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These are the Top 10 Sneaker Releases of 2023 and the 2023 Sneaker of the Year!
1. Nike SB Air Jordan 4 Pine Green
2. Air Jordan 3 White Cement
3. Nike SB Dunk Low Jarritos
4. Air Jordan 3 J Balvin
5. ALD New Balance 1906R
6. Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low Golf
7. Nike SB Dunk Low Born and Raised
8. Air Force 1 Low Tiffany
9. Kobe 6 Protro Reverse Grinch
10. ASICS Gel Kayano 14 cream black

Honorable Mentions
MSCHF Big Red Boot
Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low Olive


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These are the top 10 sneaker releases of 2023 and a huge thank you to whatnot for Sponsoring today's video because they're Allowing me to give away three pairs of Sneakers on this list to you guys more Information on that later on in the Video but with all that being said let's Just Dive Right into things with the First honorable mention the women's Travis Scott Air Jordan one low Olive Over the last couple years Travis Scott And Jordan Brand's collaboration has Created some of the most popular sneaker Collabs of all time and for these two Brands 2023 was no different and one of The most popular sneakers that they Released was women's Air Jordan one low Travis Scott now while this shoe is not The most popular Travis Scott Air Jordan One low it's definitely a very clean Look and is one of the only standard Lifestyle versions of the shoe that Released this year the shoe comes in a Black newu upper accented by white Leather overlays and a backwards Olive Nike Swoosh and it's one of the cleaner Air Jordan one lows to release in 2023 Now I'll be honest the reason I didn't Put this shoe in the actual top 10 Portion of this top 10 list is because We've had a lot of Travis Scott Air Jordan one Low's in the past and in my Opinion this is only like the fourth Best Travis Scott Air Jordan one low so

I didn't feel like it deser deserve to Be in the top 10 list along with some of The other crazy sneaker releases of the Year although this is a really solid Release and I did think it deserve to be Mentioned in the video I mean don't get Me wrong it's a clean sneaker but is it One of the top 10 best sneaker releases Of 2023 not really following that up We've got the last honorable mention and The reason this shoe didn't make the List although I definitely think it Deserved to be on the list is because This shoe isn't really a sneaker in fact It's a boot the Mischief big red boot While to some people this might be one Of the ugliest pieces of Footwear that Released in 2023 you cannot deny the Impact that this shoe had on sneaker Culture and on fashion for the last Couple years Mischief has prided Themselves in making some pretty insane And ridiculous products and from what I Can tell the big red boot is one of the Most successful things that they've ever Released and I think that's purely Because of the way that it looks this Shoe is absolutely one of the most Ridiculous pieces of Footwear ever made But it's eye-catching and people really Are drawn to it there's something about The cartoony proportions of this shoe The bright color and just the fact that When you wear this thing people stare at

You that I think made this shoe as Popular as it is the big red boot truly Lived rentree in people's heads this Shoe was on the Forefront of fashion and While it looks insane that's the reason That people loved it and even though This shoe can be very difficult to get Off of your feet while it's on your feet It's surprisingly comfortable and like I Said I definitely think this shoe Deserves a spot on the list because of Its pure impact on sneaker culture but Because it's not actually a sneaker I Didn't think that would be fair so it's The final honorable mention but really Quick before we dive into the top 10 List itself let's first talk about the Sponsor of today's video whatnot and of Course also how you can win these pairs Of sneakers for yourself I'm actually Going to put these down cuz they're Heavy but you guys get the idea on December 7th which is this Thursday Whatnot is having their top 10 sneakers Of the Year giveaway which means that Whatnot warehouse and myself will be Giving away the top 10 sneakers of the Year at least their top 10 sneakers of The year throughout the day I'm going to Be going live this Thursday at 12:00 P.m. eastern time to give away a couple Different pairs of sneakers like the Nike SP Air Jordan 4s and of course the Air Jordan 3 white cement reimagines and

