These are the top 10 sneakers of 2023 Number 10 the A6 gel Cayo 14 cream Black Metallic Plum sure it's a gr but it's One of my favorite sneaker releases of The Year number nine the Kobe 6 protor Reverse Grinch a switch up of a classic Christmas Kobe number eight the Air Force One Low Tiffany this shoe Literally has a silver bar in its heel Number seven the Nike SB dunk Low born And raised this shoe is some of the Nicest materials you can find on a pair Of dunks number six the Travis Scott Air Jordan one L golf probably the dopest Golf shoe that you can get but it won't Help your game that much number five the AL New Balance 1906 R it's straight out Of the 2000s but it's incredibly clean Number four the Air Jordan 3 J Balvin J Balvin finally hit his dribe with this One number three the Nike SB dunlo hitos This shoe is based on a soda and has a Removable upper number two the Air Jordan 3 white cement reimagine I don't Even have to say anything about this Shoe number one and sneaker of the year The Nike SB Air Jordan 4 Pine Green