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Today I’m unboxing and reviewing the brand new YEEZY POD SHOE aka the YEEZY Sock Shoe! This is Kanye West’s first YZY sneaker since leaving Adidas. The Yeezy Pod Shoe is essentially a sock with two rubber outsole pods glued on the bottom. The Yeezy Pod Sock Sneaker comes in at a retail price of $200. The YEEZY POD SHOE only comes in three sizes and it can fit true to size if you are near the top of the size range. Check out my YEEZY Pod Shoe unboxing, review and on feet to learn more!

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Two months ago I ordered Kanye West's Latest Yeezy shoe the first shoe he's Releasing after his split from Adidas And finally in the middle of February It's here but uh it came in a bag I'll Be honest I didn't know what to expect From this release but it coming in a bag Wasn't on the list so in today's video Not only am I going to uh unbox or I Guess unbag the Yeezy podu but I'm also Going to try it on it's Philadelphia Channel 3 News what do you think about Yeezys and give you guys a full in-depth Review of this brand new shoe from Kanye West so I think the the actual date that I pre-ordered this shoe was December 15th after months of waiting I finally Got a shipping notification last week However the tracking number that they Sent me didn't work so I didn't know When to expect these shoes and after I Got back from a golf trip I opened my Mailbox and there they were they Actually shipped them USPS which is not The shipping method that I expected I Also didn't expect them to come in a bag Though to be fair but inside the first Bag we've got a second bag essentially What looks like a uh black dust bag is There anything else inside here we've Got a receipt forgot I paid $200 for These I paid $200 for a pair of socks Which is crazy now I own a sock company Called Apothecary which by the way if

You guys haven't checked it out we make The best socks ever they go great with All the sneakers in your collection and They're only 15 bucks super comfortable Super breathable and uh I'm going to try Them on with these easy pod shoes so if You guys want to check out the Apothecary socks and grab a pair of Socks it's going to last you a long time Look great and not cost $200 make sure To click the link on your screen and in The description below with that being Said let's check out the uh the brand New Yeezy pod Cheo which are essentially Pair of socks so I I really have no idea What to expect here it smells a little Bit like glue which would make sense cuz I think he just glued on like a rubber Out soole to a sock it's tied together With drawrings long drawrings there's no Branding on the outside of the Bag all Right essentially what this is is a uh Pretty thick neoprene feeling sock with A rubber outsole or at least a two-part Rubber outsole that seems to be held Together by I guess an insole of some Kind is there an insole in there it kind Of feels like there is but it feels like It's glued down according to the outsole It's made in Italy so maybe that's why It took two months to get to me cuz I Had to make it I bet that's exactly why okay let's uh I

Guess let's try these on all right I got To be honest this is the weirdest try on Experience I've ever done on the channel I'm trying on a pair of socks on top of My socks which to be fair maybe you're Not supposed to wear them with socks Maybe these are the socks that you're Supposed to wear but for right now I'm Rocking them with my Apothecary socks Which again linked at the top of the Screen best socks ever we'll find out How they stack up to the Yeezy pod shoes I really have no idea what to expect Here I also don't know exactly how to Wear these are you supposed to wear them Over your pants under your pants I'm not Sure what This is the most absurd feeling thing oh Don't like that and I'm not being biased I'm really not feel so weird all right So I'm trying to describe how this feels On my feet right now it feels like I'm Wearing a pair of socks with like two Circular foam pads sort of stuck to the Bottom of them and they don't really Land in the right place of my feet like My heels fine my heels right on the the Back heel pad thing but my forefoot like It isn't far enough up it's Philadelphia Channel 3 News what do you think about Yeezys you like them yeah this is a Really weird feeling the pads though They do feel soft softer than I would Would have expected cuz they did look

