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Grab the UNION LA x Bephie’s Beauty Supply x Air Jordan 1:
In today’s video I check out the Woven Union La Air Jordan 1 Bephies Beauty Supply! The Union La Air Jordan 1 Woven BBS has a release date of August 11th 2023 and a retail price of $200! Check out the full Union La BBS Air Jordan 1 Woven review, unboxing and on feet to learn more!

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Is this the worst Jordan brand Collaboration of 2023 would you rock Them really or is it better than Everyone thinks do you like it better Than what you're wearing right now you Ready to see it here we go Let's find out you're still gonna sell Out It is finally here I've been waiting for This shoe for like three weeks I ordered The shoe on goat and I'm gonna box it For you guys right now and then wear it For a couple days and then later on in The video give you guys my full review So like I said I ordered this pair on Goat I believe for 461.50 shipped there was no instant ship Option so I just went for the full like Two week shipping deal so I ordered These a while ago and uh here's our First look at the Box this is the shoe That uh you guys already know what they Look like from the thumbnail and the Title and all sort of good stuff but I Have not seen these yet so I'm really Excited to check these out I've only Seen images of these guys online they Don't release for like another month and A half two months these of course are The union LA Air Jordan 1 Buffy Beauty Supplies this is a shoe which has a Pretty interesting story behind it I'll Get more into that later on in the video But I really love the graphic treatment

On the outside of the box we've got the Top which says summer says 96 I believe Or is that 93 that's 96. the Jordan Brand logo The Buffy Beauty Supply logo And of course the union Los Angeles logo Right there and then on the sides of the Box you've got what looks like some sort Of New York apartment building you've Got the union logo on one side of the Box and then the baffy beauty supply Logo on the other side of the box of Course you got the size tag I grabbed a Size eight and a half because they Didn't have a size nine and if they did I think it was like 900 and in my head I Was like for 500 cheaper I could grab The same shoe but a half size too small Definitely could still fit it just gonna Go with that one so that's what I did And then pop it over the Box we've got The Moment of Truth oop hold up because I don't do unboxings on a table things Just fall out we've got the uh goat Verified thing we've got the gold Sticker right here and then the paper Inside the Box you've got the same image That you have on the side of the box With the apartment complex right there It says Jordan we've got the same logos That you saw on the top of the box on The bottom of the Box lid which is kind Of nice in this bright yellow color and Then popping open the paper we got the First look here we go

Check them out the theft Beauty Supply Union LA Air Jordan one one of the most Anticipated sneaker releases of 2023 not Exactly sure what to call these but um They're definitely a shoe that a lot of People are waiting for whether that's Because they love the shoe or because They hate the shoe I'm not really sure But I'm here to give you guys my Thoughts on this sneaker wear the shoe For a couple days and let you guys know What I think so without further Ado Let's go try these guys on and see if They fit all right so you're familiar With like regular Jordan Ones right like These yeah so I'm gonna show you a weird One and you tell me what you think of it Okay Right do you like it or do you not like It I wanted to try these on because I Haven't tried these on yet so I wanted To film me trying them on because Obviously they are a little bit Different than a standard Jordan one so I don't know if this like woven area is Going to change the fit of the shoe so What I did obviously because this is a Size eight and a half I'm a size nine is I grabbed another pair of Air Jordan Ones that I have in a size eight and Half the shatter backboards and I'm Gonna compare the fit just to make sure That the fit's the same all that sort of

Good stuff and also let you guys know Generally whether these fit like sander Jordan Ones or whether they're a little Bit different because of that woven Material actually I don't know if you Guys noticed but I'm rocking the brand New Apothecary neon collections Collection is absolutely fire it's now Live on apothecary's website apthry.com If you guys want to grab any of the four Colorways that we dropped last Friday Make sure to click the link in the top Of the description below really quick we Also just launched some dad hats which I've been wearing in a lot of videos if You guys want to grab them Link in the Description below they come in four Different colorways plus we're awesome Now in zoomy so if you guys have been Wanting to grab Apothecary socks but Didn't want to grab them online you can Actually now find them at your local Zoomies which is crazy I can't believe We're actually in Zoomies it's nuts if You guys want to grab a pair from Zoomies make sure to tag us on Instagram Apothecary when you grab your pair we'd Love to know where you picked it up I Haven't really loosened up the laces as Much as I probably should have so they Might be a little bit tight coming on Initially but Sorry we got a lot of birds I mean I Guess fit wise like they feel they don't

