Today I’m taking a look at Travis Scotts latest collaboration and last one on the Jordan 1. I’m also taking a look at some other of my latest pick ups!

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Okay so today we’re gonna take a look at A pair of Jordans that has everyone Furious including myself because I spent Over a thousand dollars on them but First I’ve got a couple other pickups That I wanted to show you guys starting With a good old Nike pull tab okay this Is a pair of Jordan Ones tzw I mean I Don’t even think we need to save W’s Anymore or else when it comes to Children one they’re usually sitting on The Nike sneakers app including this Nevertheless I did want to check these Things out so let me show you guys what Air it is damn these are bright this is Uh the Jordan one washed pink and it is Washing out my camera these are actually Super nice I feel like my girlfriend Would absolutely love these things the Materials feel really nice love the Sailed out midsole and the ankle collar Has really soft suede like that feels Incredibly soft very very reminiscent to The hyper Royals in fact I would Actually say that this washed pink feels Slightly nicer like it has a a little Bit of a rougher texture very very Similar if not identical design element To it where it’s just a different color These are blue and these are pink now Obviously this is a woman’s colorway but I really wanted to check these things Out in hand because there is another Colorway the washed black and that’s a

Pair that I’m highly anticipating it’s Almost one of my favorite colorways of The Jordan one that’s going to be Dropping this year and judging what I’m Feeling and seeing here I’m actually Even more excited because I really do Like the quality on these we’ll say that You do get an extra pair of laces in the Box uh this is just that same kind of Washed very light Coral pink that you Find on the rest of the sneaker I also Get a little hang tag which feels very Premium let me know your thoughts 10 in The comments another Nike pickup and This one is definitely one of the more Wilder options I think these were Actually relatively expensive for what I Assume they are okay so Straight Out The Gate you’ve got some very thick insoles Kind of lined with cork on the upper oh My Lord this is I don’t even know what These things are called the the bone Ones something I noticed immediately is That they do come with an insole in There so I don’t know why they give you An extra one this one just feels exactly The same either way this is the new I Guess iSpa clog that Nike just released I thought it’d be a fun time checking These things out the only really big Drawback for this pair of shoes in my Opinion is this huge gap here why why Add that huge gap it kind of reminds me Of like a velcro sandal or something I

Just wish they closed that off and just Kept all of the other perforation holes That are already present on this pair of Shoes I’ve got to try these things on And let you know how they feel on foot Oh okay these actually feel really good On foot I don’t know what to tell you Guys I kind of wasn’t expecting that but It’s a really nice snug fit like it just Feels like it kind of molds to my foot I’m like a half fan of this pair of Shoes yeah let me know what you think About these I think they’re still Available a couple sizes sold out all Right next up I’ve got a couple clothing Pickups that I really wanted to show you Guys first a couple pieces from axel Arigato this is a pair of pants that I Already own but I absolutely loved that Pair I had them in a black colorway this Is called the Axel Arigato iron pant It’s just something about the way that These things fit and the way that this Material kind of I guess draw tons of People ask me about the black pair that I’ve been wearing this colorway I Thought would be perfect for the summer Time anything that I thought was really Weird about these is they come with this Little tag on the back which I would Never wear with this on yeah you just Unclip it and you can take it off which Is definitely what I would do and I Would recommend we’ve got a couple other

Pickups from Axel Arigato as well like This three-quarter zip sweater this is Really nice this one’s just super super Plain I just really like the fit of it The neck comes up super nice and high Like this uh I guess you could say like Kind of charcoaly gray color I got a Size medium if anybody’s interested in The sizing also got a jacket this jacket Right here from Cole Buxton what they Call this like a diamond Stitch or Quilted down jacket super light and it Has like this almost transparent look to It like it’s slightly shiny as well and I love the fit of this jacket kind of Like shorter in the front you kind of Get that like cropped look but then Slightly longer in the back so it Doesn’t just look ridiculous yeah I just Wanted to show you these clothing Pickups because a lot of you guys Appreciate when I show you some of the The stuff that I’m buying all right Let’s get into the final package guys I Forgot my knife so I have to uh peel This open but yeah as you know I paid a Ridiculous amount for this pair of shoes Because obviously I tried to get it Early and there was just a bunch of Delays with the shipment and stuff like That that’s why you’re only seeing this Pair of sneakers now so yeah it’s pretty Much just a huge L for me but at least I Get to show you guys and I get to

Experience this sneaker now it’s all Over glossy sail for the outside and Then you’ve got the matte olive color For the Nike brand here you have them Guys the Travis Scott Jordan one low Olive very clean colorway I just feel Like the olive swoosh is a little bit Left field I know it ties into the whole Travis Scott theme like he’s had Olive Sneakers in the past I feel like it just Would have made sense if it was a white Nike Swoosh or if they just went with a Sale Nike Swoosh I think that kind of Would have made this sneaker a little Bit more cohesive now I will say Comparing them to the reverse mochas uh There’s actually more differences than I Thought there was going to be I pretty Much assumed that this Olive colorway Was gonna kind of be like a copy and Paste just switch up the colors but it’s Not the white leather is actually pretty Significantly different it doesn’t feel As good as the reverse mochas I don’t Know what it is but this reverse mocha Leather kind of feels a lot thicker it’s Also tumbled which the olives is not From behind they look pretty much Identical with the red embroidery with The Jordan wings logo over there of Course you got the Cactus Jack branding On the tongue and as you normally do With uh Travis Scott release you’ve also Got a bunch of other options you’ve got

Red laces you’ve got Olive laces which Actually would look pretty fire or You’ve got black places but I think the Laces with white I don’t know I might go Black I’m over here on stalk X and you Can see like the bigger sizes is really Where the issues are there’s nowhere Here in the EU at least that I know of Did extended sizing like even the Nike Sneakers I think for you guys on the US You might have had extended sizing on Maybe the Travis Scott website or maybe Even the Nike sneakers app you’ll have To let me know down in the comment Section either way without a doubt the Extended sizes or the bigger sizes of This pair of shoes were definitely a lot More limited than the smaller ones which Is why I think so many people tried to Go for these obviously a lot of guys Even though this is a woman’s shoe and I Think if you were a bigger size it was Just damn near impossible to get your Hands on these things these were rumored To be the highest stock Travis Scott Sneakers ever there was apparently 150 000 of these things made I don’t know if You guys remember or not but the reverse Mochas literally broke a Nike sneaker World record in terms of the amount of Entries that were made for this pair of Shoes millions of people trying to get Them it makes sense that just about the Same amount of people wanted to get

Their hands on these as well of course As you know this is also the final Travis Scott Jordan collaboration that Is going to happen Travis Scott Jordan Brand they’re done with the Jordan 1 Silhouette and I feel like that’s kind Of fine like we’ve seen a lot of Travis Scott Jordan ones that I think when it Comes to Travis scottman Jordan Ones the Price just keeps going up with time and Now that they’re done with the Collaboration I can only imagine these Things getting more and more expensive To the point where I don’t want to pay For them anymore I think I’ve just seen So many people so pissed off at this Pair of shoes specifically because it is The final Travis Scott Jordan one so It’s like for most people they’ve been Along on this sneakers app journey of Going for every single Travis Scott Jordan release and taking else on all of Them and that’s me as well I’ve never Had a retail release on any Travis Scott Except I did get like a infant size on The Air Maxes yeah guys I would love to Know from you let me know down in the Comment section did you manage to get The Jordan one Travis Scott Olive where Would you rank them in Travis Scott Jordan won previous collaborations That’s pretty much all I got for you Guys hey if you want to get some Jordan Ones that are a lot more affordable than

These well check out that video over There [Music]