We are hosting our BIGGEST GIVEAWAY ever! One lucky winner will have the chance to take home $20K worth of prizes, but this is more than just prizes you are taking home a lifetime of memories. The prizes feature a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel to the RESHOEVN8R Headquarters and build a one of one custom with Vick Almighty. This all inclusive trip includes travel, room and board, and a sneaker designed by you! On top of that crazy experience you will go home with $6500 in cash, 2 shopping sprees at two local sneaker shops, Many Worlds AZ and Guestlist AZ. As well as 1 year worth of product, a luggage bundle, and so much more! What are you waiting for?!

All you have to do to enter is shop online at reshoevn8r.com and you will earn 1 entry for every $1 that you spend. Plus stay up date with us on social for your chance to earn additional entries throughout the month.

Good luck and we hope to see you very soon!

Check out the rules:

What's up shoe care Superstars my name Is Nick and today I have a special Announcement from the team at Rejuvenator during the month of July we Are doing a 20 000 sweepstakes giveaway Where one lucky winner is going to Receive the prize of a lifetime now Included in this whole entire Prize Package to start off with is going to be An all-inclusive trip down here to the Rejuvenator headquarters where you're Going to get the chance to get your very Own Vic Almighty custom that's right Designed by you made by me that's right Guys you can take a Jordan you can take An Air Max you can take a dunk it Doesn't really matter what shoe you want Vic Almighty he's surgical with it he's Precision craftsmanship he's an expert When it comes to taking many shoes and Putting it in to one shoes taking a Bunch of hats making shoes out of it Taking a bunch of scraps out of the Scrap bin making shoes out of it you Want to put lights and light up and Other stuff that happens in your shoes He can do that you want to take some Custom lost and founds and make them Look like some samples from 1985 he'll Do that for you too it doesn't matter What you want the only limitation is Your imagination Vic Almighty will take Whatever you design and he will craft it Into the custom sneaker of your dreams

Next we're going to give you 6 500 in Cash money we're also going to give you Two different gift cards to two separate Sneaker stores in the valley here first We got a thousand dollars to many worlds It's next door to rejuvenator Headquarters and it's our Sneaker Boutique as well as clothing and apparel Line you get a thousand bucks to buy Whatever you want over there next you're Getting 1000 and dollars in a gift card As well to our friends over at guest List they again have bunch of sneakers a Bunch of clothes hats belts bags Accessories you name it so you can Definitely find something from there Next we're going to make sure that you Leave here in style with all of the Rejuvenator luggage we got the Rejuvenator Let's Go backpack holds a Bunch of sneakers clothes all the things You need for weekend travel as well as The big rejuvenator roller luggage this Thing holds everything you can need for Like a month at a time I don't hold like Six pairs of shoes depending what size You are and you're five to like 14 as Well as a bunch of clothes and other Things all inside of this bag we're Gonna make sure you go home with that as Well also we're gonna make sure that you Can display all of your sneakers at home As well as your brand new Vic Almighty Custom in style we're giving you 10 of

Our reshuffnator drop front clear Sneaker cases this way you can display All of your sneakers at home with pride Also included in this we're going to get You a whole bunch of rejuvenator Products so that way you can make sure That any of your shoes at home as well As your new Bic Almighty custom is Def Definitely able to be taken care of Clean and protected and elevating your Shoe Care by using all rejuvenator Products now entering the sweepstakes is Super easy all you have to do is go to Rejuvenator.com and purchase anything it Doesn't matter if you want to buy Sneaker wipes if you want to buy an Executive kit every dollar you spend Gives you one entry into the sweepstakes Now also make sure you're following all Of the rejuvenator social channels That's from Twitter Facebook Pinterest Tick Tock Instagram I'm sure there's Probably more I don't even know all of Them that's how many we have because We're going to give you other multiple Opportunities to win bonus entries That's right two times three times four Times five times points on certain days And each of those days will roll out Over on our social platform so make sure You're following along at rejuvenator on Every social platform so that way you Get extra entries into the sweepstakes Thanks a lot for hanging out for this

Video guys I know something a little bit Different we didn't really clean any Shoes but we're giving you guys all the Chance of a lifetime because we Appreciate each and every one of you for All the love and support you've shown us Over the last 13 years so that that's Why we're doing this giveaway and Sweepstakes for you so make sure you Shop online at recruitnator.com and get Your entries in for the sweepstakes Thanks a lot guys [Music] [Music] Foreign