This project was 2 years in the making! ????

8/24 is just one of the days to celebrate one of the greatest to ever play the sport, Kobe Bryant. For Today’s project Vick and a team of creative masterminds rebuild a 1 of 1 Jordan 3 Low that was created and gifted to Kobe Bryant when he signed with Nike in 2003. Here’s the catch.. These specific sneakers were only ever seen in pictures, 2 pictures to be exact! With only 2 reference photos and only a couple Jordan 3 Lows in the world, this Dream Team was in for a week full of challenges.

To kick off the project Vick Almighty and Brian reached out to Mark Smith himself to get his insight and blessing. Mark Smith was the VP of Innovations at Nike and was the mastermind behind the legendary laser era. Mark Smith was able to give us an additional reference photo and his insight on what materials to use plus his blessing and once we had that it was off to the races for this literal “DREAM” of a project.

With the blessings from the man himself it was time to compile a team that can make this entire project possible. We recruited Jake, better known as Dank & Co, who is a master sneaker builder and customizer. Brian, who is one of the biggest sneaker collectors in the game and Julian, who is an absolute genius with graphic design and laser engraving.

The details on this sneaker are what set the whole thing apart. The detailed filigree is one of the most intricate designs that we have ever seen. Plus the 8 ball on the side to represent the number 8 that Kobe wore for the first decade of his career before switching to the legendary 24. Finally the tongue had an incredible shield to represent the warrior that Kobe was on and off the court.

7 days of work went into this build, but over 500 total hours went into planning, execution, filming and editing. This project had it’s fair share of obstacles and challenges, but it was all worth it to bring this incredible sneaker to life while working to make Mark Smith proud and to honor the legend Kobe Bryant the right way!

Overall this project was a literal dream! “My favorite part was getting to show Mark Smith and thank him for his contributions to the project. As well as thank him for inspiring me throughout my whole career.” -Vick Almighty

Vick and the team are considering this one of the biggest project of their careers. Do you think we honored Kobe Bryant?

P.S.: Stay tuned.. The next Dream Team project is already in the works

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Have you ever seen these one of one Low 
top Jordan 3s that were gifted to Kobe   Bryant 20 years ago when he signed with 
Nike? You probably haven't there's only   Three reference photos in existence, 
so to recreate these is going to be a challenge. [Music]
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one of the sickest items we've ever given away on   The channel thanks to Pristine Auction . Alright everybody the time is here we got a lot of work   To go over to make this project successful for 
me personally I got to start taking apart the   Donor shoe, Julian I know you got a lot of work 
on your end what do you got? Alright as you can   Tell the shoe has a lot of engraving on it so in 
order for me to do my job of the engraving we're   Going to have to digitize all of these patterns 
and graphics on here so that's going to be my job.  Jake what are you going to be doing? So basically 
we need to recreate this mythical shoe in order   To do that we're going to lay tape down on each 
piece pull a pattern from it and that'll give   Us something to work with. Well we know you do a 
great job on the pattern Jake, but when we look   At this we can see how intricate the Mark Smith 
filigre is and it's going to be very important   Guys that we line up the artwork so that it fits 
the shoe the way the original did on that Kobe so   We have a lot of work to do. As well as we have 
a size 11 pattern but we're going to be going   To a size 12 shoe so we have to be very careful 
with setting that up. To honor the Black Mamba on   Kobe day we're recreating the mythical one of one 
Jordan 3 low top that was gifted to Kobe Bryant   When he first signed with Nike back in 2003 they were 
originally created by the legendary former VP of   Innovations Mark Smith this creative genius is 
responsible for some of Nike's craziest project   That you probably never heard of he's a Pioneer 
behind Nike's laser engraving era we only have   Three photos to work with making this project 
extremely challenging to recreate on point. To   Do this right it's taking several days of hard 
work with the four man team we're really happy with   How things are looking we just hope that we make 
Mark Smith proud and honor Kobe Bryant the right [Music]