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List and not only just a pair of as6 a Non-collaboration pair of as6 we're not Talking about the X-Men's that released Earlier this year we're talking about a Standard cream and black colorway as6 Has been around forever but in 20123 as6 Has become more popular than they've Ever been and it's not just because of Their running sneakers it's because of Their lifestyles sneakers which all Right okay I guess are also technically Running sneakers but still that's the Case for most brands the A6 jel Cayo 14s Were the number one pick on my top 10 List of as6 for 2023 and there's a lot Of reasons why first of all it's Incredibly comfortable but the main Reason is the fact that this shoe is Like the zeit guy sneaker of 2023 the 2000s era running aesthetic is huge Right now not only in high fashion but Also in streetwear and in sneaker Culture and this shoe is like the Epitome of a greatl looking 2000s Running sneaker it first released back In 2008 and returned in 2020 and since Then has become one of as6 most popular Models in particular this cream Black Metallic Plum colorway seems to be the Most popular gel Cayo 14s to ever Release the shoe is relatively widely Available except for the fact that it's Sold out most of the time because it's Almost impossible to find and the colors

Used on this shoe are incredibly Wearable and definitely fit with that 2000's aesthetic the upper of the shoe Is made up of a wide cream colored mesh Accented by metallic silver overlays and Of course brown or I guess dark Plum Hits and while no this shoe is not as Hyped up as a lot of other sneakers on This list and even shoes that didn't Make the list this shoe is one of the Best sneakers to release in 2023 and if You haven't checked out as6 I definitely Recommend grabbing this shoe in Particular and actually if you do want To grab any of the sneakers on today's List I've made sure to leave links to Them through the YouTube shopping tab on Your screen number nine the Nike Kobe 6 Protro reverse Grinch this shoe is an Updated take on one of the most popular Christmas basketball sneakers of all Time and the shoe that I'm referring to Is of course the Kobe 6 Grinch this time Around what Nike has done is taken the Iconic colors from that shoe the green And the red and flip their placement on This sneaker so instead of the upper of The shoe coming in a green it comes in a Red and instead of the accent details Coming in a red they come in a green and Not only that this shoe has also Received the protor treatment which Stands for performance retro which Basically means that the tech inside the

Sneaker has been updated to Modern Standards so that this shoe performs Like a modern basketball sneaker and not Like a shoe that released back in the 2010s and while at first glance this Shoe might just look like an all red Pair of Kobe 6s it actually is a lot More than that it signals the new era of Kobe sneakers after Nike and Vanessa Bryan have signed their contract to Allow Kobe sneakers to continue being Released into the future this is the First of the new batch of Kobe sneakers That are going to release into 2024 and What better way to start off the new Partnership with a new take on one of The most popular sneakers of all time Now like I said in my review of this Sneaker I don't think this shoe replaces The Kobe 6 grinches for me that shoe is Still going to be like my favorite Kobe Of all time but this is a very solid Remake or reimagining of that shoe which I really like and I definitely think It's going to be one of the most popular Sneakers of 2023 when it officially Releases on the 15th number eight the Nike Air Force One Low Tiffany and Co 1837 like the Kobes that we just talked About and honestly like some of the Other shoes that we're going to talk About on today's list this shoe just Kind of looks like a different color way Of a pair of Air Force One Lowe's but

When you dig deeper into the story of This sneaker it's a lot more exciting And interesting than that one of the Most popular Nike dunk colorways of all Time is the Tiffany Nike Dunk Lowe's However that shoe was never actually an Official collaboration with Tiffany and Instead it was a collaboration with Diamond Supply Co and what makes his Pair of af1 so special is that this is The first official collaboration between Tiffany and Nike on a pair of sneakers And obviously because cuz Tiffany is a Luxury brand the collaboration is a Luxury pair of Nike Air Force One Low's Which you probably could have guessed From the retail price of this shoe being $400 and also the fact that a lot of the Accessories that went along with this Shoe came in sterling silver and were Also hundreds of dollars even though Some of them were just tiny little lace Locks or like a sede cleaning toothbrush This shoe comes in an incredibly premium Feeling black newbu upper accidented by A Tiffany blue Nike Swoosh but in my Opinion the most eye-catching detail of The shoe is the actual sterling silver Accent on the heel of the sneaker yes That is actual silver on the heel of the Shoe and I totally understand why some People might not like this sneaker they Feel like it's too much of an Understated look for such an expensive

