The Air Jordan Fear Pack was released back in 2013. Out of the Air Jordan Fear 3, 4, and 5, which is your favorite and why? #shorts

Army let's take it back for a little bit Now back August 24 2013 we've seen the Air Jordan fear pack now it started off With the Air Jordan three fears and we Got the Air Jordan four fears and my Favorite the Air Jordan 5 fears now Comment down below and let me know out Of the fear pack which pair you actually Wanted to Retro now we will be getting The Air Jordan three fears dropping November 25th retail is going to be 210 Now when he's dropped back in 2013 Retail was 175 dollars for the Air Jordan 3 fear so let me know if you do Plan on copping the 2023 pair and also Let me know out of the three pairs which One is your favorite out of the Air Jordan fear pack