These are my picks for the biggest sneaker trends for 2024:
Timberland Boots
Colourful Sneakers
Nike Air Max
Retro Basketball sneakers

These sneaker Trends will dominate 2024 And the last one is a bit controversial First up is the rise of as6 with the Y2K Sneaker Trend in full swing they are Offering some of the best looking and Most comfortable sneakers out right now Some of which you can find for only $100 Plus their collabs are always on point They're by far the underdog of the Sneaker industry and everybody loves an Underdog Adidas is continuing another Year with the Wales Bonner SAA and I Expect hype for those to take a dip in The next year or so which is perfect if You love the shoe and I expect the BW Army to be the next itue from the three Stripes with the super clean heart copy Collab leading the way next up is Air Max some of the year's most anticipated Releases are Nike Air Max sneakers Including the CDG Air Max TL the rumored Stash and amam year 95 and the brand new DN which looks super clean there's also This new trend of super colorful Sneakers releasing the slei bbery 1906 R The Action Bronson New Balance and jtip Sockney are all super hype sneakers with A hefty resale price so do you think Colorful sneakers is the next wave