Today I think they're shoes that started As training partner shoes like the first Batch of them were things like the Endorphin Speed 3 they were designed to Be used as your training partner to a Full carbon tube and they basically Brought elements of the tech in carbon Super Shoes to training shoes so super Foams you know the lightest bounciest Phones the brands have plates in Particular obviously rods with Adidas And that's how I think of the super Trainers are basically choose your use Of training that have elements of Super Shoe technology in them that's getting Harder to specify them because early on It was they were fast shoes and now Actually people are really going down The more the all-rounder route with them And actually almost designing these Trainers to use for easy runs more than Anything else and it's getting a bit Nebulous I do even have to have a plate In them like the attic super blast I Kind of consider a super trainer but it Doesn't have a plate in it but it does Have Asics best foam and then there's Things like the Hoka Bondi X which I Don't know what actually was for but I Guess it's kind of a super trainer in The sense