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Today I’m reviewing the upcoming Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low Canary Yellow! The Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low Canary Yellow has a release date of May 17th 2024 and a retail price of $150. Check out my full Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low Canary Yellow unboxing, review and on feet to learn more.

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This is one of the most highly Anticipated but also most polarizing Releases of 2024 what's up everybody I'm Seth Fowler and of course the shoe that I'm talking about is the upcoming Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 low Canary so there Was a rumor last year that the Travis Scott Air Jordan one low golf was going To be the last Travis Scott Air Jordan One low to ever release a rumor that I Don't know where it started I may have Perpetuated a bit with my review of that Sneaker but I didn't know but as we've Now seen through leaks and also having Pairs in hand those leaks were just not True in fact those rumors were so untrue That not only are we getting at least One Travis Scott Air Jordan one low this Year we're at least getting two and Possibly more but this is a pair that's Releasing first this is the women's Travis Scott Air Jordan one low canary Yellow it's supposed to release on May 17th for a retail price of 150 bucks and I've got to give a huge thank you to Secret sauce for sending over this pair Of sneakers for me to review for you Guys early make sure to check out Secret Sauce through the link in the top of the Description below they help you get Crazy hyped to pairs of sneakers like This for retail whether your collector Reseller they're a great service to use But like I said these guys released in

May for a retail price of $150 which Which let's be honest they're going to Be really difficult to get unless you're Using a service like Secret Sauce of Course you can grab them for resale Which right now I think is between $1,500 to $2,000 I'm sure the price is Going to drop as we get closer to the Release date but still that is an insane Amount of money for a pair of yellow Travis Scots speaking of the color yes It's wild I get it that's the main Reason why people don't seem to love This pair of sneakers because it's so Bright it's so out there and it's so Different from really any other pair of Sneakers that Travis Scott has released With Jordan brand especially Air Jordan 1es I think the brightest color that We've gotten on a pair of Air Jordan one Travis Scotts is probably the fragments Which came with blue and I mean even Then it was not that bright of a blue This is also my favorite pair of Travises ever love this shoe it's Incredible but this Canary color way Because of everything else that Travis Got has released seems like it came Completely out of left field but as I'm Sure you've guessed by this point there Is a reason why he's dropping this Colorway and it's not just cuz he likes To color yellow I don't even know if he Does but I'm assuming he does if he

Dropped a yellow sneaker the colorway of This shoe was inspired by Travis Scott's High School elk and taii and so for me While this is not a color way that I Dislike in fact I actually kind of dig This color way this is a pair that I'm Definitely trying to pick up for myself The fact that this shoe is tied into the Color way of Travis Scott's High School Gives this shoe a lot more background And it also is kind of cool because the Colors of this school are very similar To that of Lane High School where Michael Jordan went to high school so Yes it is bright and I understand that There's a lot of people out there who Probably don't love bright blue and Bright yellow together but honestly it's A different look and I really like it But at this point why don't we dive a Little bit deeper into the sneaker Itself and find out the materials and Parts that make up this shoe starting Off around the toe of the sneaker on the Mudu guard you've got this really Buttery smooth feeling Nuuk that Obviously comes in bright canary yellow Having the shoe in hand the yellow use On the new Buu is actually a little bit Less bright than I expected it's a bit More muted it seems a bit more Dusty Almost and I kind of dig that about it It makes the shoe feel a little bit less Childlike and playful than I originally

Thought that it was going to look in Hand it's actually a pretty dope sneaker I get it some of you guys might think That I didn't like this shoe until I got It in hand there are shoes like that for Me but this shoe is a shoe that I was Always interested in because I'm kind of Intrigued by the color way continuing up To the center of the toe you've got this White colored tumbled leather I've got To be honest the leather quality does Not feel that great it feels kind of Plasticky which is frustrating cuz the New buuk feels so good I don't know if The newbu is actually high quality newbu I would assume that it's not but the Leather just feels like those plasticky Leathers that I've seen on some recent Air Jordan 1es it just sucks do I have Any pairs that have the same leather I Don't think so I actually don't keep Most pairs that have this kind of Leather so the only pair that's coming To mind is like the Crimson tint ones From like 3 or four years ago that pair Had very very similar feeling leather it Feels plasticky and it probably is it's Probably synthetic leather but hey Whatever most people probably aren't Going to be buying this shoe because of The leather quality they're going to be Buying because of the hype and you can't Really fault them for that continuing Back on the shoe to the I stay you've

Got more of that canary yellow colored Nubuk and then weaving through the Eyelets you've got these bright yellow Lightly waxed laces then underneath the Laces you've got this yellow nylon Tongue it's kind of your standard Air Jordan one material and at the top of The tongue you've got this black tag That has the Nike Air branding Embroidered into it in bright red of Course because this shoe is a Travis Scott Air Jordan one you've also got a Second tag on the tongue on the lateral Side of the shoe in this case it comes In white or sort of a light gray with Cactus Jack embroidered into it in blue Moving inside the sneaker you've got a Bright yellow sock liner and rounding Things off on the inside you've got Mismatched yellow insoles I think this Is the same pattern that you get on most Of the other Travis gotu let me grab my Travis Scott olives actually no actually These are different okay well I've seen This Travis Scott branding on different Pairs of Travis Scott ones before so It's more the same but it's uh in a Different color so that's something but Now let's get into sizing and fit and to Tell you guys how these feel on feet Let's take them outside and try them on All right so moment of truth it's time To try on the Travis Scott Air Jordan One low canaries shoe that a lot of