Way. So Julian one of the things I was trying 
to figure out how we're going to achieve is the   Thickness of these cut lines if if you see how 
intricate that is I don't know how we're going   To get that it almost looks like one line but 
I don't know how we're going to get it to look   Like the original. What do you think? oh yeah so 
it's kind of in set a little bit I have a theory   I think what we need to do is in the illustrator 
I can go ahead and outline the stroke itself so   In the laser engraver what it's going to do is 
recognize both the inside line and the outside   Line of that shape so instead of it just cutting 
once for the shape it's actually going to cut   The outside and then slightly on the inside a 
little bit. I think that's a great idea I think   It'll look just like this if we do that so both 
sides of the stroke will be will be cut be cut   In there, so yeah the hard part is now going to 
make that match um for those steps inside cause  Everything is a little bit even. Um but like 
you're saying it's the double line so we're   Going to have to go in there and make sure that 
it's an even spread between that inside shape   And then and the outside shape great let's try it 
out let see how it looks. Alright et's go for   It. While everybody's busy we got to start with 
the insoles we are going to be using the black   Pig skin that's going to go on the liner for the 
insoles first we're going to be using some spray   Glue and we're going to cut out the leather after 
that we're going to laser engrave the eight ball. [Music] The dream team has been working non-stop 
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you. Towards the end of the day the homie Ballin    Twin AKA Randy stopped by the studio to show us some 
of his crazy unique collection he's also a good   Friend of Mark Smith so of course the main stuff 
he brought was all his laser engraved stuff from   Mark, Chris Lundy and Maize it was unbelievable 
to see everything together on one table even the   Two pairs of Jordan three Lows on the dunk soles
that were created by Mark in the kitchen have   Never been seen together until today . Looking 
at all these shoes and geeking over them with   My friends was really special these shoes are 
history with stories that deserve to be shared   With with the world the crazy thing is that this 
is only a tiny fraction of the stuff that Mark   Smith has worked on over the years. This was a fun 
conversation we're going to drop the full video   Soon subscribe to our channel. So basically for 
this project besides padding and stiffeners and   Stuff like that we basically have two different 
Leathers that we're using we have a nice pig   Skin here in Black that we use for the liner the 
back of the tongue uh the collar and then a nice   White full grain calf skin um these are beautiful 
Leathers. We have here the cool thing is too that  

We're using materials as closest to the original 
thing as possible. This information is from   Mark Smith himself he said black pig skin and some 
beautiful tumble white leather I think we got that   And that's thanks to District leather Supply. They 
have everything you need from beautiful materials,   Tools last you name it anything you need to make 
a shoe they have it check out District leather   Supply.com right now. Bill thank you so much for 
making this project possible. Hey dudes got the   Leather cut up machine's ready to go where we 
at? So as you know we're trying to be as accurate   As possible on all of these Engravings and since 
there's not a lot of photos of this toe cap area   Um in a clear angle what I'm doing is laying down 
some masking tape going to do a relief etching   Take that scan it in the computer put it in the 
illustrator and then outline the whole thing so   That way on the laser engraving itself it is as 
accurate as possible. It's smart man looks really   Good how do you feel about it? I'm feeling good.
Alright man let's keep it going let's [Music] Go. [Music] It's day three you guys we got all 
the parts fully cut out not going to lie we're   Pretty tired the last few nights we've been here 
till 3:00, 4 in the morning just trying to get   Everything fully cut out perfected the laser and 
gra machine is not really easy to work with but at   This point we finally got it I'm happy we just 
made it here. We learned our lesson it's an art   You're surely is so uh yeah we have everything 
cut over here you know we have a pre- washed and   Washed you know basically there's soot that gets 
all over all these pieces and we need to clean   Them off otherwise the soot gets all over all 
this nice white leather that's right so the laser   Engraving machine creates a lot of burn marks all 
around this white leather we're going to be using   Our RESHOEVN8R Essential Shoe Cleaning Kit all we 
really need is our Soft Brush and our solution, We're going to go to the sink and get us good 
[Music] scrub. Everything's washed fully dried   Ready to go next step is assembly. Where are we at? 
yeah so we got started on it off camera just to   Kind of make sure everything's coming together 
right we got this far I think we're ready to   Start with the the other side down. That's right 
so, what's the first piece we're grabbing? Yeah so   The first thing we want to do is the main piece 
here we want to start here um with that we want   To connect the the like back half of it here okay 
there's a like a hidden stitch on these Jordan 3s   Just rolls over right on the medial side yeah so 
we we need to Skive a lot uh we got some glue that   We need to lay down and then we'll do this hidden 
Stitch first and then we'll come in with with some   Other pieces. Alright so it sounds like we got to 
do some prepwork first I'm going to take care of the   Skyving if we start sewing without doing any skyving 
it's going to look bulky in some areas we don't   Want that. In some areas we're going to go in with 
a little xacto knife to make it nice and [Music] Thin [Music]