Like rubber when I was like uh I guess Unboxing them or unbagging them but they Do feel like they have some gift to them Like they're they feel more like foam Than like rubber which I guess is good But the placement of them sucks so I Think the problem is is that there's Only three sizes of the easy pods There's a one two and a three I grabbed A size two because I'm a size 9 and size Two I think ranges from size N9 to size 10 and A2 so each number covers like two And a half sizes so uh I'm definitely at The low end of size two I wonder if I Should have gone with size one but that Was 6 and 1/2 to 8 and 1/2 so that's Like pretty pretty tight would think Okay let me take these off try them on As just Socks by themselves without that Apothecary socks on see if that makes a Difference not thinking it will but it Might I'm not going to show you guys This still cuz I feel like you got to Pay for that kind of content actually I Do want to show you guys really quickly These are weird to take off like they're Not like regular socks because they've Got the rubber on the outsole yeah that Was weird you know I'm also interested To find out whether these get hot the More that you wear them because they're Not like regular sock material they're Not like Apothecary socks that are super Breathable some sort of like really

Tight knit material that feels I don't Know kind of weird okay let me take off My socks and try these guys on again ooh No no no definitely want to wear these With socks the insole or whatever it is Feels like really weird and like foamy It's not like a regular insole like some Shoes you can wear without socks which I Wouldn't recommend but you can wear some Shoes without socks and like they have More of a fabcy insole this is more of Like a shoot like a very smooth like Neoprene feeling insole I'll actually Turn the socks inside out and show you Guys what I mean but they're also a lot Looser too I think cuz I don't have the Socks sort of filling them out a little Bit but yeah in my opinion I would not Wear these without socks cuz this is This is not it dog I feel like I look Stupid do I look Stupid what is this all right so I'm Going to wear these around for the rest Of the day come back tonight and give You guys my full unfiltered review of These shoes and let you guys know Whether they're worth $200 which sounds Crazy cuz you can buy sock shoes on Amazon for 20 they don't actually even Say Yeezy on them either anywhere so if Uh branding is your thing you might not Like these all right so I've worn these Guys for the last five or six hours and I'm ready to give you guys my initial

Review and after this review I'm going To throw these guys back on and wear Them every single day for the next week And then give you guys an updated review Uh after wearing these guys for a full Week so if you guys want to see that Make sure to subscribe to the channel And hit that notification Bell so you Guys can be notified right when that Video drops but man these guys are uh They're something they're a $200 Designer shoe um that's basically a sock With rubber glued on the out soole that Being said there is a little bit more to The easy pods than just that and I've Got to be honest as much as I uh don't See myself rocking these on a regular Basis after filming this review in the Next video I have to give it to Kanye no Matter what you think about him he is Truly a Visionary when it comes to Footwear now obviously some things are More successful than others and I Honestly can't tell you whether these Are going to be wildly popular or Literally no one's going to wear them I Have no idea but Kanye West literally Always pushes the envelope when it comes To fashion and for me it's always Exciting to check out a new pair of Yeezys because I literally never know What I'm going to get and as insane as These shoes are I haven't been this Excited about a sneaker review in a long

Time so I know we already covered sizing Earlier on in the video but I want to Dive a little bit deeper into that Because I think there's a couple more Nuances that I didn't really notice Until I tried the shoes on for a longer Period of time first of all sizing is Not perfect on these and that's because There are only three different sizes Available for like 12 different foot Sizes so like I mentioned earlier I Grabbed a size two which ranges from Size 9 to size 10 and A2 I am a true Size n and I will say that this pair fit Me a little bit big would a size one to Fit me better I don't know because it Goes from size six to size 8 and A2 and Again I'm a size nine so maybe it wasn't Overly loose but I found as I wore them Throughout the day the pods in the Bottom of the shoe would sort of move Around in the bottom of my feet while The heel pod did generally stay Underneath my heel the 4ot Pod moved Around decent amount and there was a lot Of instances where I'd kind of have to Like pull the sock up a little bit Tighter in my foot to get my toes to Come close to the front of the shoe and Not be like here on the foot which I'm Not going to lie was frustrating but at The end of the day this is I mean Literally a suck oh no can you even see The shoes in the monitor I got to go