Feel any different they do feel tighter Than these guys but obviously these guys The laces are like completely loosened So they're not like any more comfortable Or any less comfortable than a standard Pair of Jordan Ones the fit seems to be The same so I would say probably go true To size with your regular Air Jordan one Size I was kind of hoping there'd be Some extra breathability from this woven Area but uh it doesn't seem to be the Case but it still looks cool like I mean If you like the way it looks you're Gonna love this if you don't you don't And that's fair but compared to another Pair of Jordan Ones in a size eight and A half feels exactly the same no Noticeable differences so there you go Go true to size or go with your standard Air Jordan one size and you should be Totally fine so I've been wearing these Shoes for the last couple days and I've Got to say I like them a lot more than I Thought that I would now I never hated These shoes by any stretch of the Imagination but I never loved them and Now that I've worn them for the last Couple days while I don't love them They're not my favorite Union LA Air Jordan 1 or even close to that they're Definitely up there for me this is Definitely one of the better Collaborations of the year however I do Understand why some people might not

Like this collaboration it's new it's Different it's trying something that Maybe should or shouldn't have been Tried on a pair of Air Jordan Ones I Don't know that's up for you to decide But this is a truly different take on The Air Jordan 1 and while I don't know If throwing a woven detail on the side Of a Jordan one was necessary it is Definitely intriguing and I think that's Why I'm so interested in this shoe Because it's something that we've never Seen before on this silhouette but later On in the video we'll get some other People's opinions on this shoe and I'd Also love to know your thoughts on this Sneaker as we go throughout the review In the comments section down below so as You all know this is the Air Jordan 1 Union La Buffy Beauty Supply Collaboration it's a triple Collaboration between Union La bephy Beauty supply and Jordan brand as of Right now it looks like the release date For this shoe is August 11 2023 for a Retail price of 200 however because We're like two months out from the Release of this shoe it is possible that Things could change as they often do With Jordan brand now as I mentioned This shoe is a triple collaboration two Of the brands that are collaborating on This shoe you're probably already Familiar with one being Jordan brand and

Two being Union La but bethy's Beauty Supply is a brand that while it's been Around for a long time and while it's Very popular in its own right it's not Something that a lot of sneaker heads Know about bethy's Beauty Supply was Started by Beth Burkett who's one of the Co-founders of Union La and also the Wife of Chris Gibbs the other co-founder Of Union La not only that but beffy or Beth is also one of the judges on the HBO show the hype and obviously because Beth is one of the co-founders of Union La she's been a part of all of the other Union La Jordan brand collaborations However this one is a little bit Different because it takes her brand Buffy's Beauty Supply and makes it one Of the three collaborators now obviously This shoe is pretty different from any Of the previous Union LA Air Jordan Ones And I think for a lot of people when They heard that there was another Union La Jordan 1 high releasing they expected Just a different colorway of The Originals to be fair that probably would Have sold like crazy and would have been Received a lot better than this pair is Getting received at least before release But uh it's not as exciting it's not as Different at the time of the First Union La collaboration released the idea of Stitching two shoes together was a Pretty new and novel idea but now

Probably about five years after the Initial release of this shoe it's not as New anymore so this time around they Decided to do something different very Different although it is still kind of Stitching one part of the shoe to the Other part of your shoe so in a way it's The same now yes the original Union LA Air Jordan 1 collaboration is one of my Favorite collaborations of all time in Fact I like the shoes so much I proposed To my wife in the storm blue colorway of The shoe and it's one of those shoes That I don't think will ever be Forgotten in terms of collaborations in My opinion it's one of the best Collaborations of the last decade Because like I said the original Collaboration tried something different They were doing something that had never Been done before on a pair of Air Jordan Once and yeah I'm not gonna lie Initially I would have preferred getting A new colorway of these shoes and I Think even now I still would have Preferred getting a new colorway of this Version of the shoe I do have to admit The newer version of the Union LA Air Jordan Ones is growing on me a little Bit I guess let's just start this thing Off by talking about the elephant in the Room and that of course is the woven Detail that wraps all the way around the Entire outside of the shoe so this

