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New Balance 1906r $155

Nike Zoom Vomero 5 $160

Adidas Campus 80 $160

Nike Dunk Low $110

Air Jordan 4 $210

New Balance 990v6 $200

Nike Invincible Run 3 $180

Nike Air Force 1 Low $110

New balance 550 $110

Air Jordan 1 Low $130

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Summer is here so it's time to count Down the top 10 best sneakers for summer 2023 that you can grab right now what's Up everybody I'm Seth Valor and this is My list of the top 10 best sneakers for Summer 2023. now obviously this list is Just my own personal opinion there are Thousands of sneakers you can run out to The store and grab right now and I'm Sure they're all great but these are Just the sneakers that I hand picked Because I think they're either very Popular right now they're really in Fashion or they're just great all-around Sneakers of course if you want to grab Any of the sneakers that I mentioned in Today's video I've made you to leave Links to all of those sneakers through The YouTube shopping tab at the top of Your screen and through the links in the Top of the description below but without Further Ado let's dive right into the List number 10 the Air Jordan 1 low so The Jordan one low has been on my list Pretty much every year that I've done The top 10 sneakers for summer lists Because it's just a great all-around Sneaker as you guys know the Jordan one Is my favorite sneaker of all time so a Low top version of the shoe not only is Perfect for summer because it goes great With shorts but also because it's a low Top with one of the best sneakers ever Made in my opinion now this particular

Version of the shoe is not a standard Air Jordan 1 low this is the AJ 1K o Loaf a new version of the shoe but there Are so many great Air Jordan 1 lows out There that you can walk into like your Local Foot Lockers or local sneaker Stores right now in Grand generally Jordan Ones retail for between 110 to Like 140 depending on the colorway that You're getting or the version of the Shoe that you're getting they're all Good in my opinion obviously there are Some pairs that are worth more than Others like the Travis Scott Jordan one Loads which while they sold for the same Retail price as most other Air Jordan 1 Lows they resell now for thousands of Dollars which is ridiculous but if You're looking for hype that's a good Way to go but the reason that I love the Jordan one low in particular besides the Fact that it's just such a great shoe is That it's such a clean simple look not Only are you buying one of the most Iconic basketball sneakers of all time But it comes in a ton of different Colors so no matter what you're looking For the Air Jordan one will have you Covered plus if you're lucky and you Walk into a store right when they Release these shoes you might be able to Find a pair in a classic Air Jordan 1 Colorway like the black tails that are Releasing later this year I know I only

Have the Air Jordan 1 lows at this spot On the list but realistically you could Fit in any of the other Jordan Ones like The mids or the highs depending on which Sure you prefer personally I think for Summer the Jordan one low is a great way To go it's a low top which means you can Wear it with short socks or long socks Depending on what you like whether it's Shorts or long pants you can pretty much Get away with anything because this low Top silhouette is so wearable speaking Of socks if you guys haven't yet checked Out the sock brand that I co-founded Apothecary I definitely recommend doing That we've got no shows we've got highs We've got mids we've got all the socks That you could ever need and all of our Stocks are specifically designed to look Great with your sneakers we've got Limited collections dropping all the Time like the Apothecary was here Collection which is dropping this Friday At 11AM Eastern Time on apothecary.com And not only do our socks look great but They also fit great because of our ISO Weave technology which makes them super Breathable and super comfortable for All-day wear so if you want to find a Pair of socks to match your sneakers Perfectly I definitely recommend Checking out Apothecary there's a link In the description below but seriously The Jordan one low is an amazing

Combination of both sneaker history and Also classic looks it's an easy sneaker To rock it comes in a ton of different Colors and different material types so If you're looking for a suede Jordan one Low you can find those or an all leather Pair or or even this all canvas Air Jordan 1 low KO I mean the Jordan Ones Pronounced since 1985 so no matter what You're looking for you should be able to Find it you just might not be able to Find it for the price that you want to Find it for and I know I put this shoe At number 10 on the list but that does Not mean it's the worst sneaker on the List in fact personally I think the Jordan one is my favorite sneaker on the List but I wanted to make the list sort Of tailored towards 2023 and what's Popular and what's more widely available So that's why the shoe is number 10 but If you ask me the Jordan one and even The Jordan one low is one of the best Sneakers ever made number nine the New Balance 550. so like the Jordan one low That we just talked about the New Balance 550 is based off of a classic 80s basketball sneaker and really this Shoe is pretty similar to the Jordan one Low in fact in my opinion this is sort Of the New Balance equivalent to that Shoe and the reason I put the 550 a Little bit higher on the list than the Jordan 1 lows because this shoe is a

