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Air Jordan 4 SB

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ALD New Balance 1906r

Air Jordan 4 Lightning

Air Jordan 3 Reimagined

Air Jordan 13 Playoff

Adidas Campus 80 Bad Bunny

Tiffany Air Force 1 Low

Nike Air Ship Every Game

Nike Air Max 1 Big Bubble

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These are the top 10 best sneaker Releases of 2023 so far in my opinion as You can probably tell from the intro That you just watched and also the title Of the video and thumbnail and all sort Of good stuff this is a list of the Sneakers that I believe are the top 10 Best sneaker releases so far this year Now obviously there are a lot of great Sneaker releases that I didn't cover in Today's video and that's mainly because There just wasn't enough time and there Are so many reasons why I included some Sneakers and not other sneakers it just Really came down to my own personal Preference so if you're watching this Video and wondering why a shoe isn't on The list it's not because it's a bad Shoe it's just because I either didn't Think of it or I just didn't think it Should be on the list or I just didn't Like the shoe as much as another show on The list oh and also if you want to grab Any of the shoes mentioned in today's Video I've made sure to leave affiliate Links to each one of these shoes in the Description below or you guys do just Check out the reviews by clicking The Links at the top of the screen but hey With all that being said let's dive Right into the list number 10 the Air Jordan 13 playoffs so this shoe first Debuted back in 1998 when Michael Jordan Wore it during the 1998 All-Star game

And I thought it was really cool that Jordan brand decided to re-release the Issue during All-Star Weekend 22 three So it was a cool call back there to when The shoe originally dropped and since Then the Playoff 13s have become iconic And it's one of the most sought after Air Jordan 13 colorways so the fact that Jordan brand decided to bring this shoe Back in 2023 the year of Michael Jordan Makes complete sense as some of you guys Watching this video might be saying it's Just a black 13. I don't know why it's On this list it's not that great of a Shoe and you're probably going to say That about some of the other shoes on The list because you just don't like Them that much and that's totally fair But this shoe has so much history we Don't get the shoot retroing a lot and It's one of the OG Air Jordan 13 Colorways it definitely deserved a spot On this list no matter what the other Shoes it dropped were some of the Standout features on this shoe are the Quilted black leather upper the jewel Around the heel of the sneaker obviously I haven't worn my pair yet that's why There's still plastic on there and the Outsole is completely clean you've also Got the red hits on the outsole you've Got the Jumpman on the tongue and of Course the suede detailing around the Bottom half of the upper I don't have a

Lot of 13s in fact this is the only pair Of 13s I have at the moment but I Figured if I'm gonna own a pair of 13s It should be the playoffs number nine Tiffany Air Force One low alright so Yeah at first glance is just a black Suede Air Force One it doesn't look that Special but when you get a closer look At the shoe you'll realize the materials That make up the upper are actually very High quality there is an actual silver Bar on the heel of the shoe which no Isn't worth that much especially not for The 400 price point but it is really Cool that they put actual silver on the Shoe and the biggest thing is that this Is an actual Tiffany and Co Collaboration Nike has never done an Actual Tiffany collab before they've Dropped Tiffany themed Sneakers but they Weren't ever actually Tiffany in fact The incredibly popular Nike SB dunk load Diamond Supply codes nicknamed the Tiffany's aren't a collaboration with Tiffany they're a collaboration with Diamond Supply Co and back in the Mid-2000s Nike had a reputation of Releasing Nike Dunk sneakers that looked A lot like they came from other brands Or were collaborations with other brands But weren't actually real collaborations And it seems like now that Nike has Exploded to the size that it's currently At yes it was huge in the mid-2000s but

It's 10 times bigger than it's ever been These brands do want to reach out and Work with Nike and it seems like this Tiffany collaboration has been a long Time coming and while sure I bet we all Would have preferred having an actual Tiffany Nike Dunk glow that's not the Shoe that Tiffany would have designed This is the shoe that Tiffany designed So this is the actual Tiffany Collaboration so even though in our Heads we think of the Tiffany dunks when We think of Tiffany and Nike this Air Force One is what they would have Decided and when you actually get it in Hand and you feel the materials and Check the sneaker out it's a Surprisingly clean sneaker even though It's just a black suede sneaker in my Opinion it's definitely in the top 10 of This year's sneaker releases so far Number eight the women's Travis Scott Air Jordan one low Olive so ever since This shoe first leaked rumors have been Swirling that this is the last Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 colorway which is Crazy to think about because the Air Jordan 1 has been one of the shoes that Travis Scott has collaborated on the Most and the Travis ones have also been One of the most popular Travis sneakers That Nike and Jordan brand have released Together but it seems like Travis Scott And Jordan brand feel like they've