Shoe if you think about Tiffany as a Brand they're not trying to create Something Gody or crazy they're trying To create a really high quality product That people can wear all the time and in My opinion that's exactly what they did With this shoe it's one of the most high Quality sneakers of the year it's very Clean very wearable and also incredibly Limited number seven the born and raised Nike SB dunkow this shoe is incredibly Bittersweet the sneaker itself is Gorgeous it's incredibly well done the Collaboration is amazing but Unfortunately the release of this shoe Was marked with the untimely passing of Chris banto print up and so in a lot of Ways this shoe is not just an excellent Collaboration but also a tribute to one Of the most talented designers out there The born and raised Nike Dunk low were Inspired by La Street culture every Little detail on this shoe is incredibly Well thought thought out you've got Bandana inspired artwork throughout the Sneaker you've got one block at a time Embroidered onto the toe of the sneaker Which you almost never see embroidery Right there on the toe of your Nike Dunk Lowe's you've got this beautiful full Grain tumbled white leather making up The upper of the shoe accenting that is This really beautifully dyed blue suede And of course you've got this really

Interesting sort of Jewel like Nike Swoosh on the midfoot there are so many Details on this sneaker that make it Such a special collaboration I mean even The perforations on the toe are special Details that specifically tie in to Born And Raised and then as a last minute Detail because the release was pushed Back they added laces that say in loving Memory it's a beautiful looking sneaker An excellent collaboration and a shoe That Chris and Alex from born and raised Should absolutely be incredibly proud of Number six the Travis Scott Air Jordan One low golf Olive I'm sure there are a Lot of of you watching this video who Are like why is this shoe on the list When the other Travis Scott ones didn't Even make the list and I have a reason For that first of all I think the Colorway of this shoe is better maybe That's just in my opinion but I think The color way on this shoe is much Cleaner and second of all this is one of The most hyped up golf sneakers of all Time and honestly I've golfed in this Shoe and personally as a beginning Golfer I love this shoe because I can go Out on the golf course and not look like A total Noob even though I totally am But the reason I have this shoe on the List is because you don't get a lot of Collaborations on shoes that are Specifically made for a sport you don't

Get a lot of collab cleats you don't get A lot of collab golf sneakers although We've been getting more of those Recently especially from Eastside Golf And this is a collaboration that takes a Shoe that's specifically designed for a Sport and turns it into a sneaker that Everyone wants to have plus the Air Jordan one low golfs can be worn Casually I wouldn't recommend it because People might call you out saying like Why are you wearing golf shoes Especially when you don't play golf but Honestly it's worth the risk because This shoe is incredibly clean and from My experience golfing in this shoe while The Air Jordan one low golf is not the Best golf sneaker in the world it's a Very comfortable sneaker it's very very Wearable and of course it works well on The golf course I mean well enough it's Essentially an Air Jordan one low with Like slightly larger tread that's Basically it did this shoe help my game Yeah I'd probably say that I don't know If it's just cuz it helped my confidence I'm not sure but either way it was like One of my best games golf ever and it Was in a pair of Travis Scott Air Jordan One Lowe's so there you go now Unfortunately Jordan brand decided to Make this one of the most limited Travis Scott sneakers of all time so it was Very very difficult to get a pair i' had

