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So going back to the old school Seth Fowler the backwards hat I don't know if I like it I also got rid of the beard Too so a whole bunch of changes these Are some of the best sneakers that you Can buy right now for under retail and Actually if you want to grab any of the Shoes mentioned in today's video I've Made sure to leave affiliate links to All of them in the description below so Recently I filmed a video where I went Around Philadelphia to try and find the Best sneakers that I could find for Retail and there was a lot of really Good stuff sitting in fact if you guys Want to check out that video there will Be a link at the top of the screen and It really got me thinking what's Available for under retail so I did a Couple internet searches I found some Really amazing stuff it's like they're On fire In fact in this video I picked 15 Different pairs of sneakers that are all Available for under retail right now in Places like stockx and goat and the way That I've organized this list is from The sneakers that are the least under Retailer I guess the sneakers that are The closest to retail to the sneakers That are the most under retail and Believe me a lot of shoes on this list I Was not expecting and you were probably Not expecting there is some crazy heat

In these top 15 sneakers so without Further Ado let's just dive into things With number 15 the Adidas Yeezy boost 350 V2 carbon Beluga this shoe is a Shock to me because I thought this shoe Was one of the more popular 350 V2s that Had released this year or even last year And so the fact that this shoe is Available for not only retail but under Retail it's kind of crazy I mean to be Fair it's not like that much under Retail the shoe retails for 230 dollars And you can grab it right now on stockx In a size 9 for 224 dollars but still Six dollars off is six dollars off and Sure you're gonna have to pay a couple Fees like maybe nine or ten dollars Because you're buying it from a resale Site but realistically you're gonna pay About what you would pay grabbing the Shoe from Adidas with shipping or maybe Even less and I mean four or five years Ago a pair of Yeezy boost 350 V2s for Sale under retail is unheard of Especially on a resale site like stockx That's crazy but I guess that's just the Time that we're in now 350 V2s are going For under retail and that's not even the Only 350 V2 on the list number 14 the Adidas Samba OG Cloud white core black So weirdly enough somehow in 2023 the Adidas Samba has become one of the most Popular sneakers of the entire year over The panda dunks over probably the Air

Force ones it's a shoe that everyone Wants whether you're a sneaker head or Non-sneaker head and to be fair this Isn't the first time that this happened This shoe was incredibly popular back in Like the early 2010s but now in 2023 it Is kind of like the It shoe and I'll be Honest with you I like the shoe a lot But it's very thin and very narrow I Have a lot of friends who love the way That the samba looks but they hate the Way that the samba looks on their feet Which is a real bummer when you love a Pair of shoes and you put them on and You're like this is not it it doesn't Happen a lot but when it does happen it Sucks I guess I shouldn't hate on the Shoe it stood up to the test of time It's a very wearable sneaker it's very Clean this shoe retails for a hundred Dollars and you can grab it on stockx Right now for 94. which is a six dollar Discount and again you do have fees on Stockx so it will probably come out to Around the same price that you'd find it On places like Adidas's website or maybe Foot Locker or places like that but Realistically this shoe does sell out in This colorway a pretty decent amount so You always know you can grab it from Stockx but you can't always grab it from Adidas's website no stop hey Siri stop Nope stop I don't know why she thinks I Would Siri I never said

Speaking of classic looks and Wearability you know it's very classic Looking and very wearable and actually Holds a lot of the sneakers in today's Video a brand new sole premise bag huge Shout out to Soul premise for sponsoring Today's video they've been a long time Supporter of the channel and they make Some of the best sneaker bags out there In fact I have a bunch of sole premise Bags that I travel with on a regular Basis they're all TSA approved they all Fit a bunch of sneakers in fact they're Specifically designed to hold your Sneakers and actually this weekend for Labor Day they're having a warehouse Sale which is 60 to 70 percent off no Code needed so if you've been waiting to Grab a sole premise bag now is the time And if you guys want to do that make Sure to click the link in the top of the Description below and tell them Seth Century you don't have to do that but I Think the link will actually so if you Click that link and buy a bag they Should know I sent you but seriously Soul premise bags are awesome I use them All the time I definitely recommend Checking them out and again if you guys Grab them right now you can get some for 60 to 70 off no code required again I Think right there coming in at number 13 Is the Air Jordan 1 across the Spiderverse this shoe was an absolute

