Today Im taking a look at some of my latest pick ups, we’ve got one of the most slept on sneakers in my opinion the Nike Air Ship PE Every game, we’ve also got an insanely clean New Balance colourway, a bunch of clothing from Seventh & The Spider Man Jordan 1s. This early pair of Jordans is inspired by the upcoming Spiderman Across The Spiderverse movie and they are really wild. Its official name is the Jordan 1 Next Chapter and it’s dropping May 20th.

Let me know if you’ve changed your mind about this sneaker!


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Today's gonna be a good one guys today We're going to be taking a look at an Early pair of Jordans that everybody Seems to have changed their mind on We're also going to be taking a look at What's apparently the most slept on Sneaker of this year but we'll find out Either way let's jump into the first Package love it when they fully pull off Oh we got a fresh new pair okay we got a New balance this is a colorway that did Actually sell out in a lot of sizes damn These things are clean this is the Protection pack 2002 are in the gray Colorway I love that uh just OG gray New Balance colorway I think the first thing I'm gonna do with this pair of shoes is Probably swap out the laces for like a White to match the midsole I think it'll Just add a little bit of color contrast To this colorway new balance is Absolutely pumping out the colorways Which I know some people are a little Bit upset of some people hold the Opinion that New Balance should have Just stopped with the original pack and I can understand that from like a Limited resale point of view but from Like A variation standpoint I don't mind It whatsoever I think the more colorways The better I will also mention that the Outsole is not kind of vintaged or aged Out I think this is probably my second Favorite apart from the original alright

Next package uh let's get this one out Of the way because I believe this should Be a double up of a pair of sneakers That I already have I just know the Price is going to go up to a ridiculous Point I don't often double up on Sneakers but the ones that I do I know I'm going to beat down and I know I'm Gonna want a fresh pair you guys Probably already know what this is It's The Jordan 4 Pine green Nike SB collab Brand new crispy clean pair this one's Going to uh just chill on the sidelines While I beat the other pair down I just Know that this pair of sneakers is going To be in my rotation this summer time Like pretty damn heavily and I feel like These have already been going up in Price I just knew if I didn't pick a Pair up right now I'm probably never Going to do it again but yeah my top 10 Spring summer sneakers this is Definitely up there in the top five I'm Not going to spoil the video for you but Uh yeah it's a great pair of all right This is a heavy one we've got two pairs In here a lot of you guys as well asked Me to get this pair of sneakers in first Let me show you guys this pair here we Go I don't know what that sticker is all About on the top of the box oh yeah this Is the uh the gray Jordan 2 official Name gray and white cement but uh what I Thought was pretty interesting about

This pair and let me show you guys the Insole on it because they uh switched That up really randomly so there's all The color that's desaturated from this Pair it's uh on the insole yeah remember That picture of Michael Jordan dunking With the skyline in the background well Yeah that's uh bizarrely on the insole Of this pair of Jordan too definitely One of the cleanest colorways of the Jordan 2 that we've seen uh at least in My opinion I just love the subtle gray And then this little back tab here which Is just sailed out Jordan brand really Did their very best to try and bring the Hype to the Jordan 2 model I don't think It worked out for them and they're still Dropping a bunch of colorways they've Definitely not had it the best leather To this pair you can see the toe box Just almost immediately creases just From pulling it out of the freaking box Let's keep it moving oh man they even Killed the Box on these things this is Such a cool looking box that you get a Little Airship PE booklet this has got To be one of the coolest kind of gr Sneakers that Nike has done and these Things are clean this is the Nike Airship PE every game this is such a Cool pair look at the underneath of These things they're all kind of Whited Out so it's definitely got a very very Heavy vintage treatment on it like the