Little bit more widely available because You could walk into a sneaker store find A couple different colorways the 550s And you might not be able to find that Many colorways the Jordan one so you Probably will have more options with This shoe than with the Jordan one when It comes to color and style that being Said over the last two or three years The New Balance 550 has been one of the Most popular sneakers on the market in Fact this shoe is topped this list in Previous years for 110 dollars you get a Surprisingly good quality pair of Sneakers from New Balance that's Relatively comfortable and also looks Amazing at least in my opinion the 550 Is clean classic with surprisingly Decent material quality and it's Incredibly wearable especially for Summer I feel like low tops in general Are like the perfect summer shoe because You can wear them with shorts you can Wear them with long pants it doesn't Really matter you're good to go with a Pair of low tops and the 550 is one of My favorite low tops from New Balance Not only that like with the Air Jordan One there are a couple collaborations on The New Balance 550 silhouette like this Particular shoe this is the ald Collaboration which is probably one of The more hyped up pairs of 550s so Whether you're trying to grab just an

Everyday pair to knock around you don't Really care if it gets messed up or You're trying to grab a super hyped up Pair of New Balance 550s you can find Both in the 550 silhouette number eight The Air Force One Low outside of the Jordan Ones and maybe even more so than The Jordan Ones the Nike Air Force One Low is the most classic and probably the Oldest shoe on this list I feel like I Always include the Air Force One on Lists like this like the top 10 sneakers For summer or top 10 most comfortable or Top 10 most popular or whatever because This shoe is just one of the most Incredible sneakers ever made the shoe Released back in the 80s and somehow is Still one of the most popular most Wearable and most sought after sneakers Available on the market today and the Triple white af1 low is the epitome of The af1 when you think about Air Force Ones you think about the triple white Colorway now the colorway that I'm Holding today is actually a special Edition version of the shoe it's the Nocta collaboration or Drake's Collaboration and while it looks very Similar to the original triple white Air Force Ones it does feature some special Details like the hearts on the toe and Also slightly better material quality on The shoe however the standard Air Force One Low the triple wide colorway is

Relatively easy to find at least here in The United States and for 110 dollars You can't really go wrong with it now Unfortunately Nike did just recently Raise the price of the shoe from like 90 To 110 which is a pretty large price Jump when it comes to a shoe that's been Ninety dollars or close to that price Point for decades but even though that Price jump sucks I still think the shoe Is absolutely worth with it and most of Us growing up probably had pairs of Air Force Ones and you know exactly what You're getting when you grab that shoe You're getting a durable good looking And easy sneaker to wear and the shoe is Also the base for a bunch of different Collaborations like this one the Tiffany Collab or even the off-white Collaboration even though the af1 low is Probably the old issue on the list I Definitely think it has the most staying Power out of any sneaker on the list and It'll probably be around much longer Than any of us are that's a bold claim It might be true though plus if you grab The triple white colorway of the shoe It's probably the most summery sneaker On the list when you think of Summer Sneakers you usually think of triple White shoes and this is the most Quintessential one out there number Seven the Nike Invincible run 3. while All the shoes on this list are great

Shoes overall the Invincible Run 3 is by Far the most comfortable at least in Terms of Max cushion I did a list Recently on the top 10 most comfortable Sneakers of 2023 which if you guys want To check that out there will be a link At the top of the screen but this shoe Top the list now unfortunately for that Privilege of wearing the most Comfortable shoe out there you are gonna Have to pay a pretty high price point of 180 bucks but in my opinion if Comfort Is what you're looking for when comes to Your sneakers this is a great way to go I mean this shoe is is stupid Comfortable it does not make sense how Soft the zoomex foam is in the midsole It literally feels like you're walking On like a cushioned Cloud it's crazy It's not too bouncy it's not too Unstable it's like the perfect amount of Softness underneath your foot and I'm Not gonna lie it's a dick thing it can Be a problem you throw the shoe on for a Day and then the next day you wear Something like an Air Jordan one and You're like what happened where did it Go and uh unfortunately this has ruined A lot of shoes for me but I've gotten Used to it so it is what it is not only Is the Invincible 3 an incredibly Comfortable shoe underfoot it's also a Decent running sneaker especially for Recovery runs the upper of the shoe

