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In this video, we’re going to show you how to upgrade your style without spending a fortune. By switching to a different sneaker rotation, you can change your look without spending a lot of money.

We’ll also show you some great sneakers to buy for men, and give you some tips on how to style them. By following our sneaker tips, you’ll be able to upgrade your style without breaking the bank. Thanks for watching!

If you're into fashion there comes a Point in time where you might develop a Sneaker addiction you start buying up Pairs every weekend because you think That's what you need to do in order to Look good or dress well well I'm here to Help you avoid that trap the truth is You only need about three sneakers in Your closet and in today's video we're Going to dive into what those three Sneakers are now before we get into it If you guys like sneakers fashion and Men's Grooming make sure you hit that Subscribe button down below now let's go Ahead and get into the video so let's Start off with number one the most most Important one that every man needs and That is a versatile sneaker and of Course the most versatile you can get is An all-white sneaker these you can pair With a ton of different outfits you Don't really have to put much thought Into it when wearing an all-white Sneaker because regardless it's going to Look good now of course it all comes Down to Personal Taste but here are a Few that I would recommend you can go Very minimal with little to no branding Which would be something like common Projects or Oliver Cabell which is Really great for nights out or time you Got to get a little dressed up now if You like the Casual side of things you Can go with some Air Force Ones or SAS

Great for pairing up with a bunch of Different outfits or if you really got It like that you can go designer only if You have the money though because Honestly designer sneakers really aren't Worth the price unless you have a love For luxury bottom line is get an All-white sneaker that resonates with Your style and is within your budget so Getting into the second pair of sneakers That you need is of course an everyday Pair of sneakers now obviously you want These to be affordable and comfortable So here are a few good options that I Would recommend starting off with the Classic is the Jordan one you can go High or low but the lows are much easier To wear in my opinion and a lot more Comfortable for some reason now if You're not a Jordan one person that I Would recommend the Converse Chuck Taylor another great classic that's Surprisingly comfortable that are very Affordable and you can find just about Anywhere now if you really value comfor I would go with a pair of New Balance Any model would work there's a bunch to Choose from and they're also very Affordable the key to a good everyday Sneaker is that you still want them to Look good even with a little wear and Tear now the ones I just mentioned will Do just that you can beat these up a bit And they'll look just as good as the day

You first got them real quick guys I Want to give a huge shout out to today's Sponsor which is Poison Poison is an Online Marketplace selling sneakers Clothing and accessories now you don't Want to miss out on their Black Friday Sale shop poison Black Friday and save Yourself 20% off all sneakers click the First link in the description down below To get a $50 coupon bundle this is Something you don't want to miss out on Now there's a few things I love about Poison from their product diversity Price Advantage but one of my favorite Features is the ability to authenticate Products with their multi-step Verification process that means your Item is checked twice so you can feel Super confident with your purchase with So many fakes floating around nowadays It's very important not to get scammed Especially if you're spending your Hard-earned money that is why poison is A great choice to make your online Shopping stressfree now another great Thing about poison is that on their Website they have an authentication Service now I'm going to show you how to Use it now as you can see you can do Shoes watches Collectibles apparel and Accessories but today we're going to do Shoes from there you're going to go Ahead and select the type of sneaker you Want to authenticate now once you select

The sneaker you want to authenticate It's going to ask you to take a few Pictures so go ahead and submit those Photos you have appearance size label Back of the insole midsole stitching box Label Box stamp and any other additional Photos you want to throw in there now of Course after you submit their team of Experts is going to give the sneaker a Look and authenticate them super clutch Feature especially if you do a lot of Sneaker meetups and you don't want to Get scammed now let's go ahead and get Back into the video lastly one that Every guy should have at least one of is A statement sneaker this is a sneaker That will cost you a good amount of Money up front but are definitely worth It now you can admit it or not but Having something exclusive or expensive On your feet make you feel a little bit Better about yourself now again it Depends on your taste you can go Designer or exclusive designer would be Like your Axel Arigato your Pras or Rick Owens but if you don't like the designer Wave then exclusive sneakers like Travis Scott's off- whites or any other collabs Sneaker would be perfect now of course These are statement sneakers so you Don't want to wear these all the time You want to break them out for like Special events now I get it they can be Very expensive but it's important you

Work hard save and spoil yourself every Now and then there's nothing wrong with That so that's all I got for you guys Today in the comments below I want to Know what sneakers you're rocking this Fall and winter again don't forget to Check out today's sponsor poison first Link in the description down below as Always I appreciate you guys for Watching and I will see you in the next One [Music] Peace [Music]