Released enough of these sneakers They've given us enough options so They're moving on to different Silhouettes including apparently a brand New Travis Scott specific silhouette Which I'm interested to see I don't know If it'll actually happen we've seen a Lot of other leaks of other Travis Scott Sneakers but I'd really love to know What he'd actually come up with if he Could design a shoe from scratch so this Shoe followed the same design formula as All the other Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Lows it featured the backwards Nike Swoosh it featured the regular Nike Swoosh on the medial side and it came in Contrasting blacks creams greens and all The Travis Scott colors you can think of Now the detail that gave this sneaker Its name was the olive colored backwards Nike Swoosh on the lateral side and Honestly while it's a clean colorway It's probably not my favorite Travis Scott Air Jordan one low for me that's The Travis is and then the reverse Mochas and then the originals and then Maybe these but uh I think everyone has Their own opinion on that and I'd love To know your thoughts in the comment Section down below now with that being Said no sneaker fit can be complete Without a matching pair of Apothecary Socks not even a Travis Scott fit and This weekend we released a dope

Collection called the Apothecary was Here collection it came in four Different colors and all of them matched Travis Scott sneakers perfectly this Colorway also goes awesome with the Thunder fours that just recently Released they also feel awesome on foot So that's another reason to try them out If you haven't yet speaking of the Thunder 4S at number seven we've got the Air Jordan 4 Thunders the thunder fours Originally released exclusively on Jumpman23.com back in 2006 alongside the Lightning force and since its initial Release back in 2006 we've only had one Other retro and that was back in 2012 And in 2023 with the insane rise in Popularity of the Air Jordan 4 Silhouette it just makes sense that Jordan brand is bringing back this shoe Now now there are a few minor Differences between these thunder fours And the 2012 Thunder Force but all of Those differences seem to be good Differences and make the shoe much Closer to the 2006 original than the 2012 pair was and honestly whenever Jordan brand decides to make a shoe a Little bit more like the original than It has been in the past it always tends To be a good thing the thunder fours Come in a black nubuck upper accented by Yellow hits It's yet another furry black Shoe on this list I promised the other

Shoes on the list won't be as similar as These last three or four shoes have been And man it's clean it's a really great Looking sneaker it's one of the better Air Jordan 4s to drop this year and That's why it's on my list number six The Nike Airship PE every game so up Until a few years ago the Nike Airship Still silhouette had kind of faded into Sneaker history obscurity and I guess it Kind of makes sense why and that's Because the Nike Airship was the Predecessor to the Air Jordan 1. it's The shoe that Michael Jordan wore on Court before the Air Jordan One released In fact this is a silhouette that Actually featured the band colorway that Got Michael Jordan find not the Air Jordan 1 like Jordan Brand's marketing Team would like to have you believe and I wouldn't be surprised if Jordan Brand's marketing team goes back on that If they ever retro the banned airships Which they already have overseas but if They bring them back to the United States and say something like this is The original or something like that I Don't know now Jordan Brandon Nike Decided to bring the Nike Airship back In 2020 during the All-Star game as part Of the new beginnings pack in a red and White colorway which is incredibly clean But I still can't get my hands on it and Since then they've been releasing

Limited colorways here and there at Select Sneaker boutiques across the Country however because his releases Have been so limited and so difficult to Get and not many people even know about The Nike Airship the hype hasn't really Been there for the silhouette but it Seems like Jordan brand and Nike are Trying to change that with the release Of the every game Nike airship so this Shoe is sort of a special edition of the Nike Airship it comes with blue suede on The upper and cracked white leather it's Also very similar to Nigel Sylvester's Friends and family pair the bike air Pair and what's interesting about this Pair is that it's got every game Embroidered on the heel and it's Inspired by the UNC shorts that Michael Jordan wore under his game shorts when He played every game they were Apparently his lucky shorts and also not Apparently his underwear but still kind Of underwear because it was under stuff I don't know either way it's a really Clean colorway I don't care about the Inspiration of the shoe I think the Materials used on the shoe are very nice And I love the fact that this shoe is Bringing a lot of light to the Nike Airship silhouette plus I'm an Air Jordan 1 fan I love the history of the Air Jordan Ones I love the looks of the Air Jordan Ones I love 80s basketball

