The comment section floods with questions, debates and disagreements about washing your sneakers in the wash, so in today’s Shoe Care Academy we walk you through exactly why this method is safe on most sneakers. We do NOT put all sneakers in the washing machine, but mesh/ knit/ canvas and leather sneakers are perfect candidates for the washing machine and this is hands down the best way to give your sneakers a deep clean. Tune into this video to hear why you should use the washing machine and the benefits that go with it.

For today’s episode of Shoe Care Academy we took on these Mica Green Air Max 1s using the RESHOEVN8R Signature Cleaning Kit. Now we did something a little different in this episode… We cleaned not 1, but both sneakers on camera to show you the main difference between washing your mesh sneakers in the wash and washing them with just the pretreatment. The main benefit of the Signature Kit is the ability to do both a quick clean and a deep clean depending on the state of the sneaker.

We started with the pretreatment on both sneakers. We used 2 squirts of RESHOEVN8R’s all natural Cleaning Solution with their 3 different brushes. The Soft Bristle Brush was used on the entire uppers. The Soft Bristle Brush is used to breakdown all of the dirt and grime by creating the most bubbles. After that we moved onto the Medium Bristle Brush on the midsoles and finally the Stiff Bristle Brush on the outsoles. However, here is where the difference comes in. One sneaker went into the washing machine on a normal cycle with cold water while the other went to dry. We typically dry our sneakers in the sun, but it was the end of the day so we used the fan.

After we came back we noticed the difference immediately. I challenge any of you to look at this and say you can’t see the difference! The washing machine brought these Mica Green Air Max 1s back to life in the best way possible. You can do it too! I promise if you follow the right steps, the washing machine is a safe and effective method to clean your kicks.

What is your favorite Air Max 1 of all time?!

P.S. You’ll want to stay tuned because we have something HUGE coming up!!

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00:00 Introduction
00:58 Signature Kit Contents
02:24 Benefits of the Shoe Trees
03:19 How to Clean Mesh Uppers
04:23 How to Clean Midsoles
05:33 How to Clean the Insides of Shoes
07:10 How to Wash your Sneakers In the Washing Machine
08:23 Pretreatment Steps
10:13 Laundry Comparison
13:17 Laundry System Benefits

What's going on Reshoevn8tion I'm Jordan and 
in today's Shoe Care Academy episode we're going   To be doing something a little bit different we're 
going to be cleaning both of these Air Max 1 Mica   Greens; now I might have said that completely 
wrong but hey you got the point. We're going to   Be cleaning one using the RESHOEVN8R Signature 
Kit and the washing machine to show you how that   Works and one using just the pre- treatment to 
show you the difference so let's get started. We got our cleaning station all set up with 
everything that comes inside of the Signature   Kit paired with a couple different products. We 
have our Drying Rack and Bowl combo it's perfect   For storing your brushes to keep them dry during 
the cleaning and even after when you put all your   Cleaning products away plus it holds the water 
needed to mix in the solution. Comes with the three   Brush pack the soft, medium, and stiff to tackle 
every part of your shoe. We have two shoe trees   Which are perfect for holding the shape of the 
shoe in the washing machine as well as allowing us   To put as much pressure on the toe box as cleaning 
to get really deep into the materials. Our four   Ounce cleaning solution which can clean up to 
60 pairs of shoes all natural and breaks down   All that dirt and grime, our Microfiber Towel which 
is perfect to dry off the sneakers as well as keep   Your station nice and clean. Our laundry pod which 
packs enough power to clean four pairs of sneakers   In one wash all natural with no dyes, so it won't 
ruin your sneakers at all and our laundry bag this   Can hold both sneakers we are only going to be 
using it for one shoe today but it can hold a pair   Up to a size 12 and it'll scrub your sneakers in 
the washing machine and keep them fully protected.   That's everything in our cleaning stations, so it's 
time to get to cleaning. The first step as always   Is to remove the laces to give us a blank surface 
so that we can really get into every portion of   The sneaker then we will be inserting our 
adjustable shoe trees into both sneakers. [Music] Alright we went ahead and got the 
shoe trees inserted into both of these shoes   Now these are a size 10 so it went in the fourth 
hole however these do adjust from a size seven   To a size 13 and we do sell extra large shoe 
trees on our website if you guys need that. The   Main benefit of it is that it holds this toe box 
so that we can get super deep into this material   And can't bend we can put pressure whatever 
we want to do plus we will leave it inserted   For the one sneaker that's going in the washing 
machine to really hold the shape of the sneaker   And reshape it during the cleaning. Now all 
we need to do is add two squirts of solution   To our bowl of water you do want to make sure 
that you mix the solution with water and don't   Just go straight in with the solution it is 
super concentrated and all you need is two   Squirts. Got the solution in our bowl of water. 
Now although I'm going to be cleaning both of   These sneakers I am going to set one aside for 
now and just tackle the deeper cleaning to put   In the washing machine and then we'll tackle 
the other one. Now that we're down to one shoe   We're going to be starting with our Soft Bristle 
Brush on the entire uppers of this material and  