Comes in flying it which molds to your Foot after a couple wears and it's Relatively breathable and all around This is one of those shoes you can throw On all day and forget that you're even Wearing it in fact you'll take them off And your feet will be less comfortable Than they were in this shoe Stylistically it's a pretty decent Looking shoe I mean it looks like a Standard Nike running sneaker but if You're cool with the way the sneaker Looks and you're looking for Comfort This is the way to go and you can grab a Pair of these right now through the Links in the description below number Six the New Balance 990 V6 the new Balance 990v6 is the sixth sneaker in The New Balance 990 line their most Popular sneaker line of all time and it Makes sense why this shoe is so popular Because not only does it look good it Also feels great on foot and it's a Great shoe that you can both go on runs In or just wear day to day compared to Some of the previous 990 sneakers this Shoe is definitely an upgrade not only In Aesthetics but also fit this shoe Actually fits true to size some of the Previous ones didn't material wise the 990 V6 is also pretty solid you've got Some pretty premium feeling Suede and Some decent meshes that do allow for Some breathability on the top of your

Foot and of course when it comes to Comfort the 990 V6 is no slouch it's got A fuel cell and end cap midsole and You've also got this incredibly well Padded upper making this one of the more Comfortable sneakers on the list no it's Not as soft underfoot as something like The Invincible Run 3 but it's still an Incredibly comfortable sneaker that will Give you that great all-day comfort that You're looking for now unfortunately all That goodness does come at a price and The retail price of this shoe is 200 for The standard colorway you can get some Other colorways that are slightly more Expensive but we're not going to talk About those honestly over the last Couple months of owning the 990 V6 it's Become one of the the most worn sneakers In my collection I keep it by my front Door I wear it whenever I'm going to the Store or the office or wherever it's a Great all-around sneaker it looks good And it just feels great on foot number Five the Air Jordan 4. so the Air Jordan 4 is probably going to be the most hyped Up sneaker on this list mainly because Over the last year or two the Air Jordan 4s become probably the most popular Air Jordan sneaker available a few years ago The Air Jordan 1 was the hardest Jordan To get because everyone wanted pairs of That now it's the Air Jordan 4. it's Kind of a cyclical thing where every

Jordan model eventually gets the Spotlight and in 2023 the Air Jordan 4 Is the Jordan sneaker to have now Unfortunately because the shoe is so Popular this year it's going to be more Difficult to get this shoe than any Other shoe on the list but I do think It's worth the effort trying to grab a Pair of these by entering Raffles or Even paying resale for this shoe because It's such a wearable clean classic Sneaker that has a lot of sneaker History infused into it if you didn't Already know the Air Jordan 4 is Michael Jordan's fourth signature sneaker and is One of the most Classic Air Jordan Models out there because of what he did In this sneaker and also because of the Insane styling of this shoe that just Made it one of the most iconic sneakers Of all time not only does the Jordan 4 Look good it's also relatively Comfortable on foot because of the well Padded upper it does kind of feel like a Brick though I'm not gonna lie it's a Pretty heavy shoe so if you're wearing The sneaker you will notice the weight On your feet but hey even though the Shoe is designed as a basketball sneaker It's not the kind of shoe you'll Actually wear on court you'll probably Wear this as a lifestyle sneaker Definitely wouldn't want to go on a run In this shoe but it's a great all-around

Shoe if you want to wear this shoe to School or to the office or to wherever You want to go on your pair of Air Jordan 4s great looking sneaker and Definitely worth picking up and like I Said the Jordan 4 is going to be more Difficult to get than really any other Sneaker on the list but if you have a Chance to grab these for retail like Maybe you win a raffle or you get lucky And walk into a sneaker store and they Just have a pair for you there you could Probably expect to pay between 200 and 210 dollars to grab this shoe for retail But I gotta say even though the shoe is A bit heavier and a bit warmer than some Of the other shoes on the list because Of its mid cut it does work really well With a pair of shorts I mean obviously Michael Jordan played basketball in These in shorts so it can be done and It's definitely one of the more summery Air Jordans out there and man some of The colorways that Jordan brand has Dropped this year like this colorway the The Nike SB Air Jordan 4s are incredible Super easy to rock and super clean in Fact not to ruin a video coming up at The end of the year but this shoe might Genuinely be my favorite sneaker release Of the year I love this shoe that much This particular colorway and this Silhouette it's incredible number four The Nike Dunk low the Nike Dunk glow is