Sneakers and this has all of that and This colorway is super clean it's a bit More toned down because it's a suede Rather than a bright blue leather so I Like the sort of more chill laid back Vibe and it also features sort of a Blazer look because this shoe is Actually sort of a combination between The Air Force One and the Nike Blazer as You can probably tell from the paneling On this shoe so it's got a lot of really Good stuff going on it's definitely Worth checking out if you haven't Checked it out yet and again you can Grab a pair of these for yourself in the Description below or check out the full Review through the link at the top of The screen either way this is one of my Favorite releases of the year and it's Not higher on the list because I feel Like there are some releases that are a Little bit more exciting for some people But for me I love this shoe number five The Bad Bunny Adidas campus 80. so since Kanye West and Adidas have had their Split Adidas has been struggling to find Sneaker collaborators that really sell Their sneakers Beyonce didn't really Work out Pharrell has kind of been Slowing down in popularity recently but They found Bad Bunny and Bad Bunny has Been moving Silhouettes for them and I've got to say there's a good reason Why because all of his collaborations

Have been very very clean obviously the Adidas Forum bad bunnies have sold Really really well and have been very Difficult to get in fact I haven't been Able to grab the pink pair a pair which I've wanted for a very long time but With the end of the Bad Bunny forum Collaborations Bad Bunny and Adidas had To find a different silhouette to Continue the collaboration on and it Looks like the shoe that they picked was The campus 80 and I've got to say these Bad Bunny campus 80 collaborations the Two colorways that have released so far Are absolutely fire now my favorite is Obviously this tan colorway which I had I think it's a great looking shoe I love The suede on the upper I love the fact That the midsole kind of wraps up onto The upper of the shoe I love the Thickness of the silhouette I think it's So awesome and I completely regret Selling it and I'm probably gonna re-buy It because I love the shoe that much and Just recently we got the olive colorway Of this shoe which released exclusively At Coachella I don't like it as much I Think it's still very clean but I Definitely prefer the all tan colorway And I would love it if Adidas brought Out a pink colorway because I love those Pink Adidas forums I don't want to spend 800 on them but I would love to have a Pink Bad Bunny collab and uh I think

Can't say this would be perfect and I Know there's a lot of people out there Who are mad at Kanye and mad at Adidas And because of all this don't want to Buy Adidas sneakers or just aren't hyped On Adidas sneakers anymore but Adidas Still makes some really really great Products and it's nice to see that Adidas still has some really strong Collaborations coming and I think Bad Bunny not only is an incredible artist But also drops some sick shoes so I'm Really excited to see what he has coming From Adidas next number four the Nike Air Max 1 big bubble this is the Original Nike Air Max one not the one That you guys are thinking of it was This one the shoe originally had a Bubble that was this large however after Six months being on the shelves Nike had To pull the silhouette because the large Bubble was freezing and cracking in Colder temperatures and so what they had To do was create a shoe that had a Smaller bubble that's now the iconic Nike Air Max One and in 2023 for Air Max Day Nike decided to bring back the Original Nike Air Max 1 with the large Bubble and all the problems fixed so it Won't crack in colder temperatures and I've got to say I'm so stoked to have This shoe back because there were some Small internal improvements that have Made this shoe even more comfortable

Than the original well I guess not the Original just the one that we're used to And the changes are obviously the larger Air bubble in the heel but also this Much softer foam used in the midsole This shoe is significantly softer Underfoot than a standard pair of Nike Air Max ones and I love this shoe Because not only are you getting a shoe Filled with history sneaker history in Particular obviously you're also getting A shoe that's more comfortable underfoot And in my opinion has better proportions Visual really I think this larger air Bubble just works a little bit better With the silhouette and I love this OG Air Max One colorway the white the red And the gray it all looks so clean Together it's just a great all-around Sneaker I know it's not the most hyped Up sneaker on today's list but in my Opinion it's definitely one of the best Releases of this year number three the Ald New Balance 1906 R so as a new Balance Fanboy 2023 has been absolutely Incredible we've had some really great Collaborations like the Action Bronson 990v6 we've had the 1906 R ALDS and We've got a bunch more in the pipeline But I've got to say that this one in Particular is my favorite I mean ald's Collaborations are the reasons why the 550s and the 650s are back it's crazy That one brand worked with another brand

