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Curious about the latest style trend of quiet luxury? Learn all about this rising trend and the top luxury brands embracing it. Discover how you can incorporate quiet luxury into your wardrobe and stay ahead of the style trends in 2024. Watch now to join the movement!

Here are a few things to know if you Want to achieve that quiet luxury look Number one is the Fabrics avoid the Cheap polyester Blends and opt for Luxurious Fabrics like cashmere silk and Wool and that brings us to tip number Two your capsule wardrobe start to Curate a collection of versatile pieces That effortlessly mix and match from Blazers to crisp white teas to Well-fitted Denim these wardrobe Staples Will be your go-to for every occasion Next is accessories instead in of a bag With logos try out leather bags instead Of a bulky watch try out a Timeless Casio or time x watch especially if You're on a budget next your grooming Has to be on point a good skincare System like te Hanley will do the trick The level one system comes with Everything you need including a daily Face wash an exfoliating scrub and an AM And PM moisturizer now you can use the Link of my bio to get 30% off your first Box plus a free gift