Change my hoodie really quick cuz this Is not going to work for the review all Right we should be good now uh it's Funny because usually when I review Black sneakers even with a black hoodie You can see them because there's like a A shoe there with different materials And different textures and things like That the color and the material and the Finish was so similar to my hoodie you Literally couldn't make it out in the Camera so I was realizing you guys Probably didn't even see what I was Talking about sorry about that but Getting back into sizing because I don't Really have a frame of reference for These shoes cuz I only have one size I Would suggest going with the size that They recommend on the website yeezy.com Mainly because there's probably a reason Why they have the sizing that way and I Think for most people if you go with the Size that they recommend you should be Okay obviously for the people whose feet Are on the lower end of the range of That specific size that's super Complicated to say but I hope you guys Understand what I mean you will have a Lot of room in the shoe I can't speak Towards the higher end of the range like Say I was a size 10 and2 or even a size 11 trying to slide my foot into here I Don't know how that would feel but I Will say it did stay on my foot it's not

Like it was sliding off my foot but There was definitely some movement of The pods underneath my feet and it could Just be that these are sock shoes and That's just how they are but uh I'm sure It's worse for the smaller end of the Range for each size before I got these Shoes in one thing that I was really Interested in is how high they sort of Rest on your leg and I wore these with a Pair of shorts just to show you guys What it looks like looks awful with Shorts don't ever wear these with shorts But uh that's that's about how high they Go there you go frame of reference man I Don't know how to wear these These are So different from anything else that I Have in my sneaker collection for me Personally I was wearing these shoes With socks the entire time because I Found that they fit me better with a Pair of socks on maybe because my feet Got a little bit bigger with a pair of Socks on there are also other reasons Why I was wearing these guys with socks That I'll get into a little bit later on In the video but either way if you're Grabbing these I would recommend wearing Them with socks even if it's just for Sizing but now let's get into the Materials and make up the Yeezy pod Shoes and as you guys can see the upper Of the shoe is constructed like a suck In fact even the way that the knitted

Seams come together around the heel of The shoe is like a sock there's an area Around the heel of the shoe where the Knit gets a little bit looser and as you Wear it it kind of expands and you can See through the shoe a little bit kind Of like an older pair of socks I will Say with my tan socks it didn't look Great but with black socks it probably Would cover up that whole area which Also might be a weak point in the shoe If you caught that in anything that Would probably be the area that would be Most likely to rip obviously it's around Your heels so it's not going to be Catching on that much but uh at the end Of the day it's a sock so socks tear That being said the knit material on the Shoe definitely seems thicker than a Standard pair of socks I was calling it Neoprene earlier it's definitely not Neoprene it's just a very smooth knit it Kind of has that neoprene feel because It's kind of I wouldn't call it springy But it feels almost like it's padded and When you compare it to a standard pair Of socks in terms of breathability Especially an apothecary sock it's it's Definitely not as breathable when I was Testing breathability I was just wearing This on my foot and not a pair of socks I mean obviously it's more breathable Than a standard pair of shoes but it's Not as breathable as a standard pair of

Socks an interesting detail on the shoe Is actually the top of the sock that Sort of naturally rolls over itself There's no cuff it's kind of I wouldn't Say it's a raw Edge but it's definitely A a very thin Edge and because of the Way that it's done it rolls and it kind Of creates its own sort of natural cuff Now even though from the outside of the Shoe it looks like the entire upper is Made up of this nit material if you flip Things inside out which is not the Easiest in the world you'll find this Thin fuzzy liner which looks like it was Heat pressed onto the heel of the shoe And also the footed of the shoe which Should actually help with heal comfort And durability which is definitely a Good thing and that same material covers The entire footed where your foot rests It's material that when I wore this shoe Without socks it did get a little bit Sweaty after like 30 minutes and uh I Didn't love it but when you wear it with Socks it feels fine running the entire Length of the shoe you've got this Pretty thin foam insole or I guess foot Bed and it actually feels about as thin As a standard insole now that foam Padding is glued or maybe sewn into the Inside of the sneaker um it's probably Not sewn actually it might just be glued Or heat pressed but then glued onto the Outside of the shoe you've got these two