To pay $1,000 for my pair which I don't Know if that was worth it but because of The limited nature of this release it Became one of the most popular sneaker Releases of 2023 and it's a golf shoe And really only a pair of Travis Scott Golf shoes could do that so kind of Crazy to see and honestly a pretty Groundbreaking sneaker in the golf Sneaker world number five the AL New Balance 1906 R Al and New Balance have Released some of the best sneaker Collaborations across pretty much every Brand over the last couple years and yet Again in 2023 they knock it out of the Park with the AL New Balance 1906 R the 1906 R is one of new balance's more Popular Silhouettes and as you can Probably tell it's another 2000's Running Style sneaker and at its core It's already a greatl looking shoe at Least in my opinion but when you add the AL touch on top of that with the green Hits and the cream hits and all the Other little details that they've added This shoe is incredible in my opinion This is the best 2000 style running Sneaker that released in 2023 and I love The as6 but this one Mano this is Incredible I love all the colors used on This shoe like the cream colored mesh The silver hits and some of the overlays And of course the green accents really Make this shoe pop plus the 1906 R is an

Incredibly comfortable sneaker for all Day wear this is probably my most most Worn sneaker of the year one of my most Worn sneakers of the year and if you Haven't tried the 1906 R whether it's The AL collaboration or not you Absolutely should but in terms of Sneaker collaborations for 2023 the AL 1906 RS are one of my favorites number Four the J Balvin Air Jordan 3 meta Sunset Jay Balin has had some wild Collaborations on Jordan sneakers the Air Jordan 1 was one of the most Distracting sneakers I've ever seen to Put it uh nicely the Air Jordan 2 was a Solid sneaker overall but it wasn't one Of the best releases of the year but it Seems like in 2023 with the Air Jordan 3 J Balin has hit his stride and released One of my favorite releases of the Entire year the J Balin Air Jordan 3 is One of the cleanest but also most unique Pairs of Air Jordan 3s ever released the Upper of the shoe is made up of a cream Colored tumbled leather and the edges of Each one of these leather panels have This really nice bright yellow hit which Really accent the shoe nicely but don't Overpower the overall look but of course The detail that everyone loves on the Shoe is the sunset inspired gradient Both on the midsole of the sneaker and On the heel tab it's such a clean look And the colors that he chose for this

Sneaker just work so well together I Really love the fact that a majority of This sneaker is super toned down you've Got like tonal creams on the leather and On the midsole and like I said those Yellow accents on the sides of the Leather but they don't really do too Much to sort of pop and then of course You look at the heel of the shoe and you Get this beautiful gradient that comes In black orange red and yellow and it Provides this nice little area of Interest on the shoe that I don't think Any of his other collaborations have Done as well as on this shoe plus the Silhouette used for this collaboration Is an Air Jordan 3 which is one of my Favorite silhouettes of all time and man The color blocking on this shoe was was Almost perfect I love it I would say That this shoe for me is up there with Like the amam manere 3s in terms of Air Jordan 3 collaborations it's an Incredibly clean sneaker and one that I Plan to wear a bunch in fact since my Top 10 favorite sneaker pickups of 2023 Video that I dropped like two or three Weeks ago I've worn this shoe like seven Different times it's just such a clean Allaround sneaker and if you don't have A pair of them you should pick them up Number three the Nike SB Dunlow haritos I think it's fair to say that this is The best soda themed sneaker of all time

I mean okay the Coca-Cola kith Converses Were fire but this one is like next Level for those of you who aren't Familiar hitos is a Mexican soda brand And you can probably find it at your Local Bodega if you live in a city for a Shoe that's inspired by a soda I've got To say that Nike and hitos absolutely Knock this sneaker out of the park the Upper of the shoe comes in a white Leather accented by a tear away tan Colored canvas and the inspiration Behind the canvas are the canvas bags That were used to carry the fruit to the Hitos factory back in the day like I've Already mentioned you can tear away the Canvas accents on the upper of the shoe To reveal a different color underneath But personally I love the way that the Color blocking looks with the standard Canvas left on other details that make Up the shoe are the green Nike Swoosh The hitos logo embroidered onto the Lateral side of the heel and of course The hito logo on the insole oh and also The outsole which is made up of green And orange and color blocked in this Really clean way not only is the hito Nike SB dunk low just a super clean Looking sneaker whether you leave the Canvas on the shoe or not a lot of People out there are also really Nostalgic for this brand and grew up Drinking this soda so I think there's a

