One lucky customer sent these in after a botched restoration and we turned them into a one of a kind custom Bapesta on an Air Force 1. They went from a not wearable sneaker to a 1 of 1 Vick Almighty custom that is 100% wearable! #shorts

There's a problem with these Bap dos Both bottom out SS have a huge crack in Them after the owner tried to save them Himself he sent them to me to completely Replace the souls with something new Since an original base of so is on the Expensive side I decided to replace them With the white black Air Force One Soul That I had from a previous project to me This is the perfect soul to switch it up After all the deconstruction and prep The main part of this job is applying New glue to the uppers and souls heating It up and sticking it back together I Then locked in the new souls to the Uppers with a white threat to match Lastly the details to finish the job I Brought the way back to life with a redy And touch up the leather with some pain I love how these turned out I think the White black Air Force One Souls Compliment the Bas bills perfectly let Me know what you think of the new souls And if you'd Rock these