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If you're looking to upgrade your style This fall you came to the right place Because in this video I have over 10 Different fashion trends I want to chat With you guys about and the best part is That you don't have to spend a ton of Money I got cameraman Bruce behind the Scenes again what's good y'all but wait Wait where do you even hear about this Stuff no so that's actually a good Question I do a ton of research online With some of the biggest Publications Like GQ and Vogue to see what they're Talking about for 2023 Trends Plus I Spent hours and hours a day looking at Other creators and just seeing what's Online what people are wearing and That's what forms my opinions for these Videos you may disagree you may not like What I'm talking about that's okay these Are just my opinions but let's jump into It so the first fall Trend that I want To chat with you guys about our football Jerseys no not the Liverpool shirts You've seen me wear over the past few Months I mean American football jerseys It seems like a lot of the largest Brands recently have been putting out Their own iterations of it first one That jumps to mind would be stucy in Their latest fall drop they dropped two Versions one burgundy one block with the Big Surfer logo on the back as well as Amate Leon door they have released their

Own version of a football jersey you'll Hear me chat about that brand a lot just Because I truly think they are one of The more I influential brands at the Moment but they have recently released Some of their own as well bro I know you Don't watch football yeah you're Definitely right I don't watch American Football so this is not something that I Will be participating in for my own sake But what I will say is that the key Takeaway here is that it's not just American football jerseys it's jerseys In general it seems like a lot of the Largest brands are putting out their own Iterations of whether it be hockey Jerseys baseball jerseys so the point is Is that typically Josie's has been worn For more Fanfare or more athleisure Looks but you can have a lot of fun Styling them in your own unique way so Grab yourself a hoodie or a long sleeve And put the Jersey over top throwing on Some jeans or some cargos just have fun With it but ultimately it does really Seem like brands are putting their own Versions of jerseys in general and just Having their own logos put onto it and I Gotta say I'm a big fan because I've Been enjoying some of the ones I haven't Seen next up it's time to talk about Sweater vests okay well how am I gonna Wear sweater vests and not look like Carlton from Fresh Prince that's a very

Good point so the key answer here is to Wear them like Tyler the Creator he is Honestly top two most stylish Celebrities at the moment is Art and his Music is great but his style is honestly Impeccable and the way that he Oftentimes wears them is a very similar Blueprint that a lot of us can follow he Grabs a white T-shirt he puts a sweater Vest over top if you notice that the Sweater vest itself is very colorful There's a big print on it and he has a Matching hat or some type of matching Accessory to sort of complement the Colors of the sweater vest and then He'll throw on a pair of slacks or Chinos and wear some loafers or a very Simple sneaker and that is something That I think is really effective and It's a great look if you want to look a Little bit more presentable but still Have a lot of fun with your outfit Another key takeaway is that it makes For a great piece to wear under some of Your outerwear you could wear it under a Jacket a denim jacket for example some Of my favorite ones that I've seen on The internet recently are from Todd Snyder you can get ones from J crew you Can go with beams plus as well so There's a ton of different varieties out There it's important to have fun with it And get something that has a little bit Of a pattern or a brighter color I think

Those ones always look the best so uh You guys should definitely check out Sweater vest similar to sweater vest Would be printed Cardigans and these Ones function similarly in that they Have a busy print or a bright color and They typically are like the statement Piece of the outfit you know the whole Outfit revolves around you wearing this Really dope cardigan and if you guys Remember from last year Shannon sharp Kind of went viral because he was had a Little bit of a tussle Courtside out of A NBA game and a lot of people were Wondering where he got that cardigan Where it was from what was the brand it Was I remember on like the fashion Tick Tock it was kind of buzzing a bit also There's that show uh beef and one of the Main characters the husband he has all Of these really dope Cardigans that he Was wearing in the show one of which was From John Elliott so and the point is That when you have a fun cardigan like That and you style it well it can make You come across as more stylish because It is in some senses a little bit more Risky and so some of the brands that I Recommend shopping from would be beams Plus again that's a great brand for sort Of those some of those traditional American style pieces um another one Would be added in the asterisks which is A Canadian local brand that I highly