Detail is is different it's not Something that I think anyone would have Expected or even asked for on a pair of Air Jordan Ones now this is not the First time we've seen this detail on a Recent collaboration in fact we just saw This done on a pair of sakais however It's new for a pair of Jordan Ones and Eagle-eyed viewers might recognize this Detail from the original Nike footscapes And I'll be honest the fact this detail Showed up on two collaborations within Like a year of each other the sakais and These it really makes me think that Nike Is starting to push the footscapes like They're going to bring them back or Something like that I wonder if this is A detail that Nike just said to Kristen Beth hey can you use this you don't Really have a choice you got to use this Detail or if it was something that they Were like we'd love to use the woven Detail Mikey can we do that because we See that the woven's coming back I have No idea which one it is or it could have Been neither but either way I think it's An interesting detail and it doesn't Take away from the silhouette it's Different and it's definitely the reason Why a lot of people don't like this Collaboration but it doesn't ruin the Shoe for me it's not something I love I Wouldn't have put it on there myself but At the same time it's very different

Than any other Jordan one that we've Seen in a while and I think for a lot of People that might be what draws them to The shoe it's super polarizing if you Like it let me know in the comment Section down below if you don't like it Let me know in the comment section down Below but either way it's there she's Probably gonna sell out regardless so it Doesn't really matter what we think so Like I said this woven detail apps all The way around the upper of the shoe it Comes in this sort of cream color and It's made up of this sort of knit or Woven material it's kind of funny that They made a woven detail out of a woven Material I thought that was kind of Ironic but either way it follows the Same sort of shape that the original Nike footscape had at least for this Detail and it probably has been adjusted A little bit to more closely fit the Shape of the Air Jordan 1 especially Following the lines of the swoosh and as You guys saw in the try on portion of This video it doesn't actually change The fit of the shoe in fact on the Inside of the shoe you don't even Realize that that detail is there Because the shoe has its standard Padding and regular backing I was kind Of hoping that it would make the shoe a Little bit more breathable but Unfortunately it doesn't it really

Doesn't make much of a difference at all At least from what I can tell while Wearing the shoe but moving up on the Shoe you get to this very thin white Tumbled leather mud guard because most Of the mud guard is actually taken up by This woven detail this white tumbled Leather is the same leather used on the Rest of the upper of the shoe and what's Interesting about this leather is that They've actually made the sides of the Leather bright yellow which gives it This really cool sort of linear accent All the way around the sneaker I think It's a really nice touch I personally Think if they had released this shoe Without the woven detail but still Feature those yellow accents and the Same colorway that they currently use it Would do very well I think a lot of People would be into it but they really Decided to go a little crazy with the Woven detail and that's the part that it Turns some people off in the center of The toe you've got more of that tumbled White leather of course with Perforations the leather quality is Really not anything special it's kind of Your standard Jordan one leather it's Not softer or stiffer than any other Pair As you move up on the shoe you Really start to notice the bright yellow Edges of the leather on either side of The tongue I think it's such a nice

Touch of course you've still got the eye Stays in the standard leather and bright White weaving through the eye stays You've got these white flat laces or at Least the bottom half of the laces are White the top half are light gray very Similar to what was done on the original Union LA Air Jordan Ones the laces were Sort of dyed in two different colors the Top half on that shoe was in black and The bottom half was in White in this Case the bottom half is white and the Top half is light gray to match the Light gray accents on the rest of the Shoe now one thing that's always kind of Bothered me about these laces in Particular is that because they're so Thin because they had to be dyed they're Very very slick like they untie so Easily it really pisses me off I'm gonna Be honest with you guys but uh it's just Something you have to deal with when you Want to wear a pair of Union LA Air Jordan once unless you decide to switch Out the laces and that brings me to the Extra laces that you get inside the box Which come in this little cardboard box It's something that Jordan brand has Been doing a lot of recently to reduce Their plastic waste which I think is a Nice detail it's funny when you look at Early images of these shoes the laces All come in plastic baggies which I Don't know whether that means that