Another classic Nike sneaker like the Air Force One lows the Jordan Ones or Even the Air Jordan 4s that even though It came out back in the 80s is still Incredibly popular to this day and just To clarify the shoe that I'm holding is Actually not just a Nike Dunk glow it's Nike SB dunk flow so there are different Versions of the shoe that Nike Dunk Collectors will make sure to let you Know of if you say the wrong thing but Realistically any kind of Nike Dunk Could be on the list at this point it's An incredibly popular silhouette the Nike is spamming us with right now so The good news is you shouldn't have too Hard of time finding pairs of Nike Dunks Or Nike Dunk clothes in store just like The Air Force One lows and the Jordan 1 Lows it's an incredibly classic clean And simple sneaker that's very easy to Rock and when it comes to Summertime it Comes in so many different colors in Fact more so than even the Air Force First ones or the Air Jordan 1 lows you Can pretty much find any colorway that You're looking for for around retail or A little bit above and actually in a Little bit of sneaker history the Nike Dunks were released right after the Air Jordan Ones and because of the Popularity of the Air Jordan Ones and The fact that they look so similar the Nike Dunks weren't very popular at the

Beginning not only that the Nike Dunks Originally released in only a high top Version of the shoe and it wasn't until Later in the sneakers life cycle that They actually released a low top version Of the shoe and of course you've got the Incredibly popular skateboarding version Of the shoe the Nike SB dunk and there's So many different versions of the Nike Dunks it makes sense why there's this Whole sneaker community of people who Only focus on collecting dunks because There are so many out there and honestly Some of the designs on those shoes are The craziest sneakers that you can find And so it makes sense why the Nike Dunk Has such a die-hard following in fact Back in the 2010s the Nike Dunk was the Most popular sneaker for sneaker heads And it seems like that's the case once Again in the 2020s I think it's possible That the Nike Dunk might be the most Collaborated on silhouette of all time There are so many crazy and wild and Iconic collaborations that took place on This silhouette it's one of those shoes That every sneaker had knows and loves Now the good news for you is if you want To grab a pair of these you shouldn't Have too hard of a time finding them Anymore because like I said Nike is just Spamming us with releases and the retail Price of a standard pair of Nike Dunk Glows is 110 but keep in mind for the

More special edition pairs like the SBS Or the highs or even more premium Versions of the shoe the price point Will go up a bit number three the Adidas Campus 80. so the Adidas campus is one Of their most popular suede sneakers and Recently they've had a Resurgence Because of the multiple collaborations That have taken place on the campus 80 Silhouette in particular the Bad Bunny Collaboration which I absolutely love I Think it's one of the best Collaborations to drop this year and if You're looking for an all-around Excellent suede sneaker you can't go Wrong with the campus or the campus Avi The Adidas campus is definitely one of The more low-key sneakers on the list it Doesn't really have a cult following the Same way that the Nike Dunks do but it's Still a really great all-around sneaker Especially in its suede makeup it's one Of those iconic Adidas Silhouettes the Campus usually comes in a simple Monochromatic suede makeup accented by The Adidas three stripes on the midfoot As well as a rubber capsule and it makes Sense why the campus has become such a Great canvas for collaboration because It provides so much opportunity it's Such a Simple and Clean silhouette that You can really do a lot of things to and Just make it look crazy and out there or Simple and Clean really depends on what

You want to do in the case of bad Bunnies it's a pretty simple look but It's very clean very wearable and it Definitely has its own unique style and Although Adidas has a lot of really Great and popular Silhouettes out there Right now like the forums and the rivals The campus 80 I think is going to be Their most popular silhouette of the Year obviously because there's no Yeezys This year at least not that we know of Yet and I definitely think it's a little Bit more low-key and a little bit more Wearable than really anything else that They have as far as price point for the Campus 80s they range in price from 110 To 160 dollars depending on what version Of the shoe that you're getting number Two the Nike Zoom zamero five the Nike Zoomero 5 originally released back in 2011 as a simple running sneaker and It's crazy because it didn't have that Big of an impact back in 2011. in fact This shoe kind of faded Into Obscurity Until 2018 when the company a cold wall Decided to collaborate on silhouette It's also kind of crazy because Nike Didn't just stop making Zumba marrows After the zoom Romero 5. they're Actually on the zoom Romero 16 right now They continue to make them every year Since but for whatever reason the Zoomero 5 has built up a cult following And re-released a couple times since

