We had the pleasure of partnering with SneakOut and Orange High School in Jersey to help clean and donate over 100 pairs of shoes to those in need. This experience was unreal and we would love to help local charities, what city should we go to next?! #shorts

Not sure exactly how many sneakers there Are but I'm sure there's over at least 100 Pair this is what you call real Service As a negative thing that has to take Time out of the day some people might Have a hole in issue right now and then Tomorrow they're gonna have a brand new Pair of Kyrie's or Jordans on their feet Not only were they doing the cleaning But then to come here and distribute we Really scrub these shoes I'm just so Happy that they get to wear them with The help I got from Rejuvenator we were able to satisfy a Lot of people but guess what sneak out Is going to be around because we sneak Out to dinner [Music]