Entire upper is all cracked leather Which I think looks really really cool This unfortunately is a half size too Small it was the only one that was left These things did completely sell out and They hardly released here in the EU so I'm hoping I can pick up a pair for a Reasonable price I thought outfit I'll Just buy this pair get it in see if I Really like it and that yeah I do so I'm Definitely gonna be after my size for Sure extra laces are all sailed out with Which I actually think I'll stick with The blue because I think that is really Nice of a contrast this could be a Really sick summer sneak pretty thought This was going to be a Nigel Sylvester Collaboration but it turns out it has Nothing to do with Nigel Sylvester it Just looks extremely similar to the pair That his friends and family all right Next up we've got some clothing pickups A lot of people who've dm'd me telling Me like Bro you've gotta try this hoodie Out so let's find out if this really is That good this is very expensive I will Say that we'll take a look at the hoodie First this is from a brand called uh Seven but very different feel to the Material it's almost like uh slightly Stiff it's gonna kind of suspend off of Your body a little bit which is really Nice this colorway is called I think Diesel it's like uh almost grayed out

Navy blue but very very grayed out Probably in fact more gray and blue all Right so I'm just gonna throw this on Just make sure it fits and uh tell you Guys what I think so far the material is Extremely interesting stick right so Sizing is actually pretty perfect I'd Say it's a little bit cropped which is Definitely some people hate a cropped Hoodie I personally love it when it's a Little bit cropped the thing is it Doesn't have uh front pockets which I Normally do prefer but it's not the Biggest deal in the world lined with This other material on the inside I Don't know if you guys can see uh but That's a very silky material which feels Kind of nice is definitely higher Quality and overall I actually really Like let me show you the other piece That I got from them this is a bomber Jacket this one is a medium as well so Let me throw this bad boy on yeah this Feels this feels really really nice I Mean the fit is super nice as well it's Like definitely cropped so if you're not A fan of cropped stuff then this jacket Is probably not for you like you could Wear this a little bit more smarter or I Guess you could dress it down throw a Hoodie underneath very very good quality I will not fault their quality at all Got some secret pockets on the inside Let me know what you think down in the

Comment section all right with all that Out of the way let's get into the pair Of shoes that has everybody flipping Their decisions alright here we go a Regular Jordan one box which I think is A huge huge missed opportunity because Well you'll understand once you see the Sneaker inside wow okay this is the uh The Spider-Man Jordan Ones well here you Have them guys this is the uh Spider-Man Across the spider verse basically the uh The Jordan one themed off of the Upcoming Spider-Man movie these things Are very wild even Wilder in person look How straight that freaking tongue is Definitely nothing like the Chicago so Uh you can see side by side obviously There's a lot of DNA in there in terms Of like the red and the white but I will Say like the the red on the Spidermans Is definitely a lot lighter or I guess Just more saturated more vibrant at Least when compared to the lost and Found so you can see there on the toe Box that's quite a big difference and Obviously moving around towards to the Side this is where things get pretty Trippy because you've got a bunch of Wild materials like just a lot of crazy Patterns and Designs going on and then You get to the outsole now look this is Something that I only recently learned But this outsole even though it doesn't Really look like it it glows in the dark

Pretty heavily my UV light over here Prepped and ready to test these things Out so let's see how crazy this glow is That is crazy so it'll be even crazier If I actually charge them up outside but You could just see like how much these Things glow in the dark it's a pretty Significant when I spoke about these a Couple months ago when we had the first Images and people were laying into these Things like they were the pepperoni ones But now that the release is kind of Happening like you guys out in the US Already got exclusive access for these Things I've seen a lot of people have a Lot of positive things to say seems like The hype is really there these drop on May the 20th like I said you guys on the US have already had exclusive access for These things and I believe the EU and The UK is also getting exclusive access So be on the lookout that should Probably happen maybe this week over the Weekend or sometime early next week Either way guys I'd love to know your Thoughts on these things have you Changed your mind are you going to be Going for them are you a fan of these Things let me know down in the comments Either way guys if you want to check out The Jordan 4 Thunders which are dropping This weekend I did a full review of the Day Foreign