2011 and it seems like in 2013 this shoe Is really taking a foothold in the Sneaker Market obviously the shoe Features that classic retro running Sneaker aesthetic that I think a lot of People are into right now and the Wild And unique look of the paneling in the Upper of the shoe definitely draws a lot Of people in plus I mean some of the Colorways that Nike has released Recently like this Varsity maze bright Yellow colorway are definitely Eye-catching I think people really like That one of the things that made the Vomero 5 so popular back in 2011 and Once again in 2023 is that not only does The shoe look wild but it's also very Comfortable on foot no it's not as Comfortable as the Invincible run 3s it Actually only features cushlon foam and Zoom Air in the midsole so it's a lot Firmer than that shoe but it's still an Incredibly comfortable shoe to wear all Day and yet still pretty well padded Upper this is one of those shoes that You can rock all day and feel good in Price wise the recently re-released Zoom Romero fives have come in at 160 dollars And unfortunately they are a little bit More difficult to get because they're Such a popular silhouette they do tend To sell out relatively quickly but if You make sure to keep the release date Of the colorway that you want in mind

You shouldn't have too hard of a Time Grabbing it as long as you go to the Store on the day it released and if you Guys want to hear my full thoughts on The Nike Zoom Romero 5 make sure to Check out my review by clicking the link In the top of the screen number one the New Balance 1906 R so the popularity of The 1906r kind of came out of nowhere Over the last couple months everyone was Really loving the 2002 R but then all These 1906 R collaborations dropped in The protection pack dropped and now Everyone loves a silhouette and I hate To admit it but I get why you guys Probably already know this but I'm a Self-proclaimed New Balance Fanboy so Really anything that they drop I'm here For but the 1906 are in particular is Fire specifically in this colorway the Ald colorway I just love it I mean all The colorways that they've dropped so Far are great this is never that Collaboration the protection pack that They dropped last year which is still Available in store you can easily grab a Pair right now if you want this shoe is Incredible and if you're a fan of the Retro running sneaker aesthetic you are Going to love the 1906 R it's super Wearable super clean and good looking Sneaker not only does the 1906 R look Great but it's also very comfortable on Foot and it's one of those shoes I love

The travel in because it's a little Understated people aren't really going To stare at you when you're wearing this Shoe but you still have a little bit of That height going on like people who Know it's like one of those if you know You know sneakers the upper of the 1906 R is inspired by classic 2000s retro Running sneakers and the midsole of the Shoe is actually taken directly from the 2002 R so if you're a fan of that Sneaker you're probably gonna like the Sneaker as well because it's pretty Similar now the thing for me that really Separates this shoe from the 2002 r that I actually like better about this Silhouette than that silhouette is that The upper is so complex and all the Different panels on the upper really Make this shoe look wild and that's what I love about this sneaker it's a crazy Looking shoe I mean it's definitely a Dad shoe it's definitely a retro running Sneaker and if you're not into that You're not gonna like this shoe and I Definitely recommend grabbing something A little bit more simple like the Nike Dunk glows or something like that but This is one of those sneakers that if You're willing to step out and pair of New Balances that look like this you're Gonna love now pricing wise you can Expect to pay around 155 to 170 dollars For a pair of New Balance 1906 R's but

For that price you're getting a shoe That's very comfortable for all-day wear And is super in right now it's crazy I'm Not trying to be a new balance High Beast right now but I'm kind of being a New balance High beast and while I think The collaborations that have taken place On this silhouette are excellent and you Should definitely check them out through Those links in the description below I Also think the standard versions of These shoes are worth checking out if You're looking to grab the same sort of Style for a cheaper price point but that Pretty much wraps things up for today I Would love to know your thoughts on this Top 10 list and whether you feel like I Left anything off the list so make sure To let me know your thoughts in the Comment section down below once again if You guys want to check out Apothecary Socks I made you to leave a link in the Top of the description below thank you All so much for watching make sure to Hit that subscribe button if you haven't Yet and I'll see you all in the next one