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In this video, we’re sharing our top 1O back to school sneakers. We’ve compiled a list of the best sneakers for school, affordable, and sneakers that will look great on you. From casual sneakers to dressier sneakers, we’ve got you covered!

Whether you’re a high school student or a college student, it’s important to get a good pair of sneakers for school. In this video, we’re sharing our top 10 back to school sneakers that are perfect for anyone looking for a stylish and affordable pair of sneakers. So be sure to check out this video, and find the sneakers that will make you look and feel your best as you start your school year

What's going on you guys welcome back to Another video on the channel now in Today's video we're going to be going Over 10 affordable sneakers for back to School now whether you're welcome to Campus or just hanging out with friends These sneakers will keep you comfortable And stylish now before we get into it if You guys like fashion sneakers and Men's Grooming make sure you hit that Subscribe button down below now let's go Ahead and get into it so first on the List we have the Jordan one low OG black Toe coming in at around 150 this sneaker Is a super sleeper the Sleek design with Its black white and red color scheme Makes it something you can never go Wrong with whether you dress these up or Down these sneakers will definitely Improve your back to school fits the Jordan 1 low OG brezzo is one of the Best sneakers you can go with for back To school next up let's talk about a Nike Dunk and that is the medium Curry This sneaker is all about the neutral Vibes coming in at around 150 depending On the size these sneakers are all about A warm earthy color color palette that Perfectly complements the back to school Season whether you're heading to class Or just hanging out with some friends The medium Curry dunks offer versatility Which is something you really want to Look for when it comes to back to school

Sneakers if you get one or a few options For back to school you want to make sure They pair well with pretty much every Outfit that way you're not just wasting Money third on the list we have the Adidas Samba coming in at around a Hundred dollars it's clean lines and Straightforward design allows you to Pair it with a wide range of outfits Without overpowering your look now the Adidas Samba has stood the test of time Since its debut in the 1950s and now That it's probably the most trendy Sneaker in 2023 means it's a great Choice for back to school you can beat These up and they'll still look good and If you really trash these you don't Really have to worry too much because They were only about a hundred bucks now Keep in mind you might see a bunch of People with the same sneaker but if you Don't really care about that it's a Great choice fourth back to school Sneaker we have the Jordan 3 polymer you Know now these are probably one of the Best threes that's recently released the Soft earthy tones are perfect for back To school of course you get the iconic Elephant print details that adds texture And depth and a mix of suede giving These threes a premium look and feel Which would definitely improve your back To school fits the Palomino 3s check off All the boxes versatile comfortable and

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Also great if your school colors include That UNC blue you can't go wrong with it Getting into our sixth back to school Sneaker we have the Nike Dunk low Photon Dust this is probably one of the most Versatile on the list the Nike Dunk low Photon dust coming in at around 150 Dollars the neutral colorway lets you Seamlessly mix and match with any outfit Look sometimes you don't want to worry About if your sneakers match the fit Which makes these perfect especially if You don't want to think about your Outfit too much getting into our seventh Sneaker we gotta talk about the panda Dunk Lowe's now this is one we all know And love the panda dunks coming in at Around 120 dollars now it's become a Trend to hate on pandas due to how much They've released but honestly there's Nothing to hate about this sneaker They're a Timeless classic that'll never Go out of style and can be paired with Pretty much anything in your closet you Can put these in the same category as Air Force Ones and Adidas sambos meaning They will never go out of style so if You haven't gotten a pair yet just go Ahead and pull that trigger you won't Regret it next up let's talk about the Nike Romero 5. coming in at around 150 Dollars the Romero 5 features a Breathable upper with strategically Placed mesh panels This design ensures

Proper ventilation keeping your feet Cool and comfortable during your school Day now even though this sneaker is Designed for running it's sleek and Sporty design makes it a versatile Choice for your everyday outfits you can Wear these with pretty much anything Sweats shorts jeans or even cargos so Getting into Sneaker number nine we have The easy foam Runner price is around 120 Dollars depending on the colorway but It's all about comfortability no matter Which one you plan to go with with the Foam Runners you still get that style Factor because they pair super well with Cozy fits like some sweatpants and a Hoodie they're going to be perfect for Those days you just want to be Comfortable and not care so much about The sneaker throw these on with some Sweats or shorts and you'll be good to Go last up on the list we have the Birkenstock Boston sticking with Comfort Every student needs a pair of Birkenstock Bostons coming in at 158 Dollars these sandals combine a Timeless Design with unbeatable Comfort making Them a great alternative for those who Value a more laid back look and there You have it 10 back to school sneakers You really can't go wrong with now at The end of the day these are just Suggestions buy what you like as long as You feel comfortable and confident in

What you wear it's going to look good Now let me know in the comments what Sneaker are you going with for back to School as always I appreciate you guys For watching and I will see you in the Next one peace [Music] Foreign [Music]