The Under Armour UA Velociti 3 is the workhorse daily trainer follow-up to the Velociti Wind 2 as UA drops Wind from the name and makes changes in the upper, midsole and outsole departments for the new Velociti.

Tester Mike squeezed a couple of weekend runs in the new UA shoe to find out what’s new and whether the third generation lives up to the first, which was arguably one of Under Armour’s best running shoes and one of our favourite shoes that launched in 2022.

00:00 – Intro
00:11 – Price and What’s New?
02:45 – How do they fit?
04:25 – The Run Test
10:00 – Verdict

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Foreign Hey this is Mike from the Run testers And this is our first run review of The Under Armor velocity 3. So here's what you need to know about The underarm velocity 3. this is the Successor to the velocity wind 2 Under Armor has removed wind from the name now But this is ultimately part of the same Series it's still designed for the same Type surroundings it's a kind of Workhorse kind of more Up Tempo daily Trainer style shoes or something that You can do your kind of wipe Tempo runs But also ease off and something that you Can soak up a lot of mileage into now Price wise you are looking at 135 pounds In the UK 130 in the US so similar to What the uh Rusty wind shoes has come in Previously that puts it up against other Kind of up-tempo kind of daily trend of Shoes like uh the pivot lossy nitro2 yes We are going to mention that and things Like the Asics Nova Blast 3 Um you're probably looking at things on The hooker Mac 5. and then also the New Balance fuel cell Rebel V3 so it's in Good company with those shoes that we've Mentioned there now in terms of the Changes that's happened here aside from The name change uh we'll look at the Upper first and in terms of what we're Getting the upper it is a new upper say Before we had this kind of warp style

Upper that underarm had really settled On now it's gone for a more flat knit Style upper and ultimately that's Designed to give the upper and the shoe More structure but also make it a more Breathable shoe in general as well too And turn to the midsole it still float Is still here like the previous two Shoes now what underarm is saying is the Midsole here uh of this version of float Is softer than the one used on previous Shoes and that's designed to offer more Protection and more cushioning and Ultimately to give it a bit more kind of Life and durability when you are kind of You know using it for a lot of runs over Your kind of training Um in terms of the outsole there are Some change in the outsole the pattern Looks relatively similar but I also Think there's definitely a lot more Rubber at the hill and at the forefoot Here I think ultimately to give it a bit More stability again a little bit more Life Um in terms of how much you can use this Shoe But ultimately it's there to give You that extra kind of stability overall Another thing to mention here is the Weight has gone up a little bit and I've Kind of looked at how the weight has Gone up from the first version the Second version up to the third version It's definitely got a little bit heavier

I've had mine in the UK size eight so Quite noticeable in terms of that weight In terms of other things I should Mention as well is that if you look Inside this shoe you can have lift lift Up the insole you don't have the kind of Under Armor connected element here to This shoe so that's something that I've Got rid of in this version of the Velocity so if you want to track your Runs from your shoe you can't do that Here on the velocity three You are So in terms of fit I had the velocity 3 In a UK size 8 I had the wind one and Two in the UK size eight so I had no Issues in terms of the fit with those Two shoes I would say similarly with the Velocity three I said UK size eight for Me again I have had no problems really In a couple of runs I've done so fine Obviously the change in the upper does Kind of slightly alter how this shoe Feels I quite like the wallpaper that Under arm using its first two shoes I Didn't find any major issues with it but In terms of this one I said a bit like the other two shoes it Does look like it's quite a narrow long Shoe but ultimately I think there was Enough space up front in the toes with You know without feeling too long or too Spacious I really like the kind of block Down and the kind of feel you get in the

Mid foot it really does kind of sit Quite nicely I did in my kind of narrow Feet you get a good lock down with the Laces and this kind of padded tongue Which is not overly padded so You're not getting too much material There and then you're getting a similar Level of um padding of the Hill collar As well which you know slightly Different in terms of the formation how It looks but ultimately I think it's Serving the same purpose so for me based On my testing as I said I've got quite Skinny feet Um the velocity 3 UK size 8 has been Fine for me I wouldn't think about going Half size up or half size Down based on Kind of my initial runs Um I don't think going you know a full Size up is gonna be something that People are going to need to I think it's Going to run obviously ultimately too Long there so yeah for me I think you Could probably go to size I think if You've gone true to size on the velocity Wind one and two then you're gonna get Something similar with the velocity Based on my couple of runs so far Okay so into that run test and I've Actually done a couple of runs over the Weekend with this shoe the first was a Treadmill run that was a 5K run at kind Of seven Fifteen minute mile pace so not quite my