Surprise to me I knew the shoe wasn't Selling for crazy numbers but I also Thought that this shoe would at least Sell for over retail and somehow in 2023 A Chicago-style Air Jordan 1 high is Selling for under retail so this shoe Originally retailed for 200 and right Now on stockx in a size 9 it's selling For 192 which means you're getting eight Dollars off I know I'm gonna get a bunch Of comments of people saying you're only Looking at size nines what about the Other sizes to go for like 600 some of These shoes do have sizes that are very Rare and very difficult to get and they Might be going for over retail but I Chose a size nine one because it's my Size and two because it's one of the More common sizes that there should be a Lot of pairs available and you should be Able to get some of the better deals on A lot of people have feet that are not Size nine which totally makes sense but You should still be able to find most of These shoes for under retail if not all Of these shoes for under retail in Almost every single size and getting Back to the across the spider versus Air Jordan Ones while the shoe is not my Favorite Air Jordan one it's a little Bit too eclectic for me if you like Spider-Man and if you like the story Behind this shoe and some of the comic Book sort of details that are hidden in

The sneaker it's a great sneaker pickup For 192. I think that's a good price for This shoe and you're still grabbing a Pair of Chicago Air Jordan Ones for Under retail that's wild to me and Number two 12 is the Nike Dunk glow Shishiko industrial blue so this is Actually the only Nike Dunk glow on the List there are a bunch of other Nike Dunk clothes available for under retail However they're a little bit closer to Retail than this shoe and honestly a lot Of them don't look as good as this So this shoe's design is inspired by the Japanese stitching style shishiko and Features some denim details in the upper Accident by some really cool stitching Hits and honestly the color blocking on This shoe is what sold it to me I love The way the sneaker looks it's very Clean it's very wearable I guess it's Officially called industrial blue but uh Super clean Nike Dunk club and while This shoe originally retailed for 120 Dollars you can grab it right now online For 108 which is a 12 discount for a Pair of Nike done gloves coming in at a Very fitting number 11 we've got the Air Jordan 11 Cherry this shoe is another Total surprise to me I had no idea that This pair of 11s was going for under Retail I cannot believe that like 11s Never go under retail unless the Colorway sucks and this colorway is

Really clean the shoe comes in primarily White accented by a cherry red patent Leather midfoot panel which I think is Fire and of course you've got this icy Blue outsole very clean look and one of The better Air Jordan 11s to release on Last couple months I was going to say The last couple years but we've had a Lot of really good 11s over the last Couple years so I couldn't say that but It is up there these Cherry 11s Originally retailed for 225 Dollars Around the holidays of last year and now They're selling for 207 which is an 18 Discount and I feel like I keep saying This but what is going on right now this Is crazy I'm not going to get into a Rant even though I want to but I feel Like right now is the perfect time to Stock up on your collection because Right now sneakers are going for Reasonable prices you can find stuff at The outlet you can find stuff for under Retail it is a great time to be a Sneakerhead and I'm stoked on it yes There's not as much hype as there used To be but who cares about hype if you're A sneaker head and you're a sneaker fan You're gonna love this and if you're not That's fine too you can like shoes for The hype it doesn't matter why you like Shoes but this is a great time if you Want to buy more shoes seriously do be Careful about your spending because it

