Today I’m reviewing the Nike Attack Cactus Jack aka the Travis Scott Nike Mac Attack Light Smoke Grey! The Travis Scott Nike Mac Attack had a release date of December 19th 2023 and a retail price of $120. Check out my full Travis Scott Nike Mac Attack Cactus Jack unboxing, review and on feet to learn more.

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We're ending off 2023 with one of the Tamest triple collaborations that I've Ever seen But even though it's very Simple and the collaborator didn't Change that much it's still one of the Most hyped up shoes of the Year what's Up everybody I'm Seth Fowler and today I'm reviewing the recently released Nike Attack Travis Scott so this shoe Initially released on December 19th 2023 For a retail price of 120 bucks and it Promptly sold out which unfortunately Means the only way to grab a pair of These now is by grabbing it for resale Which you can do through the YouTube Shopping tab on your screen I paid Resale for my pair I think I paid way More than I probably should have because I bought this early off of goat and uh Now the prices have tanked but I mean Hey if you want to grab a pair of these Now is probably the time because they're Going for not that much over retail They're still over retail but it's not Crazy numbers and it's interesting Because there really isn't too many Differences between this shoe the Travis Scott Nike attack and the Nike Mac Attack that released earlier this year In the same color way the light smoke Gray color way and that shoe is Essentially going for retail and even Under retail in some cases so if you Want to check that shoe out again link

To the YouTube shopping tab on your Screen so that really made me question Is the Travis Scott version of the Nike Back attack actually any better than the Standard Nike Mac attack in the exact Same color way let's find out but before We dive into the sneaker itself let's First take a look at the Box because on Most Travis Scott sneaker collaborations There usually is a special box and while Yes this box is more special than a Standard Nike box it's exactly the same As a standard Nike attack box now I Didn't do a full review on the Nike Attack on my channel I don't know Exactly why I think it's just cuz I Bought the shoe like 3 months late so I Guess just to give you guys an overview Of the standard Nike Mac attack box and Now the Travis Scott Nike Mac attack box You've got this really interesting blue And black checkerboard pattern printed On on the top of the box with the Nike Logo in bright red now interestingly Enough this checkerboard pattern is Actually one of the defining features of The Nike Mac attack or I guess now the Nike attack we'll talk about that more a Little bit later on in the video so it Does make sense they feature this detail On the top of the box the rest of the Box comes in light gray I guess light Smoke gray like the sneaker on either End you've got these blue hits I guess

On the bottom half of the box and then On one side you've got the size tag in My case I grabbed a size n which is my True size and the official colorway of This shoe as you also probably could Have guessed is light smoke gray black White now of course we'll cover sizing Later on in the video so if that's Something that you're interested in make Sure to stay tuned because it is coming Up in fact I'll do a whole try on Segment of these shoes let you know how They feel on foot but that's pretty much All you get with the box I don't think That there's actually an extra set of Laces I didn't check yet which I should Have no no extra laces I just got a go Verification things CU I got this pair On Goat another reason why I paid so Much cuz I bought them for instant ship And I think I paid like $500 so if you Guys want to subscribe to the channel That would be awesome and it's annoying Cuz the day after I order them they Dropped in price by like 200 bucks so But hey again you know prices are great Right now so if you want to grab them h Shoing tab so getting back into the Travis Scott Nike attack this version of The shoe is not only very similar to the Version that released earlier this year The quick strike light smoke gray Version of the shoe but also the version That released back in 1984 the OG and

For those of you that aren't familiar This shoe is John Mack Andro signature Sneaker he was one of the most famous Tennis players of all time and also one Of the most iconic because of his Aggressive and argumentative nature you Cannot be serious that ball was on the Line and what's actually brilliant about This shoe is not the shoe itself but It's how Nike marketed the release Essentially what Nike did is leak a zoom Call of John mackenro and Travis Scott Arguing over the name of this Collaboration Jenny's right okay let's Have a bit of a compromise here her Suggestion is to do a cactus Mac thing For this one shoe instead of Cactus Jack Okay let's but but I mean somebody on Here got K my just I never this my first Time he about this like Cactus ma was Never a thing like Lena somebody come on Man show a little respect this is my Shoe l i mean i it's not I'm not really Like feeling it it's like something my Body just feel a little off like burger Or something like now when that leaked Video first came out no one really knew If it was real or if it was staged turns Out it's probably staged because a Couple days later there was this Instagram post by someone who apparently Interviewed celebrities and he was Talking about the Travis Scott Altercation or argument or whatever it