Recommend they are doing some incredible Stuff super underrated but also supreme Supreme each and every season drops Their own mohair Cardigans which is Another great fabric that you guys Should look out for when it comes to Cardigans and yeah they always have Really cool ones that end up selling Well so I highly recommend checking out Some of those okay so let's move on to Outerwear one of my favorite segments I Love a good jacket or coat and we're Going to start off with puffer vests Vests in general have been honestly one Of my absolute favorite pieces of Outerwear for so many different Occasions when you think of fall you Think of layering and I promise you There's no better layering than wearing A vest over top of a sweater and so First brands that come to mind would be Kith and ald they just released their Own different versions of puffer vests And the way that they style them in Their lookbooks is honestly impeccable And it's really tempted me to go buy Them the good thing is that you don't Have to go spending that kind of money You don't have to spend hundreds and Hundreds of dollars in fact you can look To the secondary Market Eddie Bauer is a Brand that has been around for a very Long time and they have some experts Some amazing quality uh vests that

They've dropped over the years that you Can find on eBay and places like that Now in general one of my favorite cuts Of a puffer vest would be ones that have A v-neck and the reason for that is Because they look excellent when we wear Them with hoodies so if you have one That goes all the way up to your neck it Can be sometimes a little bit tricky to You know pop the hoodie out but when you Have one that has a little bit of a V-neck um I find that they just wear so Well with hoodies Stussy I grabbed one From them last summer as well as Represent and cold boxed in those are All great options for puffer vests and Like I said fall is all about layering So when you wear a hoodie or a sweater And you have the sleeves popping out With the contrast color vest on it I Find it's just a really clean look and It's something that's very transitional You can get a lot of use out of it Because it can be worn in the winter Time it can be worn in the fall all the Way to the spring and you know you can Still repel some of the elements if it Starts snowing or raining or whatever Like that so puffer vesser and absolute Must for me okay so now it's time to Talk about fleece and I gotta be honest Guys I think I'm obsessed with a fleece Jackets I absolutely love fleece jackets For a number of reasons because of the

Texture that they provide to any outfit Which is something that is a very Underrated detail that people a lot of People don't really think of but that is A really good quality to have in your Outfit is just different textures and Different patterns and colors and stuff Like that so anyways fleece jackets one Of my favorites and I think stucy has Been the trendiest in terms of the Fleece jackets they have a lot of viral Jackets that have been selling for a lot Of money you know the one with the eight Ball in the back was one that really Really popped off last year and two Years ago and I can imagine that they Are going to be selling a ton of those In fact in their most recent fall winter Drop their printed fleece jacket was the First thing that they sold out on or at Least one of the first things because I Was there at 1101 or 1201 or whatever And it was instantly gone so Um there let's do see fleece jackets are An absolute must I grabbed the black one And I can't amended enough I also picked Up one from ald from their recent summer Sale that they just had and I got a Really great discount on it I actually Went with this like coral color which I Think is really clean Um so the point is is that it's fun to Get ones in different colors and styles And I just find that those ones are

Typically the ones that go first however There are a ton of different varieties As well if you're looking for something That has a little bit more of an Earth Tone to it every other Thursday is a Small brand by Ethan Glenn who is a tick Tock creator that I'm sure a lot of you Guys have heard of he's a great follow On social media as well they are Releasing some great fleece jackets in This nice natural color which I think is Really clean and I grabbed the Navy one From last year and I can't recommend it Enough it was one of my favorite Outerwear pieces that I wore uh Patagonia is also another brand that is Super classic and they of course have Some amazing fleece jackets and Different patterns as well so they Actually have a ton of different Colorways so I highly recommend you guys Check some of those out okay okay that's Actually dope but it gets so hot Sometimes what about the people that Live in Texas okay that is very true but Texas didn't you guys have a crazy cold Front a couple years ago I don't know if You guys are so prepared maybe you get Yourself a fleece jacket and you'll be All right okay one thing I will say Though let's move on to waxed canvas Jackets this is like a traditional English style hunting jacket and there Was a bunch of trendy moments that