People are like why is it yellow and to Be honest um it's different I'm not Going to lie but I really like the way That this shoe looks a lot of course This shoe is technically a women's Release which means that it is going to Be size a little bit differently the cut Of the shoe is going to be the same but The actual sizing method is going to be Different so for example a 10 and 1 half In these is a size not in men Essentially women's sizes are a size and A half smaller than men's sizes so like I said 10 and a half in women's size Nine in men's I'm a size nine I went With the size 10 and a half women's Because that's a size that should fit me Time to try them on let's see how they Fit I'm liking this look I'm not going To lie did the lace is a little weird so The the knots are a little small but That's fine so sizing wise yeah standard Travis Scout Air Jordan one low sizing Standard Air Jordan one low sizing and You should be fine again these are Women's only sneakers and they might not Go up to like a size 13 keep that in Mind if you're a larger size there might Be some sizes available online maybe but That might change when we get closer to The release date because Nike might not Actually release larger sizes I'm not 100% sure what the sizing range is going To be but if you're a larger size it

Will be more expensive and more Difficult to get your pair of course we Got bird and jets and everything out Today they all love the travises you Know what style-wise too I really dig These the yellow is crazy it's out there But it's a pair of travises so you can Get away with it I realized it's a very Hyp Beast thing to say but let's be real That's why you can get away with it There was something about the all black Phantoms that I didn't like and I think It's because they looked like a pair of Vans because they were all black these Ones they look playful for sure but they Don't look like a pair of Vans they look Like a pair of bright yellow shoes man Can you imagine if you went to elen's High school you would have to have a Pair of these if you're watching and You're from that High School sorry it's Going to be be tough but hey if you can Grab them worth it seriously don't Forget their women's sizings in most Cases the larger number will be the Women's size and the smaller number will Be the men's size for example again 10 And 1 half nine but by now we should be Used to that because the olives that Released last year were also in women Sizing and you guys did just fine with Those so I don't know I might be going Too into depth on that but still dope Shoe for sure my wife's not here to tell

Me I look dope but I'm just going to Assume it okay let's go back inside Continuing back on the lateral side of The shoe you've got more of that white Tumbled leather on the midfoot of the Sneaker and then right on top of that You've got this bright yellow backwards Nike Swoosh again the reason for the Super bright colorway is the Elken High Knights I get that it might not be for Everybody but it's kind of different I Like it plus there's just something About this backwards Nike swo that I Like it kind of follows the Contour of The sneaker nicely I don't know I guess I wouldn't want every pair of Air Jordan Ones to have it but it is cool that There are a couple pairs floating around Out there that have this backward swoosh I think it's a nice touch moving around To the medial or inside of the shoe You've got a standard Nike Swoosh also In bright blue and then beneath that You've got the Cactus Jack logo printed Onto the white leather panel in guess Sort of a a red color it's kind of like A um it's not like a bright red it's Almost like a clay red I kind of like The contrast that it creates on the side Of the shoe it's nice then moving around To the back of the shoe you've got your Embroidered details in the heel tab on The right shoe you've got the wings logo Embroidered in white on the left shoe

You've got the Travis Scott sio mode Face embroidered in white then moving Down on the sneaker you get to this Pretty standard white Air Jordan one Midsole and rounding off the look you've Got this semi-translucent gum outsole Which I'll be honest kind of took me by Surprise I expected this outsole to be Like a yellow or a blue when I first saw Image or renderings of this shoe but I Really like the fact that they made it a Gum out sole I don't know what it is About gum out SS but I really like them It kind of gives the shoe sort of a Skate shoe Vibe rather than being just a A colorful Air Jordan 1 kind of grounds The sneaker and I think it's just a Really nice touch again I completely Understand if you don't like it but I Like it this is the first pair of Travis Scots in a minute that I've been like Wow that was different and it's Also one of the only different Travis Scott Air Jordan one Low's to ever Release we've had brown ones we've had Green ones we've had a blue one we've Had a black one but none that are yellow And blue this is something completely Off the wall but man I'm kind of into it It's not a sneaker that I'd Rock every Day not going to lie about that but it's A shoe that I'd be happy to have in my Collection to pull out here and there if I can get it for retail I'm going to use

Secret Sauce to try and get it for Retail you know what I like it enough That I would pay a couple $ hundred over Retail for it if I had to probably not a Thousand I think a thousand's crazy but Hey at this point I'd love to know your Thoughts on the upcoming women's Air Jordan one low Travis Scott Canary Yellows and whether you're planning to Grab a pair of these when they Officially release in May so make sure To let me know those thoughts in the Comment section down below thank you so Much for watching make sure to subscribe If you haven't yet and I will see you All in the next one