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Travis Scott just scammed his fans with His recent sneaker collaboration this is The Travis Scott Utopia Air Force One But let's get into the real problem here This sneaker retailed for about $170 and there's nothing special about It everything about this is a normal Air Force One that would normally retail for About 115 but of course we fell for it Because of this small little detail on The side of the sneaker you have Utopia And Travis Scott branding which looks Like it was written with Shar as if that Wasn't bad enough it also comes in a Regular Air Force One box no special Branding no extra laces nothing at least With the Drake Air Force Ones it came With a special box and some extra Accessories on top of all that it took Over 3 weeks for people to even receive Their pairs I mean I was this close to Even canceling my pair but soon after I Did receive a shipping confirmation now I want to know what you think did Travis Scam his fans or did we just fall for The hyp