The Adidas running app is giving you the Chance to win two places in next year's Berlin marathon and all you have to do Is join the Run testers in running a Virtual 5K 10K or half marathon on Sunday the 24th of September and log it In the Adas running app I'm going to be Running the virtual 10K on the day and My top tip for anyone who's looking to Run a fast virtual 10K is to find a nice Clear flat Loop you can rod on without Any road Crossings I like my loot to be Fairly clear overhead without too much Tree cover or high buildings around me Because this will make your GPS more Accurate which in turn makes it easier To Pace your virtual 10K and speaking of Pacing you might want to get a running Buddy to help you Pace your virtual 10K And there should be no shortage of Volunteers because you are trying to win Two bibs for the Berlin marathon in fact Get your running buddy to sign up for The virtual 10K as well and you'll Double your chances of winning once You've picked your route and found your Running buddy head to the community Section of the Adidas running app to Sign up your virtual race then log your Running there on Sunday the 24th of September and enter the raffle for your Chance to win