Nike Refurbished is comprised of returns, exchanges, and shoes with small imperfections that range from men’s and women’s performance and lifestyle footwear. The shoe are given a condition grading that ranges from Like New, Gently Worn, and Slightly Imperfect. Each shoe is also cleaned by Nike’s team of experts before being graded.

The shoes offered by the Nike Refurbished program are marked down by up to 50 percent off original retail pricing.

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He just killed stockx and go here's what Happened Nike just launched a website Selling you sneakers at a steep discount Similar to what goat does but prices are Way way more affordable so here's how They do it step one their team of Experts inspects items that cannot be Sold as new Step 2 each eligible product Is carefully cleaned and sanitized step 3 the item is given a condition grade by The team like new gently worn or Slightly imperfect step number four the Refurbished products are sold online for You to buy at a steep discount you can Get Blazers waffle ones or even slides From 40 to 50 off maybe you need some New gym sneakers cleats or running Sneakers without paying full price some People love it some people hate it Either way you can definitely find some Steals on here even if you're not Looking for anything hype so let me know What you guys think will you be using The site