These were dropped off for a routine cleaning and let’s just say the customer must’ve been wearing these Travis Scott Jordan 1’s on his feet every single day. They were dingy, dirty, mishapen and just overall not looking too hot. Would you wear kicks at this price to the ground like this?!

If you have RESHOEVN8R the answer to the above question should be YES! You no longer have to be afraid to wear your sneakers and you 100% don’t have to throw away your sneakers once they’re worn. In today’s cleaning tutorial we get to show you cleaning sneakers from our perspective with a little bit of ASMR satisfaction.

To start the cleaning as always we needed to remove the laces to the shoe prior to beginning the scrubbing. We used the Essential Cleaning Kit to fully breakdown all of the grime, dirt and grease that was found on these sneakers. The natural solution and 3 different brushes not only provide a quick and effective clean every single time, but they maintain the quality of your shoe. The brushes are made with sneakers in mind to work on almost all materials while the natural solution is used to condition the materials while removing the grime.

Once the pretreatement was done it was time to allow the sneaker to dry. Now the drying process needed to start. Pro tip when cleaning suede or nubuck sneakers you 100% need to make sure you dry the entire sneaker evenly or you will experience watermarking. Once the sneaker was dried it was time to care for the suede.

To care for the delicate suede materials we needed to use our Dry Suede Kit and Mink Oil. Our Dry Suede Kit helps with deeper staining while also resetting the material. While the Mink Oil conditions the suede material while also bringing back the color.

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What's up shoe care Academy I am Marx Premium and today we're going to be Working on these Travis Scott mocha Lo's Today we're going to be cleaning these Up with our essential shoe cleaning kit And some additional Products for before and after purposes We'll be cleaning one shoe so we'll set The left shoe to the side before we get Started we're going to take out our Shoelaces and insert our shoe Tree Sho trees are in before we get Started cleaning we are going to dry Brush the suede to remove any surface [Music] Dirt the main point of dry brushing is So we don't take the surface dirt and Push it deeper into the Materials now we're going to start with Two squirts of solution into our bowl of Water the first brush we're going to use Is the soft bristle brush so we can Evenly clean the Suede When cleaning suede it is important to Evenly saturate the material to avoid Water Marks our suede is looking much better Now we're going to move on to our medium Bristle brush to hit the leather swoosh And our Midsoles wham bam thank you Ma'am all done with the medium bristle Brush now we're going to move on to our

Stiff bristle brush to hit the midsoles And the out [Music] [Music] SS [Music] [Music] The stiff bristle brush is perfect for Getting in the cracks of the crevices of The [Music] Outsole shoes all cleaned up last thing To do is the [Music] Laces [Music] Now that the laces are done we're going To allow the shoe to dry for the next Couple of Hours now that the sneaker is dry Everything looks good we have no water Marks we are going to reset the suede With the dryy suede kit I'm using the Suede eraser to remove any remaining Stains on the [Music] Suede now we're going to switch over to The soft bristle brush to cover more Surface area area when resetting suede On a sneaker you want to move your brush Back and forth until you achieve your Desired [Music] Results yes I'll

Take [Music] Now that the shoes all laced up our Final step is to spray it with some mink Oil and brush it in when spraying mink Oil you want to use light coats to avoid Oversaturating the material mink oil is Great for conditioning Suede and [Music] Leather we're going to use a microfiber Towel to wipe off the excess mink oil on The nonforest materials Now that the sneaker is all done let's Check out the before and Afters we use the essential kit and the Dry Suede and then we followed up with The mink oil you can find all these Products at rejuvenator Docomo money if you like today's video Leave a thumbs up if you're new here Subscribe down below I'll be seeing you Guys [Music] Soon [Music] Oh