Was and uh John macenroe was wearing Full Travis Scott Nike Mac attack gears So looking back on it it was 100% staged And all planned out and acted and but it Was a great marketing strategy because It showed off John Mack R's Argumentative nature the one that Everyone loves him for and uh it was Funny I actually thought it was a really Funny way to go about marketing these Sneakers especially fabricating a beef Between Travis Scott and John mackenro Two of Nike's biggest I guess signature I wouldn't say athletes but signature Personalities of the last couple decades Not really apping that I would have Thought of but they came together to Create a really cool sneaker albeit very Similar to the original meex and I'm Actually really interested why they Decided to take this route the much more Subtle and simple route usually when Travis Scott collaborates on his shoe he Heavily changes it up by in colors that You don't usually see on that particular Silhouette or by adding materials that You don't usually see and of course by Turning around the Nike Swoosh in this Case looks like he pretty much just Turned around the Nike Swoosh okay all Right there's other things that he did But uh that's the main one that said Though the Nike attack is a great Sneaker I never had a pair growing up I

Wasn't around in ' 84 I was born in ' 92 So I missed out on most of them but from My experience with it over the last Couple months it's been a great sneaker And one that I really am happy to have In my collection so it's definitely not The worst thing in the world to have a Travis Scott version of the shoe which Is essentially the same thing with some Very very very very minor Differences just dropped it stupid so Starting off around the toe with the Sneaker you've got this really soft Light smok gray leather I mean from what I can tell it's the exact same leather That they used on the standard Nike Attack in the light smoke gray colorway So no real changes there but still a Nice detail because it's very soft feels Very premium might not actually be a Premium leather but it kind of feels That way then just above that you've got This black mesh hit around the flex Point of the toe one thing that I didn't Realize about this shoe until I actually Got the original version or the version From a couple months ago in hand is that I always thought this was a dark navy Color turns out it's just black and gray I don't know why I thought it was dark Navy maybe I'm color blind I don't know Until I actually got that be in hand I Didn't realized it was black but uh it's Black and gray for anyone who's confused

On the color not that there should be Any confusion that might have just been Me I don't know and actually Interestingly enough back when this shoe First released in 1984 all ten his shoes Were like white with maybe a black maybe An accent color or something like that But very very simple that's why this Shoe was so groundbreaking because of The color blocking on the shoe it's Crazy to say but that was the main Reason continuing back in the shoe on The lateral side you've got these five Perforated holes on that same mud guard That we just talked about you've also Got these sort of two finger details Which act as eye stays on the sneaker And just beneath that you've got more of That black mesh this is overlaid on top Of the actual eye stay of the sneaker And of course that comes in the same Light smoke gray leather as the rest of The light smoke gray leather weaving Through the eyelids of the sneaker You've got these gray flat laces and Like I mentioned earlier I don't believe This shoe comes with any extra sets of Laces at least my pair didn't so Hopefully no one else is does because That means that I'm missing some Accessories for a pair of sneakers I Paid so much money for but uh it looks Like you just get laces which honestly Is fine with me I mean I guess you could

Switch out the lace color and give it Some sort of more Travy Vibes by adding Like pink laces or red laces or Something like that but uh they just Come with gray laces so that's what most People are going to wear them with Beneath that you've got this sort of Cream colored nylon tongue and at the Top of the tongue you've got this pretty Bright colored Nike tag which features That black and blue checker board that I Mentioned on the box which actually is The famed hit of color that is featured On this sneaker the only crazy hit of Color on the entire shoe and Nike was so Stoked on that because again at the time There wasn't a lot of color on tennis Sneakers so that's the reason that this Is such a huge deal even though it seems Like such a tiny little accent that Being said I do still like it I'm kind Of surprised that they didn't add a Travis Scott logo or branding hit on This tag but either way it's a cool hit It is however still featured on the Standard Nike attack that released Earlier this year so it's not unique to This particular collaboration and then Moving inside the sneaker you've got This sort of fuzzy gray fabric sock Liner and rounding off the inside of the Shoe you've got a gray insole with Actually no branding on it which is kind Of not normal for a Travis Scott