To bring back a silhouette and now They're one of the most popular sneakers On the market and it seems like while It's not the same exact case for the 1906 R because I don't believe ald was The first collaborator on the silhouette I will say that this collaboration in Particular pops so ald's brand color Seems to be sort of a dark forest green Obviously there are other colors they Have dropped as well on this sneaker but In particular this dark forest green Just seems to be the best at least in my Opinion you've got this sort of light Cream colored netting on the upper You've got these really nice silver hits And then of course your dark forest Green around the shoe now one of the Details that I really love about this Shoe is the Retro running inspired upper Of the sneaker and I think that's really In the Zeitgeist or of the moment right Now people love this aesthetic and when You pair that with the midsole from the 2002 R you get a shoe that is um it's Perfect it's perfect in my opinion now I Totally understand that not Everyone Likes this kind of style of sneaker I Have a lot of friends who hate when I Wear this shoe because they're like That's just nothing compared to your Other Jordan sneakers but let's be Honest they're not New Balance heads and You might not be either and so you might

Not completely understand the hype Behind this shoe but in my opinion one Of the best sneaker releases of the year I might even put it at the number one Spot if it wasn't for these two other Shoes that are just amazing so that's Why this shoe is number three and I Don't see it moving down on the list Throughout the rest of the year unless We got some crazy releases so stay tuned For the top 10 sneakers of 2023 at the End of the year find out whether this Shoe has a staying power that I think That it does have plus I'm pre-recording A lot of videos because I'm going on a Trip to the Philippines for like two Weeks for unboxed con if you guys happen To live in Manila make sure to check me Out at unbox con I'll be there with Apothecary my sock brand but I wanted to Grab a pair of shoes that are great for Walking this shoe not only looks amazing Is not only one of the best Collaborations of 2023 but it's a great Comfortable walking shoe so this is a Shoe I'm gonna be rocking almost the Entire trip and I feel like it's one of My favorite pickups of the Year number Two the Air Jordan 3 white cement Reimagine so for the longest time I Thought that she would be number one on My list no matter what time of the year I'll be dropping the list I thought this Shoe was going to be number one no

Matter what and then the number one shoe Came out and I was like wow that shoes Crazy looking it's different I shouldn't Get into it but it took a crazy sneaker To knock the shoe off the list because This shoe in and of itself is a crazy Sneaker yes it's you know a white cement Air Jordan 3 so in a way it's not that Special because the shoe has been around For decades but I will say that this Reimagined version of the Air Jordan 3 White cement is very very clean and Incredibly wearable first of all this White cement colorway is one of the OG Air Jordan 3 colorways it's one of the Originals and when you pair white Tumbled leather with gray elephant print And red hits it just pops it just works This is one of the most iconic sneakers Of all time now while personally the Blacksmith 3s are my favorite pair of Air Jordan 3s these are a very close Second and we haven't had these shoes Back since I believe 2011 at least in the original form we've Had variants of this shoe like the jths And the free throw lines but nothing Like this and to have this shoe with Nike Air on the back is so crazy and While yes there are some changes that Made this shoe not exactly like the Original those changes being the cream Colored midsole that's supposed to look Aged and the cream colored heel tab that

Again is supposed to look aged in my Opinion it provides a little bit of Contrast on the upper of the shoe that Really makes the shoe pop more than the Standard wide cement 3 and I totally Understand that there are some OG heads Out there that probably hate the way the Sneaker looks because they were around In 1988 they remember what the shoe Looked like when it first came out but I Was born in 92. I missed it so this shoe For me is perfect I love the way the Sneaker looks and if I had the choice Between the original 88 Air Jordan 3 White cements probably go with those but If this is the best option that we're Gonna get I'll take it because it is Very clean and this sort of aged look is Very in style right now and I think it Definitely fits with 2023 dude I don't Know I just love the white cement 3s you Can't go wrong with the sneaker it goes With everything the shoe is awesome and Apparently next year we're getting the Reimagined Air Jordan 4 breads which is The original colorway of the Air Jordan 4s alongside the Fire Red 4s now Apparently that shoe is supposed to come With a leather upper I don't know if That's actually true or not but that's What the rumor is going around and I Feel like that's a case of doing Reimagined too much like this shoe just Featured a slightly different color