Quickest kind of all-out 5K Pace but Relatively kind of a nippy Pace to see How it kind of handled wipe Tempo Running awesome slightly quicker stuff And then on Sunday I did a longer run I Did kind of an hour run in definitely Hotter conditions Um that was kind of eight minute 30 Minute mile pace so A little bit slower so that it can Handle kind of going a little bit easier Kind of soaking up a little bit more Time on my feet Um now in terms of my experience of the Previous two shoes I really liked the First version of the Velocity wind I Think we've lost the win 2 was massively Different there were some changes in Maybe the upper department but Ultimately the feel of that shoe I think You know a lot of what Under Armor did The first shoot was really really good And I think the win too it didn't really Change that much now it does feel like There's some notable changes in terms of The experience of running on a shoe Compared to the first two shoes I'd say that comes mainly from I would Say the jump up and wait a little bit Now it's not a heavy shoe but ultimately It has picked up some weight from the First shoe I think that was one of the Real standout qualities from the Fursuits that it was nice and light that

Flow kind of midsole again we don't know What it's made of you know underwear Doesn't really give out what it is and What what the makeup is but in terms of What it felt like it felt Snappy it felt Responsive you know you've got that kind Of because of that all-in-one design it Feels really kind of nice and connected And kind of that grounded feeling I Think it worked really nicely I think You still got that in the tea but I just Felt like with the first version and I Think I said some of us in the team felt The same the first one was a real Standout kind of daily trainer kind of Work course style shoe in terms of You're getting here I'll just say we'll Start with the kind of treadmill run it Felt pretty good went up the pace felt Generally fine Um you still get that kind of Good Feeling from the uh kind of flow midsole I do think it is a little bit softer Touch softer which doesn't necessarily Mean it's a better shoe to run a little Bit quicker in what I would say is that It actually feels a bit better on that Kind of second kind of run the slower Run that I did and where I think you Know when I've done slow runs in the Previous two shoes I've gone a little Bit longer I have felt the kind of Harshness a little bit of the midsole It's not as soft or forgiving as some of

The other midsole Foams in kind of Workhorse daily trainer shoes and but You do get a kind of nice feeling out of It I think but in that longer run it Definitely felt a lot more comfortable Than I've felt running longer in Previous velocity wind shoes So I think that is a plus but I do think The fact that it's jumped up a little Bit in weight and I feel like the first Version the weight was you know pretty Much bang on in terms of what it needed To be to be that kind of Up Tempo daily Trainer that made it work really well For the quicker stuff I think jumping up A little bit way obviously the changes In terms of what you're getting the Outsole everything is to make it a more Comfortable more stable shoe I think Ultimately that can handle better that Kind of longer kind of easier Pace stuff I think it can do that but I think maybe It's lost a little in terms of it's Peppiness in terms of running the Quicker stuff ultimately let's say it's Early days in terms of that testing but That's kind of what I'm feeling at the Moment in terms of the kind of couple of Runs I've done I didn't feel like it Blew me away in the same way those first Runs with a velocity winded and they're Kind of slightly more up tempeh quicker Runs but I think in terms of my longer Runs

That longer kind of slower run that I Did it did feel you know a lot more Comfortable I felt a lot more I felt a Lot more comfortable running in it a Little bit slower as well and I've gave Me a little more confidence of thinking That if I had to run a little bit longer In this shoe then it would be better Equipped to do that so it almost feels Like it's veered a little bit the other Way in terms of what we've got from the Previous velocity wins in terms of the Outsole I said there's definitely a bit More going on in terms of the level of Rubber you're getting on the outsole Here I think ultimate gives you it does Give you something that feels a lot more Stable a lot more kind of Comfortable and a lot more kind of you Know the grip for me was absolutely fine I was just on Pavements and Roads that's Absolutely fine but I think ultimately That's probably going to add a little Bit of the weight that we didn't get on The previous two shoes I don't think the Outsole massively was an issue with the Previous two shoes but I think Ultimately they probably did wear a Little bit more in terms of you know Using it on a more regular basis so I Definitely think if you're using this on A more regular basis you're probably Going to get a little bit more life out Of that outsole and I think a similar

