Size reference im 5’7 140lbs

Shoes im wearing in this video (both size 8):
GH Bass Larson Loafer:
Dr Martens oxford:

Uniqlo Wide Fit Pleated Trousers:
Cream cable knit sweater (size small):
Similar COS black/blue knit (sold out, but wearing size small):
alternative 1:
alternative 2:

COS Cardigan (size small):
Dark wash selvedge jeans:
black tshirt (size small):
Kotn vest (small):
Beige crochet button up (size small):

Seiko Tank watch:
Gold ring (size 9):
Cernucci Chain:

Knit Polos:
Abercrombie Knit Polos (size small):
Todd Snyder
Green knit polo (size small):
Navy patterned knit polo (sold out):
alternative 1:

Oxford shirt:
Navy Blue More Apparel hat:
tank tops i wear:
Club Monaco Stripped blue oxford:

Camel coat:

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Quiet luxury is easily one of the Biggest Trends and Aesthetics that People are talking about in 2024 but What does it even mean well it's the Definitive less is more approach to Fashion it's all about the emphasis on High quality minimalist pieces that have A Timeless appeal it's a vibe that you Spend thousands on an item without the Labeler branding sounds expensive right Wrong cuz the thing with quiet luxury is That it's actually more of a mindset It's knowing that this outfit is Actually classier than this one but if You don't have a large budget for Clothes that shouldn't stop you from Dressing like you have money and in this Video I'm going over four quick tips on How to perfect and achieve this look Before diving into seven specific Clothing items to help you master the Quiet luxury aesthetic and links to each Clothing item are going to be in the Description because you know I love you Guys tip number one is that class and Sophistication are a mindset the biggest Example of this are those super rich new Money individuals who are head to toe in Some Gotti outfit flooded with logos This is all about wealth with a sense of Tradition without being flashy because The rich don't want to be noticed There's a reason why they dress like This and since this video is all about

Improving your appearance on a budget Looking your best should also include Exercise guys get in the best shape that You possibly can you'll thank yourself And so will all the ladies around you Going for a run doing push-ups eating Less food is all free tip number two is To skip the large logos logos can Sometimes make an outfit look cheap Instead go for something small or Unbranded because it's better to have a Wardrobe with reasonably priced diverse Clothing items than spending your whole Budget on one branded luxury item and Pairing it with cheap clothes the reason Why is that quiet luxury is all about The look and the proportions without the Budget overall displaying logos as a Sign of your wealth makes you look like You're trying too hard tip number three Focus on the color palette Brown beige Olive Navy black gray and white by Combining these colors you can Effortlessly create an elegant and Timeless look that never goes out of Style tip number four is to get your Clothes tailored this is something That's been on my fashion goals for 2024 But trust me there is no better way to Ruin an outfit than having a pair of Trousers that are too long or a collared Shirt where the sleeves are too long I Have been a culprit of this in the past So I know what it's like but trust me

There is no better way to imply class in Style than having clothes that properly Fit and keep in mind I'm not saying that Baggie or relaxed fit is bad thing to Wear but what I am saying is that there Is a general rule of thumb for your pant Break but trust me your Taylor will know All about this now quick little secret Is that stores like Uno Levis J crew and Lululemon all offer free in store Alterations so the first quiet luxury Essential that I need to recommend to You guys would be trousers okay pants Are the foundation of the outfit Especially with this Men's Wear style You're definitely going to want to start With the pants and I cannot recommend Enough the Uno wide fit pleated trousers I just got these in a few different Colors and I'm honestly obsessed number One the quality is great for the price They're only around $49 us I'm wearing An olive here and I paired it with this Cream colored cable knit sweater uh from The Gap believe it or not and I just Love this aesthetic and whether you want To wear it into the office with a Collared shirt underneath you can do so But if you want to appear more casual You can just ditch that collared shirt Underneath and you're good to go the Best part is that these will only run You $49 and they come in a number of

Different colors so I picked them up in This black color which I paired with This cnit sweater I love the blue accent Colors on this one and it definitely Adds a nice little bit of detail and my Favorite part about these pants in Particular is that number one is that They're wide fitting so they have a nice Modern style and they sit on the pants Super well because I made use of those Free in store alterations as I was Mentioning earlier not only are they Super soft and comfortable plus they Have some cool details like elastic on The waistband as well as drawring so if You wanted to skip the belt or leave it At home you can do so effortlessly next Up let's talk about knitwear knitwear is The preferred top for people that want To look fashionable in some of the Warmer months like fall and winter time I know for me I've seriously updated my Knitwear game in a number of different Categories and that's the best part About it whether you want to go with a Cardigan or a vest or a crew neck like I'm wearing right here you can do Whatever fits your personality the best This first outfit features a cost Cardigan in this gray color very Wearable and I went with a black tea Underneath with some Navy salvage denim This is just a really classy look Something that you could wear to work

Something that you can wear hanging out With your friends and no one's going to Bat an ey and just in general cost is One of my favorite places to get Knitwear this is where I got this crew Neck right here I just love the fuzzy Knit sweaters that they have there very Reasonably priced when you factor in the Weight and the quality of the garments And just in terms of good quality Basics They are honestly one of the best Brands I also wanted to style a vest because it Is something that is just a little bit Different now when it comes to styling a Vest you could easily throw this over a Dress shirt and rock like a camel color Coat or something but for this one I Almost wanted to dress it down almost Like a very TI of the Creator esque uh Situation that you see here and when it Comes to vest he's like the master at Styling them in all different types of Styles and colors so if you want inso Definitely refer to him but with this Outfit I really love it it's just a Plain white tea underneath with these Wide trousers these are from the uni l u Collection the vest itself is from a Brand called cotton but also Brands like Todd Snider and beams plus make Excellent knitwear so I highly recommend You check those out as well next let's Jump over to accessories because I feel Like accessories can really take your

