What do you think of the shoes that I'm Wearing oh man I I can't stand the yeey Pods man ah not for me but you do you Not for me but yeah it's uh it is what It is I was just talking to my girl just Recently and I was thinking about Getting them so I would mess with them For sure yeah they look pretty comfy Honestly 20 bucks though is 20 bucks That's pretty crazy I love them well Worth the $20 not the 200 so if you Spend 200 on them they don't really look Like shoes they look like socks to tell You the truth are those comfortable not Even a little bit controversial opinion I love the easy pod I think Kanye is Doing a good job now that he's not with Adidas anymore I think he's got good Sneakers to come I didn't get a pair yet My pairs in the mail I don't know how They're going to fit but I'm excited to Get them the easy pods man I I missed Out on the 20 drop I missed out but I Never miss out on These very unique uh futuristic they Look mad comfortable honestly at first I Didn't like them for 200 but once they Hit the website for 20 I had to get him If he Hurt