???? Get ready for a one-of-a-kind sneaker transformation like you’ve never seen before! ????

In this exclusive video brought to you by RESHOEVN8R, the renowned sneaker artist Vick Almighty takes the iconic Jordan 1 Low Varsity Red and gives it his signature vintage/aged-themed custom twist, reminiscent of the classic 1985 era.

Watch in awe as Vick Almighty takes you through each step of this mesmerizing customization process. First up, he dives into the unique technique of staining the entire leather upper of the shoe with coffee, giving it that perfectly aged and worn-in look that’s sure to turn heads.

But that’s not all! Vick Almighty goes above and beyond by carefully staining the sole of the shoe using a marker, creating a seamless transition between the upper and sole for a truly cohesive finish. He doesn’t stop there – he also shares his expert tips on staining the edges of the tongue, adding another layer of detail to this already stunning custom.

Ever wondered how to achieve that sleek, streamlined look on the toe box? Vick Almighty has you covered! He demonstrates how to reshape the toe box using a simple household iron, giving your Jordan 1 Lows a more modern and refined aesthetic.

And of course, there are plenty of hidden tips and tricks sprinkled throughout the video to help you elevate your own custom sneaker game.

Whether you’re a seasoned sneakerhead or just starting out on your customization journey, this video is a must-watch! Join Vick Almighty and RESHOEVN8R as they push the boundaries of sneaker customization and inspire you to unleash your creativity.

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What's going on guys welcome back to the Channel for today's project we got these 85 University red OG Jordan one Lowe's This is shoe that I just got in trade From trade block Nike did a great job With these however as is they look a Little too white and brand new I want to Make them look like actual 85s So today We're going to age them if you're new to The channel make sure you hit that Subscribe we drop weekly content also Let me know in the comment section down Below what you think about this University Reds let's get Started all right so the first thing We're going to do to get started is take Out the laces and insoles so we can Start aging these Shoes All right we're ready to go as is There's a lot of white on the shoe we Got the tongue the leather and the Midsole we want to eliminate that bright White and give it a nice cream so for This we're going to be using the coffee Method we're going to bring in a tank of Water with some coffee we'll heat it up Put the shoes in there for a few minutes To get a nice consistent cream tone all Around the Shoe All right because we use coffee the Shoes smell like coffee we got to get Rid of that smell so we are going to be

Using the washing machine with some Detergent Pods all right guys we got the shoe out Of the washing machine it's fully Dy Ready to go the coffee did a great job Aging the sneaker the mental got a nice Color the upper isn't super creamy but We eliminated that bright white same Thing with the tongue the tongue tag the Air Jordan on the back everything's a Nice subtle H tone even the edges of the Leather got the coffee nicely we did use The washing machine to fully flush away The coffee smell it's still there I Would say it's about 10% compared to 100% The Next Step you want to do is Reshape these toe boxes as is they're Not super boxy but we want to make them A bit more Sleek so for this we're going To be using the iron method first we're Going to set the toe boxes with a couple Of towels then with the wet rag we'll Place it over the toe box then with the Iron we'll press down we'll do it a Couple times until we get the shape we Want All done with the toe boox it has that Nice Sleek look really easy using the Iron method I'm going to keep the towel Inside the shoe for a few more hours so The toe boox can retain that shape Next Step we're going to bust out the fox TR Uniform sail stainer this is a cool Marker to age the moles or other areas

Of the shoe the coffee did a good job of Aging the midsoles it has a nice cream Look however this is a factory issue There's a big white Mark right here on The bottom right here and more on the Other shoe this is a common issue where Sometimes in the factory there's a mark They just go in and paint it with some White paint some really good paint cuz It doesn't come off that rubber but when You go in and age it it stays white so We're going to be using the marker to Cover that area up plus I want to give The MSO some more age so we're going to Apply it all over the mitole and let it Sit for a few Hours To get the perfect tone that I want I Went in with the heavy coat all around As is it's way too yellow I'm going let It sit for a few hours let the rubber Absorb the dye then I'll come back with The rejuvenator wipe and wipe a lot of It to get that perfect Tone it's been a few hours since I let The D sit on the rubber on one of the Shoes I already wiped off the excess Using alcohol prep pads and a Rejuvenator wipe basically what I did Using both wipes I went back and forth To wipe off the excess if I wanted more Of a subtle look I would just scrub off More of the die as you can see on the Before and after on the untouched one

It's super yellow this one is more Subtle let's get into this Point All done aging the SS on both shoes These look great nice and subtle not Over the top when it comes to Asian Shoes there's a lot of different ways You can go about it you can go super Heavy on the yellowing on the uppers and Soles with the marker and create heavy Scuffs all around the leather or you can Do what I'm doing and keep it nice and Subtle a lot of 85 death stock Jordan 1es are brand new without wear and tear On the uppers however you will still see Some age no matter what depending on H Their store such as yellowing On The Soles yellowing or fading on the uppers And other subtle details to keep it Moving we're still going to be using the Fox sh uniform stainer on the wings logo In the back the coffee didn't do too Much to the white I want to give it more Of a creamy tone so we're going to go in Real quick apply some of the marker and Right away wipe off the excess using a Rejuvinator Wipe Wings logo looks great it SS as subtle And it matches the mentals perfectly While we have the marker out there's one Last step we got to do for the tongues We want to hit the edges all around Nothing on the inside or the tongue tag

