These drop TOMORROW, after a check change in release date! However, they are quality. Are you looking for that Got Em’ on May 24th? #shorts

Today we are going to be unboxing the Toro Jordan 6s that are set to release On June 24th these are looking more like The Raging Bull Jordan 5s but reimagined Into the classic Jordan 6. they feature Red Suede on the entire uppers with Hints of black and that all-time classic Jordan 6 sole overall the bright nature Of this shoe will make for the perfect Summer sneaker when they drop they're Retailing at 200 are you picking up a Pair or are these overrated if these are On your must cop list of 2023 you should Pick up some rejuvenator water and stain Repellent right now at rejuvenator.com To protect your sneakers All Summer Long