Level in terms of the feeling of the Grip and the outsole grip on roads and Pavements with the scope to maybe handle Some lighter trowels I think it wouldn't Be an issue here so You know for me in terms of how I felt For those first two runs I feel that Maybe this shoe has become a bit more uh Better equipped in terms of those kind Of easier longer kind of you know you Know runs that you'll probably want to Do in a kind of daily trainer style shoe Whereas I think maybe that kind of Quicker run that I tried to do on the Treadmill it didn't feel as exciting as Those first two shoes as I said you know I've got more running for doing it but That's kind of the sense that I've got So far that maybe it's going to swayed The other way a little bit but we'll see In terms of more running but that's kind Of my initial thoughts on the Under Armor velocity 3. big fan of the first One I think the second one minor changes Velocity three feels like a different Shoe a shoe that maybe is going to cater Different Runners still give you that Flow midsole feel but maybe in a Slightly different way and maybe Slightly older's experience and the Feeling of running it in this shoe So initial thoughts on the Under Armor Velocity 3 is that it feels like a Pretty solid kind of Workhorse daily

Trainer shoe as I've kind of mentioned In my run Test Section I do feel like The first version of this shoe is a real Kind of highlight for Under Armor in Terms of the running shoes it's done Recently it felt like a really nice shoe To run somebody kind of more Up Tempo Stuff some kind of quicker runs and also Give you Scope to kind of ease off as Well and run a little bit longer in it As well I think what Under Armor is Tried to do here is make this a better Shoe to soak up a lot more time on your Feet I think ultimately from that point Of view I think it is better designed For that it feels better designed for That but maybe in the process it's lost A little bit of that kind of excitement That we got with the first version of This shoe and then you think about other Kind of kind of up-tempo daily training Shoes that it's probably going to be Competing against as I said the ones I've mentioned earlier on so things like The Puma velocity nitro2 which I think Is you know similar kind of category to This shoe where it can handle some Quicker stuff but can you can ease off It in as well I think things like the Hokka Mac 5 which definitely has a more Kind of speed focused Edge to it in Terms of being a daily trainer I think also things like an overblasty Which I don't absolutely love but I know

It's a popular shoe and I know that can Serve a similar purpose in terms of what This shoe kind of wants to deliver as Well and then the New Balance fuel cell Rebel V3 which I know that Nick really Likes and I think again it sits in a Similar kind of category is this shoe Better than those shoes or better Equipped now I can only talk about the Shoes that I've tested I think the Puma Velocity Nitro 2. I just feel that's a Nice issue in general for me and I I Think for the same sorts of runs and It's got the same sort of Versatility And I think maybe it feels a little bit Nicer to run a little bit quicker and I Think the midsole feels great on that Pure velocity Nitro too I think things Like the Hawker Mach 5 I think this is Probably better suited to kind of Soaking up a lot more time on your feet I know it's kind of easier miles but if You wanted something that has a little Bit of a kind of quicker Edge to it I Think the Mach 5 feels nicer and it Would probably still go for that over This shoe Um and then you know you've got the Things on the load Boss 3 which again I Didn't absolutely love it kind of Initially quite liked it I think you Know I know that's a daily trainer you Know works well for a lot of people in Terms of handing a mixture of paces and

Sessions and I think you're probably Going to get something a little bit more Enjoyable a little bit more lively from That shoe Um and then yeah the fuel cell Um Rebel V3 which I know Nick really Likes and I think again I think maybe That works a little bit nicer Um you know based on Nick's kind of Thought on the kind of quicker stuff so I think it sits well with those other Shoes does it better those other shoes That kind of sit around a price category Maybe not but it's early days as I said I really liked the first two versions of The shoe most notably the first version It's a shame it's gone up a little bit In weight we've seen starting to see a Bit of trend with some shoes on that Front and maybe it's lost a little bit Of that kind of more up-tempo Edge that We did get on the first version but Early days in terms of testing as I said And plenty more tests to do definitely Looking forward to how it maybe handles Some kind of quicker more of the quicker Stuff maybe I'll take it through kind of Track session as well see if it handles On that front as well But I think yeah it's a good a very Different kind of update to the previous Under Armor shoes is it necessarily a Better shoe maybe in some aspects but I Think in terms of what we got from that

First version I think maybe it's lost Something I think also I think in terms Of flow as a midsole and the excitement That it may have had initially I think You know there are other kind of midsole Makeups and shoes and daily training Shoes that maybe have kind of passed it Slightly in terms of that kind of fun Feeling and excitement that you're going To get from a from a kind of work or Style shoe so yeah okay so they have Some initial thoughts on the Under Armor Velocity three now if you've got any Questions about the shoes or other shoes You want to see it compared to let us Know in the comments as always like And Subscribe hit that little bell to find Out about the latest videos and yeah see You for the next one test this video