Huge group of people out there who not Only love this shoe because of the way That it looks and of course the hype but Who also love this shoe because they Love the brand and again I think this is One of the best soda collaboration Sneakers of all time but also one of the Best food SL Big Brand collaborations on A pair of Nike SB dunk LS I think it's Up there with the chunky dunkies number Two the Air Jordan 3 white cement Reimagine Jordan Brand's been taking Some risks recently they've been Reimagining a lot of their more popular And OG colorways as variations of the Original shoe for example the lost and Found ones which were reimagined to look Like a pair of sneakers that had been Lost for the last 35 years which in my Opinion was an incredibly successful Reimagining of a pair of sneakers he Also had some stinkers like the all Suede air Jord J One Royals which didn't Make a lot of sense to me you've got the Air Jordan 4 breads that are coming out Next year except instead of coming in Suede they're coming in leather which Actually don't think looks that bad and Then of course you had the reimagined Air Jordan 3 white cements now what Jordan brand did to change up or I guess Reimagine this sneaker was change the Color of the midsole and the heel tab of The shoe from white to cream of course

Add the Nike Air branding on the heel And then also redesign the shape of the Shoe to more closely match the original Air Jordan 3s plus as you can see on one Of the pairs that we're giving away on The whatnot stream which again linked in The top of the description below they Made the box look like it was aged and I Love the fact they didn't go too far on The reimagining of this sneaker in fact I actually really love the cream colored Hits I think it makes the color blocking Of this shoe a bit more interesting I Mean obviously nothing can beat the Whites SMI 3s other than maybe the Blacksmith 3s but uh this one is a Really great remake of a classic sneaker That we haven't had released since like 2011 yes I know you guys are all going To comment oh what about the jths or What about the free throw lines those Are not technically full white cement 3 Those are variations on the classic Colorway not the actual colorway itself And it's someone who missed out out on The white cement 3s back in 2011 I was So excited to have a new release of this Shoe and I bought three pairs I have Three pairs of this sneaker I'm not even Giving any of those away the pairs that I have that I'm giving away are Completely separate so technically I Have five pairs right now which is Probably too much and I think whenever

Jordan brand re-releases one of their OG Colorways on one of their most iconic Silhouettes the shoe is going to be on This list in some form or fashion and Again I think that the small changes That they made to this release actually Make the sneaker look even better rather Than take away from what it originally Was so I think it's a very successful Reimagining of a shoe and that's why It's number two on the list number one The Nike SB Air Jordan 4 Pine Green yeah No surprise here this shoe is my Favorite release of the year the Nike SB Air Jordan 4 is a one-of-a-kind Collaboration it's the first time that Nike SB has ever collaborated on a pair Of fours and man did they kill it on This shoe not only is a colorway fire You've got this white leather upper Accented by gray hits on the mudu guard And of course these green accents around The sneaker and my favorite part the gum Outsole this shoe also features design Changes that make it a better Skateboarding shoe and while no most People who buy the shoe probably won't Skate in it it's nice to know that you Have the option some of the changes that Nike SB made to the Air Jordan 4 are the More durable materials around the toe of The sneaker where you're doing a lot of Your kick flips and your kick tricks and Then around the heel of the shoe you've

Got this more rubbery heel tab which Features Nike SB branding which I think Looks amazing they also removed the 4ft Air unit which gives this shoe better Board feel I also personally think it Makes the shoe more comfortable some People don't agree with me on that but I Stand by that I still think this is the Most comfortable pair of Air Jordan 4s Leave your comments in the comment Section down below I really think it's a Stupid comfortable shoe and again the Color blocking on this shoe is just so Clean and so unique for the Air Jordan 4 I just think they absolutely knock this Shoe out of the park and those are just Some of the reasons why the Nike SB Air Jordan 4 Pine Green is my sneaker of the Year for 2023 but hey That Just About Does it for today I would love to know Your thoughts on this list and also what Your sneaker of the year is so make sure To let me know your thoughts in the Comment section down below as always Thank you so much for watching make sure To subscribe if you haven't yet and I'll See you all in the next one