What are your most worn shoes of the year? Let me know in the comments

My top five most worn sneakers of the Year so far number five is the A6 gel Condo 14 by far the most comfortable Sneaker in my collection looks great With sweatpants and any type of Athleisure outfit number four is the Air Jordan 4 craft one of the most Underrated Jordans of the Year this Super wearable colorway goes with a lot Of my wardrobe and the quality is great For a gr number three is the onitsuka Tiger GSM this has to be my go-to Sneaker for any type of elevated look With an open collar shirt or button-up Number two is the Adidas Samba in the Black colorway the shoe is popular for a Reason it literally goes with everything And my most worn sneaker of the year so Far has to be the Air Max One OG red and White one of the great issues of all Time and gets major bonus points for me Since I can wear them in the gym too let Me know in the comments what your most Worn shoes of the year are