Sizing: go half size down. I wear 8.5 in sneakers and 8 in loafers
GH Bass Weejun Loafers:
Dr Martens Adrian loafer:
Greats Brand loafer:

If you love wearing sneakers but you Want to get into some loafers I got some Great affordable recommendations for you As well as styling tips the key is that You want to get loafers with a lug sole Since it's Rubber and you won't be too Thrown off by a hard outsole these are The GH bass super lug wedge and loafers In the color wine they'll run you about 175 dollars for a cheaper option I Highly recommend the Doc Martens Adrian Loafers these have an even thicker Outsole perfect for the fella short Kings out there these are often discount And can be found for 125 dollars and I Highly recommend getting something fun Like these two-tone Essex loafers from Grade spring quality on these is Incredible for 190 dollars as far as Styling wear them with some trousers and A suit jacket at your next wedding jeans And a button up for a dinner date shorts On those super hot days you can even Wear them with sweatpants I'll leave a Link in my bottle for all three if you Want to shop