Can get out of hand really quickly and That sucks follow some YouTube Financial Pages like the money guy show or Dave Ramsey coming in at number 10 is the Classic Nike Air Force One low in white For a while this shoe is actually Reselling it might have been like just After 2020 in like 2021 when there just Wasn't a lot of pairs of these available But right now this 110 Dollar Shoe you Can grab for eighty seven dollars which Is a twenty three dollar discount you're Not gonna be able to find that deal at Foot Locker because he's never go on Sale at places like Foot Locker any Retail store but on resale stores you'll Be able to find it for a little bit Cheaper because people bought a bunch of Them and then couldn't sell them and I Mean let's be honest you can never have Enough pairs of Air Force One loaves in White like it's the most classic shoe It's been one of the most popular Sneakers for decades and there's a good Reason why because you can pretty much Wear it with anything so if you're Looking to stock up on another pair of These let me check out that link in the Description below or grab a pair you Know from another resale side because You can get them for cheaper moving on To number nine we've got the Adidas Yeezy boost 350 V2 boom this is another Very wearable almost entirely white

Sneaker like the Air Force Ones the Yeezy boost 350 V2 bones it's one of Those shoes you can throw on with pretty Much anything and it'll fit in now to be Fair it will get dirty very easily Because the prime and upper wall Incredibly comfortable is very absorbent Uh it's still a shoe that I think is Worth picking up as especially for under Retail if you're looking for a new pair Of Yeezys now the retail price for this Shoe originally was 220 dollars but now You can grab it online for just 197 Which is 33 off I had to do the math That's why there was a cut right there But uh it's a great sneaker and you can Get it for 33 bucks off that's not bad Now I'll be honest I don't like the shoe As much as the triple white 350 V2s Because I like the shoes without that Translucent stripe even though I love Showing off my Apothecary socks still When it comes to Yeezys I prefer not Having that stripe but uh it's still a Good look and if you're still looking For pairs of 350 V2s and all white go With this one I mean you really only Have two options you got this one and Then the triple lights so you got you Got two choices here and this is the Only one that's under retail number Eight the ajko one low Union La and Canvas white so some interesting Information about this shoe this was

Actually the very first ajk01 low even Though the ajko has been around for a Very long time this is the first time They made the ajk01 low in a low top Form Union La is just breaking down Barriers in that regard I guess that Sounds sarcastic but I was being serious The shoe comes in a white canvas upper With a removable Nike Swoosh which Actually has a un La logo underneath Which I think is very clean I'd wear the Shoe without the swoosh personally it Features an off-white colored midsole And a gray outsole and of course it Comes bundled with some extra Nike Swooshes if you decide to change up the Color now one thing I really like about This shoe is that the shoe is very easy To dye and if you guys saw Hess kicks Video I think a couple months ago when The shoe first released he dyed it in This really cool sort of fade colorway I Forget I think it was like purple to Orange or something I don't know either Way very clean very easy to do on this Shoe because the materials and uh you Can grab it from under retail which is The whole premise of this video so you Probably already knew that so retail Price was 150 and you can grab it right Now for 112 dollars which is 38 off We're starting to get into the crazy Discounts now and you wouldn't believe It if I told you but there are sneakers

On this list that are even more hyped up For even less money coming in at number Seven is the Air Jordan one hide lucky Green this shoe from the very beginning When it even first came out was a Surprise to me the fact that this shoe Is sitting at all is crazy I mean it's Essentially the Air Jordan Ones from the DMP pack or one half of the DMP pack you Got these guys you also got the bread Ones and I I just can't believe that the Hype isn't there for this I mean in 2020 this would have been a four to five Hundred dollar shoe I get that it's Three years later and people are over Jordan Ones but seriously this was Fire and I cannot believe that the shoe Is not going for over retail and I've Really been trying to cut down on my Sneaker collection so I don't want to Buy unnecessary shoes but the amount of Times I've almost clicked by on the Sneaker because of its price and because Of how much I like the sneaker it is Incalculable and that's no that's a word So this shoe dropped originally for 180 And you can grab it right now in stockx For 135 which is 45 off for a great Looking Air Jordan one high this would Not have happened very often really ever I don't predict resale prices I'm not One of those channels I don't say what Shoes to invest in and what shoes not to Invest in because I think that's kind of