Really get into the suede and this mesh before 
we move on to any other cleaning methods. [Music]   Overall the soft brush did its thing on these 
sneakers it created all of the bubbles that   We love and broke down that surface dirt now 
you can actually see this greenish blue color   That's on this sneaker, worked really well on 
the leather and the suede also worked really   Well on the mesh we are still going to be 
putting them in the washing machine. The mesh   Still has some deeper staining specifically in 
this sock liner there's a couple deeper stains   Right over on this side of the sneaker we can 
try to hit them with our medium brush, but the   Laundry system is really going to be the only 
way to flush them out next step will be hitting   This midsole using the medium brush as well as 
using the medium bristle brush on the tongue   And the sock liner. The medium bristle brush 
is super beneficial it gets deep into that   Midsole specifically on this midsole it's super 
important that you clean out the air bubble it   Traps in a lot of dirt but it also is a delicate 
enough brush that you can use it on on different   Materials such as leather sometimes you can use 
it on Suede and sometimes you can use it on knit   You just have to be super careful not to push 
too hard. The medium bristle brush did a pretty   Good job on the midsole there is still some 
deeper staining there is a little bit of heel   Drag now these were the first ever shoes we 
let our editor Zion wear, so we're going to be   Using a quick little tip that I learned when 
working here with the microfiber towel we're   Just going to be dipping it in the solution 
and scrubbing out those deeper stains. [Music]   When I was using the medium bristle brush I went ahead 
and took the shoe tree out just so that   I could get a deeper cleaning on this 
sock liner the insole is also super   Dirty so I'm going to be taking that out 
and cleaning it using our medium bristle   Brush before I move on to the stiff 
bristle brush on these outsoles [Music]. [Music]   Alright the insole is all taken care of 
for the last step of this cleaning before   The washing machine we are going to be taking 
care of this outsole using our stiff bristle   Brush. The stiff bristle brush is the toughest 
brush in our arsenal it's perfect for cleaning   Outsole and hard rubber on sneakers however 
you don't want to use it on any other materials   Because it could cause damage. The outsole 
is the grimiest part of your sneakers so   Make sure you keep it clean. The pre-treatment 
of this sneaker is all taken care of now we   Are going to be scrubbing the laces in between 
our hands before we put them in the laundry bag. Laces are all taken care of we're 
going to be putting everything in   This laundry bag leaving the shoe tree 
inserted as I mentioned it'll help hold   The shape of the sneaker in 
the washing machine [Music]. 

Alright got our shoe insole and laces inserted   Into our laundry bag let's 
head to the washing machine.   Alright we are in the laundry room we're going 
to be washing this sneaker normal cycle with cold   Water. We get tons of comments that you shouldn't 
wash your sneakers in the washing machine I   Promise you it is okay we don't recommend that you 
wash every sneaker, but mesh, knit, canvas sneakers   Are the perfect candidates for the washing machine 
we don't recommend washing sneakers that are super   Old because they can fall apart but this one will 
be perfect as long as you do it right. We're back in the studio while that shoe is 
in the washer we're going to be taking care   Of the second shoe I did get a new cleaning mat 
towel and a new bowl of water just to start over. I don't want to push any more grime into this 
shoe it's just not necessary we will still be   Using the Signature Kit paired with our drying 
rack and Bowl combo for this cleaning we just   Won't be putting them in the washing machine.
The Signature Kit is super beneficial because   You can either do a quick clean or a deep clean 
and you can pick it up reshoevn8r.com   And use my link in the description to save 10%
off. Pre-treatment steps are identical for the   Second cleaning, one thing I didn't talk about on 
the last cleaning is the materials of this shoe   It does feature this leather material in green, 
this mesh material in this white color and it   Does have a gray suede. We went ahead and cleaned 
it using the soft bristle brush patted it dry as   We went and really made sure that we dried the 
entire sneaker evenly clean the entire sneaker   Evenly to avoid those watermarks on the suede.
Soft bristle brush did a pretty good job there's   Still some deeper staining on this toe box as 
well as the sock liner that we're going to be   Hitting up using our medium bristle brush as well 
as using the medium brush on this midsole. All done with the medium bristle brush now 
it did do most of the work I am noticing   That the sock liner is still really dingy 
without the washing machine we might not   Get it super clean but we won't be able 
to tell until we fully dry the sneaker. For   The next step I'm just going to be cleaning 
this grimy insole using our medium bristle   Brush before we move on to the outsole 
with our stiff bristle brush [Music] Pretreatment is all done on this 
sneaker all that's left to do is   Take care of these laces before we put them 
on the drying rack. Now the steps are pretty   Much the same as we did for the first 
cleaning however they're not going in   The washing machine so we will notice 
a little bit of difference is probably   On the materials but we won't know until 
they dry so let's take care of these laces. [Music] Now we're going to the drying rack. We are back we went ahead and let these shoes dry 
overnight on our drying rack overall these results  

