Are the easy 450 slides better than the Easy slides let's find out the Yeezy 450 Slides just released for a retail price Of 110 bucks the classic easy slides Only cost 60 dollars for retail but Let's be honest you can't find a pair For retail you're probably gonna pay Around 100 bucks the Yeezy 450 slides Are made up of a one piece EVA foam it's Super soft and very comfortable on foot The original Yeezy slides are actually Made up of the same exact foam and feel Very similar on foot when it comes to Fit though they do fit a little bit Different the Yeezy 450 slide fits big I Would definitely recommend going down a Size and the easy slide fits true to Size or even a little bit small and last But not least design the Yeezy 450 slide Is definitely a wild looking pair of Slides and if you like the way it looks It's definitely worth picking up if you Can grab a pair that is they will Probably sell out the easy slide is very Minimal but still very unique looking And honestly I wear my pair almost every Day which pair of slides would you Choose