It's like trying to say invest in this Stock because it's going to shoot up It's impossible there's no way to tell But a shoe like this I just don't see The shoe sitting under retail I'm not Gonna say it's gonna go for hundreds Over retail but I mean come on there's No way the shoe is gonna drop anymore is It it's possible it could but I mean 135 For this shoe is a great deal coming in And number six is one of Drake's Collaborations to knock to Hot Stuff air Tara in black and yellow this is Actually a shoe that I just found in my Most recent Nike outlet Vlog I was Really surprised to see it and uh I mean I think other people were too because I Think it has sold pretty quickly from The Nike outlets and actually if you Guys haven't checked out that video I Definitely recommend it by clicking the Link at the top of the screen above I Think it's a great video I had a lot of Fun making it shout out to editor Andrew For editing it but while the knock the Hot step hasn't found its footing in Terms of popularity did you guys like That pun took me a second to think about That one but uh while the shoe hasn't Really taken off the way that we all Thought it would it's still a very clean Look and this black and yellow colorway Is by far my favorite it's kind of got a Yeezy 700 vibe to it which is my

Favorite pair of Yeezys or at least well I guess the foam Runners they're tied They're close but it just hasn't hit It's a flap step that one might be the Best punt of the video so this shoe Originally retailed for 180 and now you Can grab it on stockx Linked In the Description below for 121 which is 59 Off of retail and I've checked all the Sizes on this shoe none of them really Go for anything and this is a shoe that No matter what size you are if you like The way it looks grab it now because It's gone for so little or don't it Doesn't matter to me either way but not A bad deal coming in at number five is The concepts Nike Air Max 1 SP mellow I Mean the concepts Nike Air Max 1 Collaboration is one of the better Collaborations of the last couple years And the fact that one of the colorways Is going for this cheap Under retail Which I haven't told you guys yet but It's crazy Is is crazy I No better way to say it so when the shoe First dropped it retailed for 170 and You can grab it right now for just a Hundred and six dollars oh wow the far Out colorway in the special box is four Dollars above retail that actually Retails for 230 it's selling on stockx For 234 I think the far out colorway Might be the one that I would go for I

Don't know they're all fire I love them All and to get this shoe for 64 under What it went for originally is nuts I Think it did resell at one point but it Isn't right now and I don't know if That's ever gonna change but right now You can get it for an insane discount I Think I'm gonna have to grab this pair And possibly the far out colorway as Well maybe even the heavy color I don't Know I might get crazy number four the Air Jordan 2 OG Chicago it's rare that An OG colorway of the original 14 Air Jordan sneakers goes for under retail The fact that the OG Chicago colorway of The Air Jordan 2 is going for under Retail is wild to me I get that the Air Jordan 2 is one of the least popular of The 14 original Air Jordan sneakers but Come on it's a great colorway it's super Wearable super clean I mean Virgil did a Collab on the low top version of this Shoe it's nuts I mean the shoe sold out Originally like some of the other shoes On this list but now you can grab it for Under retail now I guess to be fair the Retail price of this shoe 200 wasn't Cheap but you can grab the shoe right Now for 131 which is 69 off of retail And I think for 131 dollars this is a Must-have especially if you're trying to Do a full Jordan clock which I would Grab for you guys but you know I'm gonna Do it anyway

Come on You can't build the clock without number Two I'm not gonna move it because it's Too heavy I'm just gonna leave it there For the rest of the video plus 69 is Kind of a funny number so for 69 off You're getting a great deal a funny Number and an OG Jordan and number three Is one of the most influential shoes of 2023 and that is the Mischief big red Boot this shoe is one of the dumbest Things I've ever seen in my entire life But is also one of the most iconic shoes Of the last decade now as far as Wearability goes it's questionable but Uh I have seen a lot of people wearing These unironically around malls or in Japan or even my friend Austin wearing My pair and so it's something that is Done but should you probably not Regardless if you want a piece of Sneaker history the Mischief big red Boot is not a bad pickup now Interestingly enough when this shoe First dropped for 350 which is a very High retail price this shoe is reselling For like twelve hundred dollars which is Insane but now you can grab this shoe on Stockx for 280 which I'm not gonna lie Is still not cheap but if you're trying To grab this sneaker it's probably the Best price you're gonna get I probably Shouldn't even call this a sneaker it's A boot it's a big red boot in case

