Unboxing the newly released SB Dunks! Now the details on these are spot on; here is a little more information on this drop. Did you cop a pair on release date?

Today I got an absolute Banger for you Guys so for without further Ado let's Get into it these are the Utah horizime Nike SB dunk low officially releasing August 25th through skate shops and Later releasing August 29th through Nike Sneakers app coming in a premium Suede And leather upper featuring wash twos That emulate the colors of judo's youth Extra set of laces detailed insoles Embroidered feather artwork designed by Japanese artist birdie this Nike SB Celebrates judo's Hometown and pays Homage to ojima kosaka park in Tokyo Japan if you're unaware who use a Horizime is uto is trailblazing the Skating Community winning X Games and Also well known for taking the gold Medal in the 2020 Olympics and his Recent first place finish at the 2023 SLS in Tokyo it's safe to say that YouTube horizime is slowly cementing his Legacy in Japan and with the release of His first Nike collab also securing his Place in Nike sb's history forever