Popped off last year that I think we're Talking about first one is Barber which Is like the tried and true classic There's a ton of Articles written about This style of jacket specifically also For Noah which is led by Brendan Babenzine who's the creative director of J crew he put out a slew of these Jackets in different colorways that sold Out and um I can't recommend these Enough they're just really clean looking As well I actually bought like an Affordable alternative to it which would Be the Uniqlo short blouson this is a Really great recommendation as well Because they can buy them right now so I'll be sure to leave links in the Description the point being is that this Is a very uh traditional style jacket on Sort of like more of like the menswear Side so you can definitely get some Great looks off in that sense for this Uniqlo jacket I highly recommend sizing Down because they do fit big I'm wearing A size extra small here and I'm five Seven okay let's talk about leather Cafe Racer jackets if you guys remember Earlier in the year LeBron kind of had Like a viral fit moment where he was Wearing the black amelion door racer Jacket bro that's expensive yes it's Very expensive but it's also something That you can get on the secondary Market There's a ton of different Cafe Racer

Style jackets that are both leather or Nylon that you can wear and I feel like With the Resurgence and the popularity Of F1 this is something that a lot of People would enjoy getting into just Because of the racing routes that it has Um and ultimately leather does lend Itself to more of a fall Vibe I Mentioned this in at the top of the year In my January video and I feel like now Is really when it's gonna pop off so Definitely check out uh sites like eBay Or grilled uh for leather Cafe Racer Style jackets okay it's time to talk About pants now if you're still rocking Skinny jeans it may be time to give them A break baggy pants are still here to Stay and in many ways if you think of When jeans were created they were meant To be wide fitting so in many ways it is Sort of like a back to the room Roots Kind of situation here regardless uh Brands like Uniqlo the Gap and Levi's All have their own versions of a more Relaxed fit that I highly recommend but One of the biggest like sub Trends Within denim right now would be Selvage Jeans I know you guys probably followed You Joyner and he is like spearheading This Selvage denim movement and for good Reason they're really great now if you Want to dip your toe into the trend you Can go for a brand like Uniqlo that has Their own slim Salvage denim I have them

And I wear them all the time for more of Like a menswear or more of an elevated Kind of look but I just recently picked Up here of Naked and Famous denim which I absolutely love they're made in Canada With Japanese denim so there's so many Different options to choose from I also Recently went uh to Soho where I shopped At blue and green which is another Distributor of like Japanese Americana Uh type of style and they have a lot of Different Salvage jeans that I was able To see in store so uh that was a really Cool experience so it's really fun once You sort of go into that rabbit hole of Salvage much denim But ultimately you Are sort of paying and investing in a Good quality handmade product that Ultimately is going to last you a very Long time and I think that we all can Agree that buying good quality items is Something that is definitely worth the Money and from a menswear perspective as Well there were a pair of chinos that Had a bunch of Articles published about Them a little bit of a trending moment Last year and they are the Giant Fuccinos from J.Crew these ones are Really great they come in a wide variety Of different colors they're pretty Affordable as well and ultimately it Feels like even from a menswear Perspective and tailoring it is still Spewing a little bit more of the wider

Fit um so if that is a style or a you Know way of dressing you relate to then I definitely recommend picking these up I think I'm going to make a whole video About this so let me know in the Comments but uh there are a number of Aesthetics I would say that are very Trendy at the moment as well that you Can adopt for fall first one that jumps To mine and it's been kind of like a Buzzword in the Fashion World recently Is sort of that like old money aesthetic Um which is basically just like Traditional Americana Ralph Lauren Brooks Brothers type of style that is You know had her big Resurgence recently And it's very sort of preppy waspier Style and I feel like that is like a way That people are going to be dressing um That you'll see on social media and Instagram and stuff like that and I Think it's great because it kind of Gives off like a confident vibe to it I Mean when we all dressed in a suit and We sort of have that sort of elevated Look to us I feel like we all look and Feel important right so I feel like that Is one of the biggest benefits of that Old money aesthetic alternatively on Like the streetwear side which is like One of my favorite ways to dress I feel Like all black is having a moment right Now and uh over the past few years at Least you know you hear that like kind

Of term like that Opium Den type of look And honestly I I kind of giggle at it You know because it makes me think of Like Playboy cardi or whatever those Guys but either way all black is I think Is a very fun way to dress and my Favorite aspect of it is because you can Add on a ton of layers and a ton of Detail to the outfits you know you can Throw on a jacket a hoodie a hat like You can just layer on all of these black Uh garments which really adds a ton of Detail to the outfit so if you guys want Me to make a video about like Aesthetics And ways of dress definitely let me know But that does it for the video guys Thanks so much for watching if you want To see more fall content be sure to Subscribe and I'll catch you guys in the Next one