Size reference: im 5’7 170cm

Outfit 1:
Grey Hoodie (size medium):
Cargo Pants (30×30 – fits big):
Hat is from a local vintage shop

Outfit 2:
Stussy hoodie (small): *note: there’s a back graphic
ALD NY hat:
Lee denim shorts (size 29):

Outfit 3:
Hat is vintage
Cole buxton shirt:
Long sleeve white tee (small):
Grey sweatpants (XS):

Outfit 4:
Uniqlo Flannel (size small):
Washed tee (medium):
Denim from the Richie Le collection:

Outfit 5: Urban Revivo use code BRYCE for 15% off
Long black lightweight jacket (size small):
Braided Belt Shoulder Bag:
Black cargo pants (29w 30L):

Outfit 6: Urban Revivo use code BRYCE for 15% off
Black wide fit pants (size 29):
beige Zipper front jacket (small):

Outfit 7: Urban Revivo use code BRYCE for 15% off
Grey Overshirt jacket (small):
White tee (small):
Beige pleated pants (size 29):

Outfit 8: travis Scott AJ1
Kith JFK Tee (small):
Kinetic Kings shorts (small): use code BRYCE for 10% off
Stussy Hat:

Outfit 9:
Stussy Beach leopard jacket: sold out
jeans are vintage
Saintwoods hat:

Outfit 10:
Stussy Sherpa Jacket:

Outfit 11:
Camo hat:
similar White Stussy vest (small):
black washed Abercrombie jeans (30w 30L):

Outfit 12:
varisty jacket and Jeans are vintage:
More Apparel Hat:

Outfit 13:
Arcteryx beanie:

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It has been almost four years since I Last styled the Air Jordan 1 low and With the recent release and quality I Cannot think of a better time to style This shoe we're going to hear from Channel sponsor Urban Revival with some Great fall Essentials you guys need to Pick up for an affordable price of Course I also got a surprise for you Guys later on in the video but without Further Ado let's get started so for Outfit one this is something that I'm Calling a fall uniform this is the Typical outfit that I wear on almost a Daily basis and for good reason it goes With everything I could swap the shoes Out and it'll still look super clean but Some of my favorites that you're seeing Here is a boxy fit gray hoodie and some Olive cargos if you have been watching This channel for some years now you know That these are two of my bread and Butter of what I talk about this shirt Is from Abercrombie it's a size medium I'm five seven links to everything are Going to be in the description and the Pants here are from alpha Industries M65 Cargo pants with a nice baggy fit I love The thigh straps to help sort of taper It in if you'd like you can just leave Them loose if you want but either way Super super fresh with this one and on Hat I have a vintage Bulls snapback I Wanted to go with this one because it

Has little hits of red it's just one of My favorites to wear another great use Of a hoodie this time of the year or any Time of the year for that matter is with A zip up this one is from stuc it's from Their latest fall collection and what I Love most about is it is it allows you To use the t-shirt underneath to help Accentuate the outfit and for me I went With a little bit more of a simpler Option just because it'll go with a lot More of my wardrobe but if you guys love Graphic tees you could definitely Display your graphic tee underneath and Use those accent colors to match with Your sneakers now to keep the outfits Sort of neutral toned I went with a pair Of Jordans these ones are from Lee Denim And they're very affordable as well so The best part about these these have a Nice light to sort of mid-wash to them Which allows you to pair them with Lighter tones like you see here with the Gray hoodie and the white T-shirt and up Top for the Hat I have a amelion door Baseball cap this one is mesh and it has A low profile I've been really into sort Of more low profile hats recently just Because I have a little bit of a smaller Head so I feel like it it fits with my Hat shape lately but overall this is Such a classic and Timeless outfit and Zip UPS I think are very under it so We've mentioned hoodies zip UPS but we

