These are the top 10 upcoming sneaker Releases that we know about in 2024 Number 10 the Air Jordan 3 cement gray Might only be a gr but it's super clean Number nine the Air Jordan one low Year Of the Dragon I can almost guarantee That this shoe is going to be insanely Limited number eight the Air Max One big Bubble royal blue apparently it's Dropping on Air Max day which makes Sense number seven the Nike Kobe 8 Protor Venice Beach people have been Waiting for this one since 2013 number Six the sahi bbery Crocs pox sneaker Really don't know much about this Sneaker but I'm excited about it number Five the Air Jordan 4 Military blue man I've been waiting for a retro of this Shoe for years and apparently it's Shaped like the S4s number four the Trophy room Air Jordan one low home and Away it looks like the home colorway is Going to be a lot more limited and only Released at trophy room number three the Amam maner Air Jordan 3 and Air Jordan 4 We're finally getting two new colorways Of the most popular aaman collabs number Two the Travis Scott Air Jordan one low In Black Olive and in canary yellow it's Funny how last year we thought that Would be the last Travis Scott one low Number one the Air Jordan 4 bread Reimagine this OG colorway is finally Coming back except with leather on the

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