this is Definitely a number two or number three It's kind of a tossup for me between the White cements and the black cements but If you're like most people and you don't

Want a suede Air Jordan 3 blacks the Good news for you is is that it looks Like the shoe is releasing in its Original 1988 form and not a reimagined Version of the shoe in fact it's even Being reported that the shoe will not Feature any aged midsole details or age Details whatsoever like we had on the White cement 3 reimagines instead we're Apparently getting a one to1 or as close To one:1 as possible re-release of the 1988 Air Jordan 3 black cement and I Can't tell you how excited I am about This release for me this has the Potential to be sneaker of the year to Be fair though there's a lot of other Front Runners for that position like the Trophy room Air Jordan 1 Lowe's or the Futura Nike SB dunk Lowe's or even the Air Jordan 4 Reds or maybe even the Air Jordan 4 Military Blues or some of the New Balance releases or A6 releases There's so many good even the a1s I Actually come to think of it there's so Many great sneakers that have released So far this year and are set to release This year that it's hard to say what the Sneaker of the year will be but an Air Jordan 3 black cement cut like the 1988 Is going to be near the top of the list Now unfortunately that's really all the Information that we have in terms of how The sneaker will look and feel we don't Know anything about the quality of the

Materials like with the Air Jordan 185s How their quality is a little bit nicer Than the standard Air Jordan 1es I don't Know if that's going to be the case with These Air Jordan 3s most likely it'll be Your standard Air Jordan 3 leather which Is tumbled and feels fine but it's Nothing incredible obviously this shoe Will be incredibly hyped so expect Theand to be through the roof so if you Want a pair of these it's not going to Be the easiest thing in the world but Jordan Branch should be releasing a lot Of these apparently Jordan brand is Releasing these in full family sizing Which usually means it's going to be a Pretty widespread release so that's a Good thing I can't wait I really can't Wait and the good news is they are Releasing before the end of the year on November 23rd for unfortunately a Surprisingly High retail price of $220 That's more than the Military Blues Which came out at 215 or will come out At 215 so that's a lot so make sure to Stay locked on this channel And Subscribe if you haven't yet because as Soon as I can get an early pair in Review I'm going to do that because that Shoe is honestly kind of a grail for me But hey that pretty much wraps up my top 10 list for today I would love to know Your thoughts on your favorite upcoming Jordans this year in 2024 make sure to

Leave those comments in the comment Section down below don't forget to check Out the upcoming Apothecary drop it's Going to be fire link top of the Description below make sure to sub Subscribe if you haven't yet and I will See you all in the next one