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Curious about the latest style trend of quiet luxury? Learn all about this rising trend and the top luxury brands embracing it. Discover how you can incorporate quiet luxury into your wardrobe and stay ahead of the style trends in 2024. Watch now to join the movement!

Quiet luxury let's go over what that is How you can achieve this look and at the End of the video some of the best Brands To buy from to achieve this quiet luxury Look quiet luxury fashion is like a Secret handshake among the style Elites It's all about being lowkey rather than Shouting for attention with these huge Name brands it's about wearing pieces That make you feel like a million bucks Without needing to flaunt it think Classic Styles muted colors and Attention to detail that will turn heads So getting into tip number one the Golden Rule when it comes to quiet Luxury is of course quality forget about Those fast fashion brands like Sheen Timu and Forever 21 if you want that Quiet luxury aesthetic instead you need To invest in quality pieces made of the Best materials trust me it's worth Spending a little more for that Well-made garment that'll last you a Lifetime remember it's not about how Many pieces you own but the quality and Craftsmanship that really makes Something quiet luxury this is why you Need to embrace tip number two which is Minimalism now minimalism includes clean Lines muted tones and simple Silhouettes Now remember minimalism isn't about Being boring it's about letting the cut And quality of your pieces speak for you Instead of those flashy logos and

Over-the-top details so streamline your Wardrobe clean it up and make some Simple swaps to more comfortable plain Pieces that will give you that quiet Luxury look now since you don't have Flashy logos this is where tip number Three really comes into play your fabric Quality fabric quality matters more than You think avoid the cheap polyester Blends and opt in for luxurious Fabrics Like cashmere silk and wool not only do They feel amazing on your skin they'll Last longer look better and will Definitely help you achieve that quiet Luxury look trust me once you feel these Fabrics on body it's going to be hard to Go back to the cheap stuff so you want To make sure you Choose Wisely when it Comes to your Fabrics so now that you Know what Fabrics to look out for let's Get into tip number five and that's Building your capsule wardrobe it's time To curate your very own capsule wardrobe Get rid of that cluttered closet and Start to curate a collection of Versatile pieces that effortlessly mix And match this could be tailored Blazers To crisp white shirts and well-fitted Denim these wardrobe Staples will be Your go-to for any occasion real quick Guys I want to give a huge shout out to Today's sponsor which is TE Hanley if You didn't know te Hanley is the go-to Skincare system for men and ever since

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A Sleek leather bag instead of a bulky Watch try out a Timeless Casio or timx Watch especially if you're on a budget These accessories will be the cherry on Top to your quiet luxury look tying Everything together now it's time to get Into some Brands you can check out to Achieve this quiet luxury look first Brand you can check check out is Luca Filon made in Italy these pieces are Meant to fit perfect on body really Taking into account the build quality And premium materials next is zna Founded in 1910 starting off with Amazing suits but recently dove into the More casual Street Wear looks by Collaborating with Brands like fear of God probably one of my favorite quiet Luxury Brands right now another one is Resort Co their mission is to craft the Perfect vacation wardrobe the resort Co Uses ethical production techniques as Well as the most sustainable materials Seriously check them out they have great Pieces that'll last you a lifetime now Like I said if you're on a budget check Out the sales shop secondhand or just Gain inspiration from these Brands and Try to swap it with an affordable Alternative now of course you won't get The same quality but you will get the Same look at an affordable price is Quiet luxury something you want to Incorporate in your wardrobe let me know

Again don't forget to check out today's Sponsor teach Hanley first link in the Description down below as always I Appreciate you guys for watching and I Will see you in the next one Peace