They're fake or they were just samples Or something like that but either way The retail pair comes with a cardboard Box and I actually really love the way That they went with yellow laces to Really bring out the yellow edges of the Leather I think that's such a nice Detail and it really ties the shoe Together and I always say that when I Talk about laces I hate that I do that But it just comes out nothing I can do About it underneath the laces the tongue Comes in a white nylon that's very thin So it kind of has a cream color because You can see through to the yellow foam Underneath and just like on the original Union LA Air Jordan Ones the tongue like The top half of the shoe is actually Split in half and as I'm sure you've Already noticed the entire top half of The shoe is sewn together with this mint Green stitching that carries all the way Around the back half of the shoe and Across the tongue oh also one of the Details to carry over from the original Union La collaborations you've got this Raw foam tongue so it allows you to Really see what material makes up the Tongue I think it's a nice touch it's Something that was done on the off-white Collaborations and I've always liked it I think it was originally done on the Nike blazers back in the 70s but it's a Cool detail I've always liked it it's

Very popular right now so it makes sense That they continue to do that on their Collaborations at the top of the tongue You've got this gray tag with the Nike Air branding embroidered into it in Bright white and then moving inside the Shoe you've got this light gray mesh Sock liner and rounding off the inside Of the shoe you've got this mint colored Insole with the Nike Air branding Printed on the heel in white moving back On the lateral side of the shoe you've Got more of that white leather on the Midfoot panel of course you've got that Same sort of woven detail running right Through the middle of the shoe and then On top of all that you've got this light Gray nubuck Nike Swoosh which also Features those yellow edges moving even Farther back in the shoe on the lateral Side you've got the Union La logo on This yellow tag which you have on all of The other Union La collaborations and That is actually stitched into this White leather panel which features a Slightly oversized pressed in Air Jordan Wings logo in light gray and then moving Around to the heel of the shoe you get To this tiny little cursive embroider Detail that says BBS which of course Stands for bethy's Beauty Supply which I Think could be the only Buffy's Beauty Supply hit on the entire shoe similar to The union LA hit which is only found on

The lateral side of the shoe then moving Down in the shoe you get to this light Cream colored midsole with matching Stitching and then moving to the bottom Of the sneaker you get to this slightly Darker shade of cream on the outsole of The sneaker which is a very subtle Contrast but it's there nonetheless and The outsole actually matches the sort of Woven detail really really well but now That we've taken a closer look at the Sneaker let's find out what other people Think of this shoe at the Apothecary Office what do you think of these you Know what they are the union Jordan Ones Yeah I don't love them I mean it doesn't Compare to the last Jordan Union do you Like it better than what you're wearing Right now No I mean they're okay they're not I mean I Don't think anything compared to the Other Jordan Ones yeah fair enough do You like the colorway Set colorway Whoa compared to the other unions and Officers in general like would you rock Them really like I'm just not a big fan Of this so like I really like the colors Like especially the lacing and the Tongue but yeah like this is just a Little too much for me you wouldn't Rock The other Jordan one unions no I would

Like the black one like the original Ones yeah yeah I love the uh the blue Ones oh yeah is my favorite are you Ready to see it here we go yeah Oh what do you think how you like them They're they're not bad I actually like Them way more than I thought I was going To is it soft is it like soft Not really they're clean I mean honestly I I was feeling them when they first got Leaked because I was like all right the Jordan one tied of the same colorways Tired of it needs a little bit different And I gave it a shot now I'd like to see Like there was someone that posted like A Chicago one oh yeah I saw that you've Seen that like some editor did like a Kind of like an edit on Chicago those Look incredible they look crazy I mean I Mean we need something a little bit Different I mean they're not that bad I Think they're pretty cool I hate being That person says like having them hand Their bed they really are better in hand Though I mean you know the union they Always do decent job but like yeah I Think they're nice I think they're nice And you know what guess what they're Gonna sell out everyone they hated them They're still gonna sell out