These are the best sneakers to wear to a Sixers playoff game to fit in with the Fans number five the hardened volume 7. James Harden is going off in the Playoffs this year so it doesn't hurt to Rock his latest signature silhouette With Adidas and Harden's actually Collaborated with AI on a pair of Reeboks not only that but this shoe also Performs like a beast on court if you Decide to play it number four any of Embiids Under Armor sneakers now at the Moment I don't have any pairs of impede Signature sneaker with Under Armor However I do have this custom pair of Under armors you can really get away With wearing any of the mvp'd sneakers To the game and you'll be good to go Number three the union LA Air Jordan 1 Storm blue no the shoe is not Technically associated with the Sixers In any way however the colorway of the Shoe allows you to match with any one of The Sixers jerseys number two the Reebok Question mid this shoe is unquestionably One of Allen Iverson's most popular Models with Reebok I mean look at the Leather quality on this sneaker it's Ridiculous number one the Reebok answer For this is a shoe that he not only wore In the 2001 NBA Finals but it also was a Shoe that he stepped over Tyronn Lue one Of the most iconic Moments in Sports History and I'm not gonna lie sure the

Shoe is Iconic but Scott Iverson's face On the outsole that's the best part