So Vick just got this hidden stitch on 
the medial side all done. We now have   The eyelets glued into place, we have the 
lace stiffeners in place behind that and   Then backing as well. Now we have the black 
pig skin leather that we're going to put in . For the liner we need to spray adhesive 
that lay it down and we can start sewing   So as crude as this looks this is just a box 
box, but you want to kind of contain the spray Glue and when you're laying this down you want 
to kind of let it lay on its own you don't want   To try to manipulate it too much cause then it'll 
just lay flat as the pattern sits and then we'll   Roll it. You know one funny thing to me is the that 
sticks out is the word filigree never heard that   Word before never going to forget that word, 
but you know that was the key in this whole   Thing is having Mark Smith's work and in that 
work pattern that he has calls it the filigree   And without that this whole thing would not be 
possible we'd be able to do something on this   Laser project, but it wouldn't be able to look 
as detailed and put together as this without It. So we're moving along nicely uh we have 
the upper made next we need to punch some   Holes and then get started making the interior. 
Also we have the tongue to do. That's right, so   With the holes they're already there the laser 
engraver created them however when you put the   Liner in it kind of covered them up so with 
the hole punch and Hammer we'll recreate them.   We're also on to the tongues they're still 
not attached yet. How do we go about this ? Yeah so with the tongues you meet them face 
to face it's a compound curve Stitch so they   Don't match just like this you got to kind of 
curve them to make them match but once they   Do they're good and it'll flip out like that 
we put the padding in the back and all that.  Interesting, yeah yeah without that explanation 
it'll be kind of weird they don't line up you know?   Yeah how would you go that exactly so once 
they put together you'll see what it looks [Music] [Music] Alright we just got back from the lake 
we had a great time in the RESHOEVN8R boat we did   Some swimming and some surfing we're all tired 
Jake's taking a nap so we're just going to get   Started on these midsoles and soles. We got to 
get them ready for the uppers so using a dremmel   We're going to remove all the glue after that 
we're going to talk about these midsoles. As I was out and About I ran into my good friend from Strap 
I talked to him about the project he loved   Everything about it so he hooked up the entire 
team with a bunch of disposable cameras for a   Hassle-free film experience check them out 
at strapphotoclub.com or on Instagram at Strapphotoclub. So we got the majority of the 
upper done. Now we need to move on to the interior collar and lining dude the shell looks really 
good it's starting to look like the shoe This is information directly from the man himself 
Mark Smith he used black pig skin leather on the original Kobe laser 3 low so we're using the 
exact same stuff so for this step we got to lay  