Midsole and heel counter the lost and Found ones was technically a reimagined One it featured like cracked leather and Things like that but if you're changing The main material on a sneaker from one Material to a different material from Nubuck and suede to a leather it's just A little bit too much so uh I don't know Shouldn't get too out of myself that Sneaker mayor may not be on the list Next year I don't know but the Air Jordan 3 white cement reimagined is one Of the best sneakers to drop all year And I think it's at least gonna stay at The number two spot for the rest of the Year I mean I thought it was gonna be The number one spot up until recently And it's possible that it gets bumped Down again but I don't see that Happening number one the Nike SB Air Jordan 4. so I'm sure you saw the shoe Coming especially because the shoe Wasn't anywhere else on the list this Shoe is by far the craziest release of The year and it's not just because it's A collaboration between two companies That are technically the same company But not exactly the same company kind of Like the Holy Trinity it's a it's a Whole weird situation but it's one of Those shoes that I think a lot of people Really love for a lot of different Reasons and while I know this is Probably the most shallow of all the

Reasons I love this shoe because of the Color way I think it's an incredibly Clean colorway I love the gum outsole I Love the green hits I love the white Hits it's clean and while yes I'm a Sixers fan this isn't an overtly Celtic Shoe I honestly at the time of recording This video I don't know if the Sixers Have won game seven or last game seven Don't ruin it for me in the comments Please seriously the game is literally In four hours this video is coming out Like a week after I film it because like I said I was traveling but uh I really Just put a damper on the wrist a good Thing this is the last show on the list Because I'm just like really stressed Right now [Music] All that being said this shoe is really Cool because this shoe is specifically Designed for skateboarding this shoe has Literally been modified in ways that Haven't ever been done to a pair of Jordan 4s to make it better for Skateboarding like removing the air unit In the forefoot of the shoe for better Board feel making the heel tab is soft Rubber so that it's a lot more durable Apparently same thing with these uh Wings on the sides and what's crazy About this shoe is that even though they Removed the air unit in the forefoot It's actually more comfortable than a

Standard pair of fours I don't Understand why maybe the foam is softer I'm not sure but I prefer this shoe over Really any of my other fours in terms of Comfort it's crazy not only that all the Materials used on this shoe are more Premium and more durable than standard Air Jordan 4 materials the suede around The toe of the sneaker feels cheap but It's actually a lot more durable than Standard suede the leather feels a Little bit thicker than it probably Should but again it's more durable than Standard leather and on the heel of the Shoe it's my favorite favorite detail And that is the Nike SB branding on the Heel of this Air Jordan 4. this is crazy This shoe will go down in history as one Of the best Air Jordan 4 collaborations In my opinion maybe not exactly a Collaboration because like I said it's All from the same brand but technically Different branches of the same brand I Don't know Jordan brand and Nike SB are Not the same company but they're within The same company so it is sort of a Collaboration it's kind of like with the Nike SB Air Jordan Ones but uh either Way incredible colorway incredible Collaboration incredible first for the Air Jordan 4 and of course it all had to Take place on an Air Jordan 4 which Makes this shoe one of the most popular Sneakers of the year because it's an Air

Jordan 4 and because of everything that Was done to it so really a Groundbreaking sneaker on a silhouette That I didn't think could get any more Groundbreaking I love this shoe I'm Obsessed with it I think it's the best Release of the year so far I don't see It getting surpassed I said that about The widesmen 3s but this shoe came out Of nowhere and blew my mind and uh That's why it's number one on the list But hey that pretty much wraps up the List for today I would love to know your Thoughts on this list and whether you Feel like I left anything out so make Sure to let me know your thoughts in That comment section down below as Always thank you so much for watching Make sure to subscribe if you haven't Yet and I will see you all in the next One