Haven't mentioned sweatpants yet these Sweatpants easily one of my favorites And the best part is they're very Affordable as well these are the Levi's Gold top sweatpants just a very loose Fitting with a simple cuff at the bottom None of that traditional jogger style Which is kind of played out and out of Trend right now these ones are Timeless And the best part is that I styled them With this graphic tee now on its own This graphic tee and I saw some of your Guys comments that it does fit a Full-size big right I got a medium I Should have gotten a small but I bought It online and I can't return it so what Can you do when you have a t-shirt that Fits too big the simple answer is to Throw on a long sleeve t-shirt Underneath not only will it fill out the Shirt a little bit better but it Actually appears to be less baggy Because you can't really tell where the Sleeves start and where the sleeve ends So if you get yourself just a normal Fitting long sleeve white t-shirt Underneath and throw it under your Favorite uh t-shirt that maybe fits too Big then trust me you're set okay so for This next outfit we're going with Another fall uniform okay you know me I Love a good flannel and this one from Uniqlo is one of the best that you can Get out there for a number of reasons

First of all Shadow plaid print which is In my opinion my favorite type of Flannel print this one is beige and Black so it's super wearable and goes With a ton of my wardrobe and with the Jeans these are extra pair of Richie Lee Collection denim that I've had for years Now this is part of his first denim Collection that he put out and these Ones have a little bit more of a taper Fit which I actually prefer with a pair Of low top sneakers like this one these Are actually surprisingly not that bulky Compared to say like an Air Force One For example so overall very cohesive Outfit I went with no hat on this one my Hair might be a little bit wild because I've been changing in and out of so many Outfits but either way this is this is One of my favorites for sure now here's Another example of an all black fit with Some of those added on details that I Was talking about first thing that you May notice is this side bag right here This is actually from the brand Urban Revival which is today's video sponsor Urban Revival is a fashion brand that Has over 360 stores worldwide they drop Hundreds of new Styles every week Designing over ten thousand Styles a Year delivering the latest Runway Inspired ready to wear designer and High Street fashion outfits to stores and Customers for an affordable price that's

One of the things that I first noticed About the brand is that they have that Sort of Runway High fashion feel but With prices that do not break the bank Some of my favorite items include these Woven straight leg pants as well as a Zipper front jacket just a very simple And clean look here and if you guys want To save 15 off on your order for all of These items use code Bryce at checkout I'll be sure to leave the links in the Description so if you need some really Great items for fall you definitely got To check them out now as mentioned this Is one of my favorite items that I've Picked up from Urban Revival I love the Large Pockets but especially the braided Side strap over here which is honestly Amazing and the quality on this thing is Incredible now the top that I'm wearing Is actually more of like a shirt than it Is a coat but it is great it's nice and Long and it does have that sort of more Of an elevated look to it with the wide Lapels which is something that I really Appreciate and the pants are a pair of Black cargos ultimately this is just a Nice added detail to a fit something That's a little bit sleeker especially With the transitioning weather as well Right it's good if it rains good if There's a lot of wind so easily one of My favorite Urban Revival things and Because of that Runway style that you

Get from Urban Revival you are able to Pull off some really good elevated Outfits like you see here the main Takeaway from this outfit are these Super dope pleated pants that give a Really nice like casual menswear vibe to It in my opinion when I was working in An office nine to five I looked for Items like these just because if I were To wear jeans with this outfit it would Come off a little too casual but because I'm wearing slacks with the sneakers it Does give off a little bit more of a Better Vibe and if you throw on some Blue light glasses which I actually use Every single day it just gives off a Really proper look you can throw on some Jewelry like I have here with a ring From a jury and ultimately you can pull Off a really clean and classy outfit now If you didn't know I love a good Surprise so here are 5 five bonus Outfits with the Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 low so I was actually in Portugal a Few weeks back looking at wedding venues And this was one of my favorite outfits To wear while I was away on vacation These shorts are some of my absolute Favorites they're from kinetic Kings and They make great printed mesh shorts a Lot of different color and texture to Them so I highly recommend you guys Check them out I'll leave a link in the Description and to pair with it a nice

Neutral tone t-shirt this is a kith diff KT if you guys have been around on the Channel you know that I have featured This numerous amounts of times because I Just absolutely love it it has a nice Ash Gray that I think just goes really Well with my skin tone it's good quality And the fit is on point as well I went With a black cap strategically to match The black accents of the sneakers and For a watch I went with the Seiko GMT Seiko 5 GMT this is just an absolutely Beautiful stunning watch and it has an Open back which is a really cool feature So I'll leave a link for these as well Easy one of my favorite outfits in the Video now this next item is easily one Of my favorites in my entire wardrobe it Is a stucy leopard print Beach jacket It's a super lightweight Airy mesh Jacket almost made out of like a canvas Material and I remember from the moment I saw this I knew that I had to have it It is so just loud and out there but Also because of the Earth Tone colors It's also very wearable and it's Something that you guys have seen many Times over the years if you've been Subscribed for a while now but I wanted To keep the the tones of the outfit Relatively the same so I went with a Brown St Woods cap with some light wash Jeans which is always my default sort of Neutral color to bring everything