Rubber pods one on the heel and one on The forefoot now of course these pods Are where the shoe gets its name the Yeezy pod shoe because of the pods and They come in this sort of sparkly Graphite gray rubber which actually Looks pretty nice and surprisingly Premium the traction pattern is just Horizontal lines which are molded into The shoe and while they themselves don't Provide that much traction the actual Rubber compound that they used in the Bottom of the shoe is pretty non-slip I Was actually really surprised how well This gripped the ground a lot of Different ground types like hardwood Tile concrete grass I didn't slip at all Which is pretty amazing you can't say That about a lot of other sneakers on The four foot pod you've got the words Made in Italy and then on the heel pod You've got these two dots which I would Assume represents the sizing of the shoe I haven't seen another pair in person Though so I don't know for sure actually If you own a pair of these in a Different size like a size one or a size Three let me know in the comment section Down below if you got one dot three dots Or if I'm wrong and every pair comes With two dots but now let's talk about Comfort of the easy pod shoes and the Way that these felt on my feet were kind Of like the way that I would think a

Pair of barefoot shoes would feel with An insole in them there was a little bit Of padding underneath my foot but not a Lot I have very high arches and this Shoe had absolutely no arch support Whatsoever in fact it almost had Negative arch support so I found that After wearing this for like 6 hours my Arches were kind of hurting um which is Weird because I walk around a bare feet All the time my arches are fine I don't Know exactly what was going on with this But it didn't feel great after a long Period of time but hey if you don't Really need arch support you should be Just finding this shoe it shouldn't be Uncomfortable for you it just feels like You're walking on a very thin insole oh Right and you've also got two pods Underneath your feet definitely a weird Experience that you might have to try to Understand the only thing I could think Is if you glued two rubber pods to the Bottom of a pair of socks and put an Insole in there it might feel very Similar I haven't tried that but that's What I would assume the actual knit on The upper though was very soft very Stretchy not the most breathable in the World but not bad I mean it kind of Feels like an nmd City sock if you guys Remember those from like 2017 one unique Selling point of this shoe that they Show off a bunch on the website is that

You can fold these up very easily and I Guess travel with them pretty easily Which is a good thing if you're looking For small shoes to travel with smaller Than really any other pair of shoes in My collection so yes the easy pod shoes Are wild this is the most insane pair of Shoes that I've bought in a very long Time and unfortunately the main sticking Point for me on these guys isn't the Actual looks of them or the feel of them It's the price point if this was like a $4 thing I wouldn't be mad at it now I Understand that the materials used on This shoe are probably very premium I'm Sure creating the molds for this shoe And probably even the rubber compound That they're using is not cheap I bet That the knit they use on the upper of The shoe is also not cheap the insole I Don't know how expensive that can be but It's probably a more expensive insole Than most insoles used in shoes I mean It's still something that probably cost I don't know 20 bucks to make Max that's Probably very high maybe 40 to cover Mold costs I don't know but $200 seems Excessive for a pair of socks with some Rubber outso glued on then again this is Kind of a designer shoe I mean look at The Balenciaga sock shoes they're pretty Similar they're the same General upper With an outsole glute on the bottom so In that sense while I still don't think

The price is Justified it does make a Little bit more sense I guess so is the Yey pod shoe worth it in my opinion no Absolutely not but hey if you love Kanye West or you love sock looking shoes or You love spending $200 this is a great Way to go and like I said I'm going to Be wearing the shoe for a week straight So make sure to stay tuned for that Video when it drops next week make sure To hit that subscribe button if you Haven't yet thank you all so much for Watching and I will see you all in the Next one so first driving review Uh five out of 10 style-wise two out of 10