Today I’m taking a look at a bunch of my latest pick ups including the Jarritos Dunks, Jordans, Clothing Pick Ups from Broken planet & more.

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Guys today we're taking a look at the Most hyped sneaker dropping this month Like people are going crazy for this Shoot and we've also got a ton of other Really dope stuff so let's jump into it I also might be using this knife for Something other than opening boxes and There's your hint for what we're taking A look at today let's kick this off with A Nike package that I've had sat around For quite a while now I mean man what Has it been like one two weeks so it's All over blue you got the Elephant Print You got the uh gold Jumpman logo this is The uh Wizards Jordan three wow these Are they're just as nice as I thought I Mean I really really like this colorway I mean it's the reimagined white cements Didn't release so recently and the Resale for those not being that bad I Feel like this would be way more popular But I believe there's still quite a few Places where you can pick these things Up for retail leather feels really Really nice the tongue actually feels Really nice and soft this is the the Wizards colorway the Wizards PE colorway To make it a little bit more special but If you really think about it we've been Getting some Banger Jordan 3s recently a Lot of really really solid ones I mean Obviously the white cements the lucky Green ones that we took a look at like a Week or two ago those were really solid

And who's seen those J Balvin threes That are upcoming in the near future Those look pretty solid at least from a J Balvin collaboration point of view Yeah let me know if you guys picked up a Pair of these things if you did I'm sure You're pretty happy with this colorway All right we got a box which I actually Don't know what's inside okay we got a Pair of Nikes like I know I've bought Some pretty trash dunks in the past but This one I actually have high hopes for This is the athletic department Nike Tongue low so I've got a I've got a Couple thoughts about this pair of shoes Look Nike if you're gonna kind of take On this whole vintage theme that you've Been taking from a lot of the Customizers at least make it a little Bit more realistic this yellow is just I Think it just might be a bit too yellow Like it's so contrasty if they just Dulled it down a little bit more made it Look a little bit more natural I know That you can do it because you've done That sailed out effect on Plenty of your Other releases a lot of the product Shots of this pair don't really make it Look this Vivid it's pretty crazy in Hand yes I think I would prefer if this Canvas material was leather because the Suede on here feels really really nice You can see the insole there it says Athletic department you don't get any

Extra laces or anything like that so You're stuck with these yellow ones Unless you want to swap those out as Well but other than those two things I Think this is a phenomenal colorway Let's take a look at this box here I'm Gonna need my my knife for this one okay This one I am hyped for surprised at uh How easy it was to pick these things up I know what you guys are gonna say down In the comments about these shoes Because of the box I don't think it's Really helping itself with this pattern On it you've got a very different Off-white box that we've only seen a Couple other times in the past that huge Off-white logo with the green box lid And this really nice blue paper it's Just very very well done I think the box Is one of my favorite things take a look At that this is the off-white Pine green Air Force One mid I'm liking this Colorway a lot and here they are you Know what's crazy is uh the fact that a Green off-white Air Force just a regular One can go for thousands on the resale Market but as soon as you throw some Spikes on these bad boys and make it a Mid cut they're sitting on shelves okay That shouldn't be that surprising these Spikes are definitely polarizing and I Can completely understand if people are Not into that yeah it is it is pretty Wild but I will say this is a solid

Color blocking it's all over really nice Leather which is I mean it's way better Than the other ones at least in my Opinion and I kind of like those other Ones one still hold a lot of the kind of Original off-white uh DNA in them you've Got like the stitched Nike logo on both Sides of course you've got the off-white For Nike text on the medial side you've Got these huge spikes which are all Around it and this huge ginormous block Of rubber uh extending on the midfoot There I've definitely seen people shave These things down you know what I'm Honestly kind of tempted to try that on This pair of sneakers because I think It's just going to make it a little bit More wearable uh either way I think this Is really solid definitely wanted this For my collection let me know if you Guys pick these things up or did you Decide to pause on them what do you Think of the off-white Air Force One mid In general all right we got some Clothing pickups which I'm actually Super hyped to check out on broken Planet this is a UK brand and I've Actually bought a hoodie from them in The past but that was like ages ago this Is their latest release there was a Bunch of different ones but I picked up Or I managed to get my favorite before It's sold out this is look at that puff Print man that is wild the hoodie

Actually feels very very different to Their last one not entirely sure what Material they switched up to but it Feels a lot heavier you've got this huge Cosmic Peaks graphic on the front then Around the back you've got a little bit More of that puff print over there in The corner and then also you get these Hidden Pockets which I'm actually not The biggest fan of these hidden Pockets I prefer just a kangaroo pouch like Because it's easier to access I got a Size medium for reference this color is Kind of like a taupey brown I guess also Something that I forgot on top of the Hood there you've got a little broken Planet text in again that same puff Print so it's all this stuff but I also Managed to pick up another hoodie which I'll show you guys this one is a zip up Hoodie this time Planet that's kind of You know breaking apart broken planet Makes sense um so this is also puff Print and again this puff print feels Really really nice cereal feels really Really solid it's heavy weight I don't Know what the GSM is but it feels very Very good quality again this is miles Above what they were selling beforehand A couple years ago final package your Brother sent this thing with a goddamn Million stamps on it I don't even know People use stamps nowadays that was just For letters ultimate bubble wrap on this

Thing as well okay this is actually the First time I'm seeing the new 2023 Nike SB box listen this may evoke some Painful memories from this morning don't Worry I'm with you guys I went for these Things this morning as well when I was In the gym I took an L okay here they Are damn these things are clean this is The haritos Nike Dunk low geez this is a Serious hair guy honestly I'm gonna say This straight out of the gate I think This is a contender for dunk of the year It's definitely up there at least in my Opinion I just think the colors are so Freaking nice very very like cohesive It's like everything goes together Really really well got the kind of taupe Color from this canvas material really Soft nubuck on the base material it Feels like almost like a suede also got This incredible material for the sock Line probably a felt material but it Feels incredibly soft as well and of Course this burlap feeling material Which is inspired by the uh the actual Bags or the sacks that haritos uses to Collect fruit when they're making the Sodas and then of course underneath that Burlap material is uh orange leather so Let me just get my knife I'm joking We're not gonna do that we're not doing That today I don't know if I want to cut These things up all I know is that Underneath this material is orange

Leather so if you wanted a little bit of A switch up uh in my opinion I think It's always best with these cutaway Materials just to wear them around for a Little bit and once you get bored of This colorway then you can start cutting Them open but for me personally I feel Like I'm gonna enjoy this colorway while It's here you know I don't want to cut It away too quick now I will show you The extra laces that you get included Inside the shoe because you've got three Of them very slightly darker shade of White it's like a little bit of an Off-white color then you've got the Bright orange laces and then you've got A green rope style laces so a really Nice little arrangement of laces there You've got a lot of options which I Think is really really solid and I would Have been so happy to get these things For retail I feel like if you've got These things for retail you are so lucky Because the stock was ridiculously low Especially here in the EU in the UK These things were hard to get look at The back there you got that little Embroidery there with the haritos logo All and all guys like I said probably One of my favorite dunks to drop this Year and I think that a lot of people Agree with me because uh it's just the Height for this pair of shoes is pretty Crazy and it goes with the fit I got on

Right now I could Rock these things Straight to foot I'm gonna go ahead and Do that because that is all the boxes we Got to take a look at today listen guys If you want to know all the other Upcoming sneakers that are right around The corner that video's right there [Music] Foreign