That's good as is for the edges we're Just going to hit it with the marker all Around we don't want to get any of the Dye on the inside part or the tongue tag Once we apply it we're going to go in Right away with some aone and Cottonballs to wipe off any acccess D I Just want a slight yellow hint on that Area This next detail is very common when it Comes to Nikes and Jordans from the 80s And 90s and it's very very important When it comes to Neo vintage Customs as You can see on all these different shoes There's some heavy brown glue line marks All around the sneaker some are heavier Than others but at one point 30 40 years Ago it was not brown it was clear at one Point if you look at these Jordan 1es at A certain angle there is a glue line all Around the sneaker this is common when It comes to shoe making you need to have That glue line r above the SLE line Right now it's clear you can't really See it but in about 30 or 40 years that Clear glue line will eventually turn Into that brown line but we're not going To wait 30 to 40 years we're going to do That now so for this we're going to be Mixing all four different colors we're Going to be using Buttercup vetta saddle Brown white and dollar the dollar is Very important it eliminates all the Shine and it helps recreate that old

Glue look real quick let me show you Guys the shoes right here all the glue Lines are inconsistent some of them are Less than others for example on this one You got some heavy glue lines on the Front area same thing with this sneaker There's some in this back area more so Over here Big Brush Strokes on the Chicagos it's not too bad you mainly see It on the white just a slight line right Above the sole line on both sides and on This one you basically have it all Around the shoe again this is a very Common thing when it comes to original Nikes and Jordans I think it's a cool Look so we're going to recreate that now With the Jordan Ones there's no right or Wrong way to do it you can either go Heavy or light I'm going go in Between Blue lines are down the shoe is starting To look like an actual 85 sneaker it's a Very minor detail but it makes a huge Difference now we're on to the sock Liners when it comes to 85s a big detail When it comes to the sock liners most of The time it's faded due to UV rays or Just age in general not all the time but It is an issue there isn't too many many 85 sneakers with a red sock laner but There is the red metallic Jordan Ones I've seen those a couple of times and The sock liner is typically faded to the Point where it has a little bit of white

Going on pinkish reddish tone not super Noticeable but it's a detail we're going To include with these sneakers so first We're going to do a lot of taping so we Can recreate that look on the stock Liner all taped up now for this next Part we're going to be using this Pinkish tone I use red and white to Create that mix when it comes to the 85s Really the only area that gets a fade Away look is the top portion we don't Want to cake on the paint we want to be Very Strategic All done creating that fade away look Looks nice and natural now our water and Stain repelling is great for a lot of Different things but today we're going To be using it to lock in that paint on The sock liner so it doesn't rub off We're going to go outside and spray It Sock liners are good to go it's a minor Detail but it makes a world of a Difference when it comes to Neo vintage Customs now to complete the look we're Going to lace them up with some fox star Uniform laces these are perfect it has The exact same knit pattern as the Original 85 Jordan on and it has a Beautiful age look let's complete the Look to make them look like actual 85s all right guys that's going to bring Us to an end on these custom original

1985 University red Jordan 1es these Came out beautiful I love these so much To the point where I'm going to go to Undefeated after this video buy myself Another pair and make them for myself These came out awesome when it comes to Neo vintage Customs you can go about it Different ways you can roughen up the Leather with some sandpaper really make The shoe look really old go extra heavy On the yellowing but in this case I went More for a deadstock vintage look the Shoe is still brand new but just like Any deadstock 85 Jordan 1es for the most Part always have age factors on the Sneaker such as yellowing on the sole Creamy uppers or faded sock liners I Just wanted to replicate that look on This shoe instead of going super heavy On the yellowing and scuffed up the Entire shoe it's a cool look but not for This one this custom was really Straightforward it was really easy to do We started off by ducking the shoes in Coffee and letting them sit for a few Hours to get that creamy look on the Uppers then we started working on the Soles the coffee did give it a nice H Look but it wasn't enough for me so we Grabbed the fox shot uniform sail Stainer and hit the entire thing got it On their heavy we wiped off the excess And got this beautiful tone to complete The look we also went in and added some

Glue marks all around the edges that's a Big factor when it comes to original Sneakers another noticeable detail deta Are the toe boxes I stuffed it with some Rejuvenator towels pressed down on it With the iron to get that nice Sleek Flat look then with the fox TR uniform Stainer I hit the uppers with some Details I touched up the edges wiped off The excess to get a slight vintage look Same thing with the wings logo on the Back another subtle detail that I don't See people do very often is hit up the Sock liners that's a big factor when it Comes to 85s a lot of the times they're Faded so we hit it up with a little bit Of pinkish reddish tone and to complete The look we laced them up with some Fox Shot uniform laces again this has been One of my favorite Customs I've done all Year it was easy to do and it's a great Everyday shoe let me know in the comment Section down below what you guys want to See more of restorations or Customs this Is Vic Almighty I'll catch you guys next Monday see you Guys