Down the sock liner. Now what's the process? For 
this step Yeah so basically what we want to do   Is pick out a very soft portion of this uh 
pig skin if you notice some of it's kind of   Thicker than other areas closer to the edges 
it's a little bit thinner and flexible right   And it'll stretch one away and we want to pick 
that area what we'll do is we'll fold this back   Tab down and then wrap it around here inside 
out clip it and then we'll sew it and then   We'll roll the edge in along with a counter 
and padding. Sounds good let's get a nice piece [Music] Out. So we have the liner attached before we 
roll it in we need to add padding and a heel   Counter I think you'll take care of the counter 
I'll take care of the padding both are really   Important the paddings for obviously for comfort 
the counter is to give the upper some [Music] Structure [Music]. So we finished the interior the liner's in now 
i's time to build some tongues that's right. So   You got the leather parts over there. What I 
gotta do with this pattern piece and some   Foam is simply trace it out cut it to give it 
some structure and comfort after that you're   Going to sew it right? Yeah so I'm going to join 
these two together that'll get the uh the top   And the bottom piece of the tongue ready to 
go then we'll get the pig skin lining sew it   Around the top install the padding close it all 
up and then we can install the tongue into the [Music] Shoes. Well we got the tongue in and now our shoes 
3D now it's time to last it that's right we got   Our last right here and our lasting board the 
first we're going to get it on to the last yep   Nail it down tack it on wrap it around wrap it 
on get some nails get some nails have down pull   Tight and get it situated all nice where it looks 
all even pretty straightforward but you want   To do this part right if you do it wrong you can 
get a wonky looking upper you know it's got to be   Centered if you pull too much on this side it just 
kind of makes the whole shoe weird. Yeah it look   Like a sad sock puppet if you don't do it right.
This guy's the OG so we're going to let him do it. Okay [Music] prep is complete before we lay 
down the glue let's take care of these midsoles.   So first we're going to do some taping after 
that we're going to lay down some Angelus flat Black paint while we have the airbrush 
out we're going to take care of these   Custom insole we laser engraved the eightball 
now we want to add a gold touch the reason   Why we're going with gold is to match these 
custom laces. Let's go ahead and use some 18K Gold [Music]. As you can see we got the shoe all lasted 
what's next? That's right it's good to go   Midsole and sole is all prepped let's stick both parts 
together, but first we got to do some prep work   With the pen we're going to outline, exactly 
where to do the prep work and a down some  

Glue for this part it's going to be a two-man 
team, so we want to get it all lined up make   Sure everything's nice from the back side toe 
tip. You want just start. Start right there? [Music] Yep we've applied glue to the 
upper and the sole let it sit for a   Few minutes now it's ready to be heated 
and we can join the two pieces [Music] Together after 6 days of hard 
work let's Stitch these toe caps. [Music] It's about that time seven days in a row 
you guys I'm not even kidding we started   Wednesday finished up on Tuesday every 
single day we were here till like 2-  3 in the morning getting this job done this is 
by far one of the craziest projects we've done . Lot of effort a lot of work went into it Julian 
and Brian getting all the engraving perfected   On our side getting the shoe built that was a 
lot of work but I'm really really thankful for   This project dude. You did a great job building 
it I learned a lot from this process I hope we   Made Mark Smith proud and Kobe Bryant what do 
you think about this project? Dude yeah it came   Out incredible um better than expected you know 
which is wild cuz we knew what we were looking to   Do but man it came out awesome. Jake thanks again 
for helping me with this project man that's two   For two now can't wait for the next one. Oh yeah!
This project is basically wrapped up but we   Still have to go in and give this shoe a proper 
deep clean all around just because of all the touch   We did on these shoes the last 7 Days the white 
leather has some scuffing and marks from the laser   Engraving it's not a problem it's just surface 
Grime we're going to go in with our RESHOEVN8R Essential Shoe Cleaning Kit using our solution 
and our Soft Bristle Brush to give everything   A nice quick Passover to get everything 
cleaned up so we can lace the shoe [Music] Up. If you're interested in winning this beautiful 
one of 1 Kobe Bryant signed piece then make sure   You're following Pristine Auction on Instagram 
and head over to their website at prestineauction.com   For more details on how to win. Alright Brian 
after seven long days of work what do you think ? I'm speechless, blown Away in fact I just want to 
sit here and just look at them for a good hour or   Two you know? Beautiful sneaker just seeing them
come to come to life after all the work that it   Took to get it done and seeing it finally put 
together and it looks pretty much dead on to   What the original one was I know we didn't try to 
completely replicate it perfectly but it just has   The shape it just has the look that deep engraving 
that Mark um is known for it just I I couldn't be   Happier dude they came out amazing and not only 
that you made a box for these. Yes I did the box   Is amazing so the exact filagree pattern that's 
on the shoe is on the Box on the inside got the   Eightball all the details are there it's a 
beautiful freaking box. Thank you I figured I   Had to do something that was worthy of these shoes 
and also the laser era as well as Mark I wanted to   Make Mark proud well that's important of course 
we needed to honor Kobe the right way honor Mark  