Together either this or gray and then of Course the Travis Scott one lows so this Is just one of those items that is very Polarizing people love it or hate it but I think you guys know where I stand now The leopard definitely may not be for Everybody so what you could do instead Is grab this stucy fleece jacket fleece Is one of those things that I'm going to Be wearing a lot of this year and I Mentioned it in my fall Trends video That a lot of the best brands are Putting out some really nice fleece Jackets so I think that you'll see a lot Of people wearing them and my favorite Aspect of it is that it adds a bunch of Texture to the outfit which is something That I always appreciate I kept the same Pants for this fit as well however if You wanted to add a pop of color you Could always throw on your favorite Beanie as well I mean at the end of the Day and be wearing fleece a little bit Later Into The Fall season into winter So either way if you guys are wondering How the stupid fleece is it's really Good quality keep in mind it does have a Little bit of a crop to it which I like And yeah I just can't recommend it now If you couldn't already tell stucy is Obviously one of my favorite Brands and This is the last piece that I'm going to Be showing you guys it is a puffer vest That has this cream quilted pattern on

The outside it's actually reversible so You could flip it over it also matches Little hits on these shoes as well and To sort of bring the whole outfit Together the neutral Tone If you will For this outfit it's actually these Black wash jeans I'll be sure to link These below they're easily one of my Favorite jeans to wear especially this Time of year and a little bit of flair To the outfit is definitely the Hat it Is a real tree camo cap that I got from Amazon it's a pretty affordable price as Well so yeah this is another one of my Favorites version all right we are going To switch back to the Black Toe Air Jordan one for right now and pair it With this varsity jacket look how dope This thing is guys like there's no way Around it this thing is just Super Fresh I thrifted this from a local vintage Store called throwback Vault so Technically didn't Thrift it I bought it At a vintage store Um but man this thing the proportions of This thing fit my body so well it's just Such a clean fitting varsity jacket and It's one that I think came out in the 60s or something it's got all kinds of Cool badges on it things on the back so Ultimately this thing is just Super Fresh So if you want similar varsity Jackets but you don't want to spend a Ton of money because this thing is

Genuine leather check out your favorite Vintage stores thrift stores they'll Have some before you there these pants As well same thing from a local vintage Spot that I got from Instagram instead And I just throw oyt underneath the hat Is from my brand more repair I'll leave A link in the description if you want to Buy it the last outfit had a thrifted Jacket and this one has a thrifted pair Of pants these are a pair of Carhartt Carpenter pants I got these off of Grailed which is one of my favorite Places to get sort of trendier you know Thrifted or secondhand items for an Affordable price I believe these are Around 50 or 60 dollars and I absolutely Love the natural distressing of them and I did get them a little bit altered just To fit my proportions a little bit Better but ultimately very worth the Purchase and another sort of uniform Piece as I mentioned at the top of the Video was a gray hoodie but a gray crew Neck is equally as valuable this one is Actually a sample from my clothing brand More apparel you saw the Hat a little Bit earlier and I'm going to be doing Some stuff with this a little bit later On in the year but for now this is uh The blank that we're going to be using And just look at the fit this thing is Incredible I absolutely love it nice Heather gray on top we have the arterix

Beanie Olive beanie I'm telling you guys Right now if you you want any arcterics Items you got to get them now because Come the fall and the winter time it's All going to be sold out so if you want Any sort of waste bags or shoulder bags From arcterics any of the beanies or Hats you got to get them right now do Not wait so I'll be sure to leave a link In the description to a similar one Because I think this one is gone now so If you want to learn about some of those Fall trends that I was chatting about Earlier in the video check this video Out right here or if you want to hear About some of my most worn clothing Items of the entire year check this Video right here so let me click one of Those and I'll meet you guys there