Speak for themselves this is the sneaker that 
went in the washing machine only needed to wash it   Once and then we let it air dry to make sure that 
that suede dried evenly. This is the sneaker that   We cleaned with just our pre-treatment and let it 
dry on our fan overnight there are a couple slight   Details that you can tell just really didn't come 
out on this shoe this tongue specifically is super   Dingy really gross what you don't see when you use 
the laundry system the mesh all together is just   Still really dingy, the sock liner is dingy this 
toe box looks better than I thought it did, but   It still isn't that deep clean that we were really 
looking for. The other difference is that there is   Some deeper staining still on the midsole the air 
bubble didn't get fully flushed out there's some   Dirt and grime kind of stuck in there whereas if 
we would have put this in the washing machine it   Would have been fully flushed. Now if we look at 
the shoe that went in the washing machine this   Mesh went back to that white color it got all of 
that deeper staining that was stuck right around   This line here as well as the sock liner and the 
tongue cleaned up really good it flushed out all   Of that dirt and grime that is still stuck in 
this other shoe. The main similarity is that the   Suede is crunchy either way because it got wet so 
we will need to reset the nap on the suede using   Our Dry Suede Kit and our medium bristle brush one 
important thing to note when you are resetting the   Nap on suede you don't have to apply pressure 
you just move the brush in multiple different   Directions and it'll reset that nap don't push the 
brush into it because you don't want to pushed too   Hard, but once you get rid of that crunchy texture 
and it brings it back to that buttery soft texture   This shoe will look a million times better. Alright we got our suede back to the texture that   We wanted we used our dry suede brush now the 
dry suede kit does also come with this eraser we   Didn't have to use the Eraser because there wasn't 
any deeper staining on the material but this tool   Right here well these tools are really really 
good if you want to clean your suede sneakers   If they aren't super dirty and you want to do a 
dry cleaning method I highly suggest the dry suede   Kit. We also used our medium bristle brush that 
comes in our signature kit this is very similar   To the suede brush it just covers more surface 
area another great tool for resetting the nap on   Suede is our brass bristle brush. Now the last part 
of this cleaning is to lace up these sneakers and   Put these insoles back in, but I want to point out 
the difference in these insoles this is the insole   That went into the laundry system we got it back 
to a super nice white this is the one that did not   Go in the washing machine that we just scrubbed 
with our brushes still looks a little bit dingy   It is much cleaner than it was, but overall the 
before and after really shows that the laundry   System is a great tool for cleaning mesh sneakers.
Let's lace these up overall the laundry system is   Going to be the best method for mesh sneakers,
canvas sneakers and even some leather sneakers   Just because of that dingy stitching that is super 
hard to clean but this video is a total comparison   The pre-treatment works if your shoes aren't as 
dirty as we get them so it's definitely not to  

Hate on the pre-treatment the product speaks for 
itself to achieve these results we used a couple   Different products we used our RESHOEVN8R
Signature Kit on both shoes. The Signature Kit   Is super great because you can do a quick clean 
with just the pre-treatment or a super deep clean   Using the laundry system we paired that with our 
drying rack and Bowl combo to hold our brushes   And our water in solution throughout the cleaning. 
We used our cleaning mat to keep our surface super   Clean and avoid any mess on the table we also used 
the secret ingredient the RESHOEVN8R laundry pods   These are the key for the laundry system there's 
no dye they're all natural and it will not damage   Your sneakers when done appropriately. After we let 
the sneakers dry we did notice that the suede was   A little bit crunchy so we went ahead and used 
our dry suede kit paired with our medium brush   To bring it back to the results that we wanted 
and get that buttery suede that's how we cleaned   Up both of these Air Maxes. The results speak for 
themselves the laundry system is definitely the   Best way to wash your sneakers that's going 
to wrap up today's Shoe Care Academy episode   You can pick up all of these products and so much 
more at reshoevn8r.com and use my link in the   Description to save 10% off. If you like today's 
video hit the Thumbs Up Button if you're new   Here make sure you subscribe and drop a comment 
to let us know your favorite Air Max. I'm Jordan   And hopefully I'll see you guys again soon in the 
next Shoe Care Academy video [Music] thank you