Smith and his whole team the laser engraving era.
I also want to give a big thank you to you Brian   For making this project happen, Julian for you 
know being the brains of it Graphics you spent   Hours and hours getting it all together Jake for 
putting the shoe together Dank Customs did a great   Job. All three of you guys made this project 
possible well you're welcome you know what I   Think the the experience of the whole project for 
me was just as good as actually getting the shoes   So I really appreciate that and I do thank the 
guys that you thanked as well um couldn't have   Been happier. What's left so well I think I'm so 
happy with this I think it's important that we   Jump on a zoom call with Mark the legend himself 
Hedcheq, Mr Smitty and let's see what he thinks   About that. Let's jump on that zoom let get on this 
call. Hey Mark how you doing man ?Thanks for taking   The time to join us today. Mark I just want to say 
real quick man this is a surreal moment talking   To you so for the last like five or six months 
I've seen your picture every single day I've   Done so much research on you and just
trying to get prepared for this project that we   Did last week with Brian we assembled the whole 
team to do this project right and I just wanted   To say thank you so much for being on this call 
with us right now, giving us that other image of   The tongue to show us that eight Shield like all 
of that stuff Mark is incredible and I just want   To thank you well. Thanks man that's very very kind 
of you to say I appreciate that and uh I'm sure I   Look exactly the same as 15 years ago 100% just no 
gu uh and by the way thanks for all the you know   For the attention to um what was one of many many 
projects seem to you know touch a lot of parts of   The company and touch a lot of parts of the the 
industry but again I keep explaining how it was   Just my job it was just what I was doing and it 
was just another project that came in and uh I   Appreciate the attention to detail um I do look 
back fondly on on on presenting to Kobe that was   A very high point for me. We were going to show 
you look at that thing wow look at that thing, So I'm ask you what did you use for a last? So we 
used just a regular Jordan 3 last did an f8 last   That thing look amazing yes it was so we used that 
last that was already constructed for a Jordan 3   Last however if we had more time on the project we 
wanted to slim down that toebox area to get more   Of a certain shape that we wanted just like the 
pair you had however it was 7 days we spent a lot   Of time tinkering with the laser engraver you know 
making sure the settings were on point it was a   Labor of love Mark. Yeah and like on this shoe too 
um we included the logo that you add that you gave   Uh Brian. The logo you made for me Mark we put on 
the uh oh yeah yeah that's really cool. Is it weird   To you that we're actually recreating a piece 
of your art? Yeah yeah it's it's it's interesting   Because um I never I you know it was one of many 
many things and so to have anything pulled out   And you know decades later and have it inspected 
investigated reproduced in any way I think that's   For me it's very very cool I appreciate that and 
I can't uh you know thank you guys for doing that   It's it's a it's an honor and a pleasure to be 
you know thought of in that way so spending your  

Time and effort on something that was just my 
job the honor is ours. Well we love you Mark we   Appreciate all of your gifts to the laser era and to Nike and to it's inspired a lot of   Us. I can't tell you how much it inspires me even 
lasering boxes and doing things like that I always   Think about what would Mark do. Thanks you guys 
appreciate it have fun I appreciate everything   Can't wait to see pictures of the thing when it's 
done I'd love to you know I'd love for you guys to   Share some of that stuff with the guys at Nike I 
don't know how to do that or anything but the team   There that worked on those would probably love to 
see that stuff you know, so thanks you guys. Thank you Mark, thanks Mark all right bye guys take 
care. Alright dude I'm geeking out we just talked   To Mark Smith I feel like we did him proud I'm 
looking forward to seeing his reaction to more of   The pictures that we said we already talked about 
the next one hopefully we get Mark Smith approval   What do you think? Hey I'm all in after this 
project I'm just like I'm so happy to be a part of   It I can't wait for another one again Brian thank 
you so much for this project dude. This project is   Definitely my top three meeting Mark Smith, hanging 
out with all these guys to do this project it was   Truly a blessing. Well I think it's time for me to 
take these home now let's get out of here let's go. [Music]