Collaboration you usually have crazy Branding that kind of looks like they're Both just plain gray insoles that's Weird I don't know I would have expected Like a Nike logo or something on the Heel but doesn't look like you get one But I guess at this point in the video We should take these guys outside try Them on and see how they fit all right So I've got the Travis Scott Mac attacks I'm going to try them on see how they Fit and uh see if they fit any different Than the standard Mac attacks which I Know that they won't but we'll try it Anyway all right so yeah no different From the standard ma attacks they feel Exactly the same I would say generally True to size they are a little bit Narrow and they are kind of long like Not crazy long like my toes are still Here they're pretty much right right at The front they look longer than they Actually are they look super long but They're not that long but they Definitely are a little bit narrow so I Would say if you have wider feet maybe Go up half a size but if you have Regular size or maybe narrow feet go True to size you should be just fine but I'm not going to lie they kind of look Fire on Feet Again though if you want to Grab these wide Footers should go up Half a size everyone else true to size She'll be just fine continuing back in

The shoe the mesh changes from a black To a gray or I guess light smoke gray I Should just say light smoke gray for Everything cuz they're all light smoke Gray hits and then on top of that on the Lateral side of the shoe you've got that Classic backwards Travis Scott n n Swoosh in this very thin black leather Just like with most other Travis Scott Collaborations on the medial side of the Shoe you have the standard Nike Swoosh This time around in Black in fact if you Just look at the inside of the shoe it Just looks like the standard Nike Mac Attack no real differences there I will Say though and maybe it's just the hype Beast in me but I do like the way that The shoe looks with the backwards Nike Swoosh I just think it looks cool I Don't know actually apparently kind of Dennis Rodman Vibes because apparently According to Dennis Rodman Travis Scott Stole the backwards Nike Swit from him Which I don't know how that makes sense Cuz it's just a backwards logo from a Company that you're collaborating with But either way and then moving moving Around to the heel of the shoe you've Got this black leather panel around the Top of the ankle with the Nike logo in Gray just below that you've got another Light smok gray leather panel of course Featuring The Travis Scott logo Embroidered into it it's actually the

Same on both sides of the pair usually On Travis Scott collabs one is like the Face the other one has the Travis Scott Or Cactus Jack branding they both Feature the Cactus Jack of course just Below that you've got one final black Leather panel making up the heel counter Of the shoe and then moving down on the Shoe you get to this bright white Midsole which does not feature air in it It's just a standard sort of cup Sole And finally rounding off the look you've Got this gray rubber outsole and Actually the traction pattern on this Outsole is super cool you've got these Squares and circles that make up the Main tread and then in the midfoot of The shoe you've got that same sort of Checkerboard pattern debost in or I Guess molded into the actual rubber very Cool looking out soole probably great For the tennis court I don't play tennis So I don't know but let me know if you Do in the comment section down below so Getting back to the question is the Travis Scott version of the Nike Mac Attack worth the extra money or the Extra resale price in my opinion if you Like Travis Scott maybe genuinely this Shoe is almost identical literally the Only changes on the shoe at least that I Can find are the backwards Nike Swoosh And the Cactus Jack branding on the heel But that's it there's no insole printing

There's no mention of Travis Scott Anywhere else in the shoe the Box Doesn't even mention Travis Scott maybe The label does but that's it so like I Said at the beginning of the video one Of the tamest I guess triple Collaborations that uh Nike's dropped in A while because this shoe is truly just A Nike Mac attack with a backwards Nike Swoosh now with that being said do I Like this sneaker absolutely I love this Shoe I absolutely plan to wear this Sneaker it's very very clean very Wearable the colorway is awesome I'm not A huge fan of John back and row like I Said I don't really know much about him But I can respect his sneaker and his Sneaker is dope it feels good on foot it Looks good it is a little long but uh It's a very cool looking sneaker that's Super wearable especially in this light Smoke gray color way but hey that's Pretty much all my thoughts make sure to Let me know your thoughts in the comment Section down below again if you want to Grab this shoe or the standard Nike Attack for yourself make sure to check It out through the YouTube shopping tab Make sure to subscribe if you haven't Yet and I will see you all in the next One