You're wondering about the math this Shoe is 70 off of retail which again Still expensive but seventy dollars Cheaper than you could have bought it For when it first came out number two The DJ Khaled we the best Air Jordan Fives in Crimson Bliss this shoe is Genuinely a shock to me the fact that This shoe not only didn't sell out but Also was selling for so much under Retail is crazy I don't know if you've Seen a pair in hand but the quality on These shoes is really good plus the Colorway is very very clean this pink Color it's not something you see in a Lot of Jordans let alone Jordan Fives This shoe is incredibly clean very Different and a shoe that you know if I Had more money I might have a pair of Plus all those DJ Khaled PES that never Released to the public were reselling For like thirty thousand dollars so it Was kind of wild to me that when they Released a shoe to the public and Granted there was probably more pairs Than we initially thought it didn't do Very well in fact to this day I'm still Finding pairs of the Wii the best Air Jordan Fives at the Nike outlets I find Them all the time and it's really Surprising so the retail price of DJ Khaled's pink fives come in at 225 Dollars but right now you can grab them On stockx Linked In the description

Below for 144 three dollars which means You can grab this shoe for eighty two Dollars off of retail which is wild and I think for that price it's a must cop If you're looking for any kind of pink Jordan or any kind of Jordan 5 or any Kind of DJ Galaxy it's I mean seriously The quality is really nice on these Better than you probably think finally At number one the J Balvin Air Jordan Twos J Balvin is a current collaborator With Jordan brand he's got an Air Jordan 3 coming out in the next couple weeks And it's Air Jordan 2 lit up like light Up shoes are huge in sneaker culture It's weird because kids wear them but at The same time they're dope and genuinely This Air Jordan 2 I absolutely loved I Thought the sneaker looked great I love The cloud theme on the shoe I love the Rainbow stitching detail it was all very Well put together sneaker and while I Didn't love his Air Jordan 1 J Balvin Did his thing on this pair of Air Jordan Twos and the craziest parts of me which I didn't know when I did the review Because no one at Jordan brand or Nike Said it anywhere in any of the press Details or anything but the light up Detail on the shoe or the battery inside The shoe that lights up the light up Detail is actually recharged by movement Just like a watch and the fact that it's The wings logo go that lights up I love

It it's an awesome awesome sneaker and I Need to buy a pair in my size so the Retail price of the J Balvin Air Jordan Twos was a little bit much at 300 they Did have a light up tongue but still 300 Is a lot but you can grab a pair right Now for 141 which means the shoe is Selling for 159 off half of retail for a Shoe that lights up is very clean very Wearable and is a collab Jordan it Doesn't make sense to me but hey that's Sneaker culture right now and until I Filmed that Nike outlet Vlog where I Found that shoe and looked at the prices On stockx I would never have guessed That she was going for under retail that Is crazy to me and if I was to grab any Of the shoes on this list it would Definitely be these guys J Balvin 2s and Probably also the concepts Air Max ones I might actually grab those first and Then these but either way 15 awesome Sneakers if you guys want to check out Any of these shoes in this video make Sure to check out the links in the Description below and once again huge Thank you to sole premise for sponsoring Today's video if you guys want to grab a Sole premise bag to carry all of your Sneakers that you grab for under retail Make sure to click the link in the top Of the description below they're awesome Bags they carry a lot of sneakers and They look great but hey that pretty much

Wraps things up make sure to check out My Tick Tock at real Seth Fowler let me Know in the comment section down below Which one of these shoes you like the Best hit that subscribe button if you Haven't yet and I will see you all in The next one