Get ahead of the fashion game with these top 5 must-have clothing items for 2024! From baggy jeans to boots, these wardrobe essentials will keep you on-trend and looking stylish all year round.

Five clothing items to improve your Style in 2024 and where to buy number One pleaded trousers with the old money Aesthetic becoming more and more popular The easiest way to dress up your outfit Is actually with your pants my favorite Are the unial wide fit pleated trousers That come in a range of colors for only 50 bucks the perfect accessory for Pleated trousers are crop Shirts by Making use of the rule of thirds you can Extend the look of your legs making you Appear taller using a 1 to2 ratio Urban Outfitters for crop te entire Studios For crop toties and Abie for crop shirts Number three are long shorts aony shorts Are going to have another big year Especially in the denim variety and the Best part is you can either make these Yourself or get an affordable pair off Of Amazon however stui makes excellent Ones as well number four are baggy jeans Now this one may come as no surprise in Fact people were searching for wideleg Denim 57% more in 2023 compared to the Year prior I've heard good things about The weekday Astro jeans and believe it Or not Gap actually makes a really nice Pair as well next up are Boots the Sneaker industry is in a bit of a down Period right now and the modern consumer Is dressing up more than years prior and Wants a simple lalist shoe that goes With everything I love a good pair of

Hiking boots Tims are having a moment And our Legacy has the best pair out Right now