Outfit to the next level especially when It comes to that quiet luxury aesthetic The first one we'll talk about our Watches I'm a big watch guy until that Day where I make my big watch purchase I Have a number of affordable Recommendations that I can talk to you Guys about first up would be the Seiko Tank which is super resemblant of the Cardier tank which will run you around5 To $15,000 this one is only 150 bucks Which I think is a very reasonable price And if you've bought entrylevel uh Watches like a G-Shock or something from Casio I think that this is a great next Step for you and definitely has that Elegant appeal to it it can be dressed Up super easy but it's also a very jeans And t-shirt kind of watch as well and I Love how it pairs with gold accessories Gold jewelry right so if you guys have a Gold chain or a gold ring or something You definitely got to pair it with that For chains I like to rock something a Little bit dainty I like a Rob chain guy I got this one from cernucci a number of Years ago so I'll be sure to leave a Link in the description they're very Reasonable be priced as well and for a Ring that pairs with it I found this one Off of Amazon that is literally $10 okay It will not turn your fingers green and I love how it has like a little bit more Of a masculine appeal to it because of

That signant detail um so it comes in a Number of different sizes and colors and Different variations so I'll be sure to Link these in the description as well And when you factor in the whole set the Necklace the watch the ring it's just Super classy very elegant and very Simple I didn't want to overdo it on This one cuz that's Tack okay next up Let's talk about NP polos which is Honestly one of the best shirts that you Can wear in the summertime definitely Grab yourself a pack of tank tops with It as well because they match so so well Together and I've been wearing this sort Of look for a few years now one of my Preferred places to buy nit PO is zabra Cromi because they're very reasonably Priced they're pretty good quality and They come in a number of different Styles so whether you want something That has a little bit of a pattern on it You can do that you want something that Has a button-up detail you can go with That as well I love this forest green One and I love how the gold accents pair With it there's a reason why the box to A Rolex is green and gold because it Just gives off a super classy feel to it And honestly I just you can't go wrong With this color combo and of course you Could Rock these with shorts on a super Hot day or if you have to be a little Bit more presentable you can go with

Some linen pants and you can even dress It down with some sneakers like I did Here so overall in my opinion instead of Grabbing like the short sleeve button up Go for a nit Polo instead the knit Material just adds a nice little bit of Texture to it and they're more fun in my Opinion with all the color combos and Patterns the next and probably my Favorite shirt style in this whole video Has to be Oxford shirts okay they are Like the Swiss army knife of shirts Because of how many different ways that You can style them I particularly love This striped Blue version because it Hits in the winter time it hits in the Summertime when you unbutton it tank top Underneath shorts loafers it's just a Great Vibe overall but the thing with Oxford shirts is that you could throw a Sweater over top it could be a crew neck Sweater like you see here or it could be Something like a vest as I mentioned Earlier to just really cap off the the Fit and give it that luxury aesthetic This blue stripe one is a linen blend And I actually got it from H&M a number Of years ago but Club Monaco makes a Really good quality I think it's about Time that I invest in something a little Bit better quality than the H&M one that I have uh so if you guys have any Recommendations be sure to let me know I'm sure other people would appreciate

It as well now at the time of filming This video it is January so coats are an Absolute must unfortunately a puffer Jacket just doesn't really give off that Luxury aesthetic Vibe but what does is a Camel colored coat okay these are a Ely Essential that can be dressed up or Could be dressed down like I could Literally be wearing a hoodie some jeans And some sneakers and still look fresh With the top Co but for the sake of the Video we're going with a vest and an Oxford so the whole point of this Section at this part of the video is to Combine all of the pieces that we've Been talking about to create a cohesive Outfit okay and you see with the light Watch jeans which gives off a nice Casual Vibe but something that still is A little bit elegant as well now for Recommendations Banana Republic area a Lot of stores that you would go to in The mall or just shop online carry a Camel color coat uh you can go with a Trench coat as well just something that In my opinion has that beige or that Camo color will do you just fine they Also do come in different colors and Cuts as well this one is a little bit of A shorter cut but it's equally a great Look as well and as mentioned it will Last you a lifetime so for this Particular style I actually recommend Investing a little bit of money so that

You have something that lasts forever Now it's time to talk about the correct Pair of shoes to wear with this outfit I Recommend going with a pair of loafers Specifically a pair of lug soul or Chunky Soul loafers especially if you Are into sneakers if you are normally a Sneaker guy and you want to Branch out Definitely go with something like this For the main reason that the hard Leather sole or wood sole bottom on a Traditional pair of dress shoes is kind Of what throws you off the sound of your Feet hitting the hardwood or the tiles If you get something that's chunky like This you don't get any of that noise It's very comfortable actually so this Is GH bash I absolutely love them these Are the ouan Larson loafers but you can Also go with Doc Martins which is is an Even more affordable alternative I have The Adrian loafers I wear them all the Time they do have a little bit of Blister issues so I will recommend that You there is a little bit of Breakin Period however these black ones are Actually a pair of oxfords which is also Super classy especially this time at the Time I'm making this video it is January So uh wearing something like this with That thick sole could be a great Replacement for boots if you want to Skip those but yeah these look great With jeans they look good with trousers

You can even wear them with shorts with No socks and trust me you're good money So let's help each other out and leave a Comment what your quiet luxury Essentials are in the comments and Thanks so much for watching if you want To learn about some of the best 2024 Fashion trends you can check that video Out right here so why don't we click on It and I'll meet you guys there